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Short Info about the Lech Cycle Path

Impressive views await you in western Austria and southern Bavaria, from Lake Formarinsee and the Rote Wand at the river's source to Neuschwanstein Castle near Füssen. The Lech Cycle Path stretches approximately 244 kilometers from its source in Vorarlberg to where it joins the Danube at Rain near Augsburg. The route is mostly flat, with a few climbs in the mountainous sections. This well-maintained cycle path offers a diverse experience, combining fantastic mountain views with the vibrant city life of Augsburg.

Hohenschwangau Cyclists

The most beautiful cycle tours on the Lech Cycle Path

Lech Cycle Path

Your cycle tour begins at the source of the Lech in Vorarlberg and takes you from the renowned winter sports resort of Lech am Arlberg through Füssen and Schongau to the Fugger city of Augsburg. Along the way, enjoy views of imposing mountains and historic towns. The river itself is a highlight, flowing turbulently through valleys, regulated by the man-made Lech Falls, and eventually merging into the Danube. During this seven-day tour, you will experience the rich culture and culinary delights of Vorarlberg, Tyrol, and Bavaria. Highlights include passing by the castles of Neuschwanstein and Hohenschwangau, as well as the former border fortress of Schongau. The landscape, adorned with picturesque mountain peaks, glistening lakes, green pastures, and romantic river valleys, adds to the charm of your journey.

Cyclists next to lake Forggen

The Course of the Lech


The source of the Lech is located in Vorarlberg, specifically in the Lechquellengebirge. Nearby, you'll find the beautiful Lake Formarinsee, fed by the surrounding mountains. The river then flows into Tyrol and eventually reaches neighboring Bavaria.


Cycle Path

The Lech Cycle Path is excellently developed and very popular with cyclists of all kinds. The route is predominantly flat, with a few climbs that challenge your fitness. As you move from the mountains to the Alpine foothills, the path becomes easier. Most of the route runs on asphalt roads, with only occasional gravel and dirt tracks.

River Length

The Lech spans approximately 255 kilometers, traversing fascinating and scenic areas before merging with the Danube. This makes the Lech one of the longest rivers in the region, and over time, it has become an important ecological and economic waterway.


Elevation Profile

The source of the Lech is situated at just under 1,800 meters - the highest points of the route greet you right at the outset of your journey. As a result, the Lech Cycle Path boasts an exhilarating elevation profile, featuring a significant descent at the start and relatively flat to slightly hilly sections thereafter. The route concludes at the confluence with the Danube, at an altitude of around 400 meters.

Questions and answers about the Lech Cycle Path

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The Lech Cycle Path begins near the source of the river of the same name, situated at Lake Formarin in Vorarlberg. It concludes at the mouth of the Danube in Rain, Bavaria.

The Lech Cycle Path stretches for approximately 244 kilometers, traversing through Vorarlberg, Tyrol, and Bavaria.

Late spring through fall, typically between May and October, offers the ideal window for a vacation on the Lech Cycle Path.

The Lech Cycle Path caters to cyclists of all skill levels, including