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View of the town and the castle of Miltenberg situated on the River Main

Main Cycle Path XXL, Bayreuth – Mainz

From the spring to the mouth

14 Days / 13 Nights
View of the town and the castle of Miltenberg situated on the River Main

Along the delightful Main River cycling path, you'll savor the breathtaking scenery. There await picturesque spots along the riverbanks, as well as enchanting forest and meadow trails. As you pedal from the beer Franconian to the wine Franconian region along the Main River, you'll immerse yourself in the region's rich cultural and culinary diversity. The town of Burgkunstadt, known for its charming half-timbered houses, beckons as a worthy destination, much like the renowned beer city of Kulmbach. Lichtenfels offers an introduction to the tradition of basket weaving, while Zeil am Main proudly showcases its vineyards. Your journey will take you through the Spessart Nature Park, passing by awe-inspiring castle ruins and captivating palaces. Recharge your energy at the Kneipp facilities in Freudenberg before embarking on lively city explorations. Whether it's the imperial city of Bamberg, the bustling Spessart hub of Aschaffenburg, or the festive atmosphere of Mainz, this cycling expedition promises a diverse experience of the region.

Starting in Bayreuth, your tour takes you through Kulmbach and Bad Staffelstein before arriving in Bamberg. Subsequently, you'll proceed to Haßfurt and Volkach, and then make your way to the additional destinations of Ochsenfurt and Sommerhausen. On the following day, your route leads to Würzburg and Karlstadt. Following that, the itinerary features Marktheidenfeld, Freudenberg, and Bürgstadt. Finally, your adventure concludes with a route that takes you through Aschaffenburg and Frankfurt en route to Mainz.

  • Bayreuth: The world-famous festival city offers a cultural delight. It is the largest city in Upper Franconia and is characterized by historical and architectural attractions. Museum enthusiasts will also find plenty to enjoy. 
  • Kulmbach: In the brewing and margraviate town with its quaint alleyways, you can visit the impressive Plassenburg. It is the city's landmark and offers a magnificent view.
  • Bamberg: The historical core of the residence city is part of the UNESCO World Heritage site. It is as worth seeing as "Little Venice," the former fishermen's settlement in the island city of Bamberg. You can treat yourself to a delicious beer in the numerous breweries.
  • Aschaffenburg: The picturesque city is also known as the "Spessart metropolis." It's worth indulging in extensive sightseeing, where you can admire Johannisburg Castle which perches on the banks of the Main River. 

This popular cycling journey is suitable for both beginners and families. It has an easy difficulty level but requires good overall stamina due to the total duration of the vacation. There are hardly any steep inclines and the paths are paved and well-marked. Since the cycle path mostly follows the Main River, you can ride at a leisurely pace and enjoy the scenic views.

  • You can find all the information and many more tour tips about the Main Cycle Path here.

Itinerary at a glance

Visit the festival city of Bayreuth and Plassenburg Castle near Kulmbach before heading to the beer region of Bamberg and the Franconian wine country. Frankfurt awaits you with its amazing skyline, and Mainz offers a picturesque old town.

You should start your cycling tour with a tour of the world-famous festival city of Bayreuth, where numerous musical, architectural and horticultural sights await you. The largest city in Upper Franconia is home to many historical buildings and museums.

Today you start from Bayreuth always along the Main to your extensive bicycle journey. The brewery and margrave city of Kulmbach is your stage destination and invites you to take a walk with its walls, towers and winding alleys. If you like it a little more sporty: A beautiful path leads you to the Plassenburg – the prominent landmark of the city – the view is magnificent.

Just after you leave Kulmbach is where the Red and the White Main rivers meet. The young Main makes its way into an ever widening valley. In between the Franconian Forest and the Franconian Jura, you cycle along quiet forest paths and field trails. At today's destination, the Obermain Thermal baths await you!

Enjoy the colourful meadows and old orchards of the flat and expansive Main Valley, its small villages and the treats they have in store. The historic quarter of Bamberg, declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is the rousing highlight of today's Main cycle path section: the town is home to nine breweries!

Fancy a short tour through the town of seven hills before you leave Bamberg? The Main cycle path takes you from "Beer Franconia", as this region is known, to the "Wine Franconia" region. The pretty little town famous for its wine and half-timber framed houses, Zeil am Main, is the first inkling behind the name Wine Franconia. Today's destination is at the foot of the Hassberg Hills, Hassfurt.

The Main how takes you to town of Schweinfurt, famous for its production of ball bearings. You cycle along the pleasant Main cycle path, passing romantic villages, expansive vineyards and orchards and the lush green meadows alongside the river. Just before Volkach, you should definitely go visit the most famous carving by Tilman Riemenschneider: "Madonna of the Rosary" in the pilgrimage church, St. Maria.

Via the wine-trading town of Kitzingen, you follow the Main primarily, heading for the "sugar town" of Ochsenfurt. You leave Ochsenfurt via the old stone Main bridge and roll along the right river bank - weirs, marinas and vineyards alternating adjacent to the route. Pedalling through charming little villages. your way takes you to today's destination of Sommerhausen, which is surrounded by vineyards and orchards.

Today you will cross the old royal city of Würzburg and can explore the Old Main Bridge, the Chapel of Our Lady and the Würzburg Residence on a relaxed city tour. North of Würzburg, in the Main-Franconian wine-growing region, you will reach your stage destination Karlstadt – or "Karscht", in Main-Franconian dialect.

The Main triangle is now followed by the Main quadrangle, the first corner of which is Gemünden. Here you are already in the Spessart nature park, which you can overlook wonderfully from the ruins of Scherenburg. The route then continues in ever tighter curves through wooded hills. Near Rothenfels, the Romanesque castle watches over the narrow valley and your path; Marktheidenfeld, situated between the Main and Spessart rivers, is entirely under the sign of Franconian wine culture.

Behind the next bend of the river, the view falls on Stadtprozelten, where one of the most beautiful castle ruins of the Main is enthroned above the city, the Henneburg. With Freudenberg you reach a recognized recreational resort, which, in addition to Kneipp facilities, a bathing lake and the historic town centre, also has a castle ruin from the late 12th century to offer.

In Miltenberg, the "Schnatterloch", one of the most picturesque German squares and world-famous photo motif, and the "Riesen" inn are particularly famous. Next you head for the small town of Klingenberg and its vineyards, wine cellars and so-called "Heckenwirtschaften" – wine taverns that open seasonally. The "glide" along the Main cycle path to the "Spessart Metropolis", Aschaffenburg. From afar already, the four towers marking each corner of Johannisburg Castle show you the way.

Parks of gardens, allotments and villas are gradually replaced by restaurants and beer gardens. In Seligenstadt, it's worth taking a break: you shouldn't miss visiting the rose and herb garden at Einhard Basilica - and the medieval apothecary too! Just a bit further along the river and - once you've passed Offenbach - you'll soon find yourself in Frankfurt.

Today is your last day in the saddle along the lower course of the Main River. First, the route takes you through fields, orchards and vineyards to Flörsheim and through the town of half-timber framed houses - Hochheim. The Main countryside presents it very best side here! There are two bridges to pedal over and then Main' historic old town is in front of you.

Departure or extension

Route Information


The bike path runs almost entirely along the banks of the Main River, so the route is flat throughout and there are hardly any climbs to overcome (only from Kulmbach to Bamberg there is a slightly hilly terrain). The paths are well developed, on asphalt and well signposted. Also suitable for beginners and families.

Prices & Dates

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Prices per person in EUR

Services & Information

Further details about this tour


  • Accommodation as already mentioned
  • Breakfast
  • Luggage transfer
  • Detailed travel documents 1x per room (German, English, Dutch)
  • GPS-Data
  • Service hotline

Optional extras

  • Bike rental, including rental bike insurance

Arrival / Parking / Departure

  • Bayreuth train station
  • Nuremberg, Frankfurt/Main or Munich airport
  • Public Multi-storey car park in Bayreuth costs approx. EUR 10 - 20 per day, no reservation possible, to be paid for at the time
  • Public unattended car Park + Ride car park outside of the city, no reservation possible
  • Good train connections from Mainz to Bayreuth

Things to note

  • Tourist tax, if due, is not included in the price!
  • Further important information according to the package travel law can be found here!
  • This tour is a partner tour.
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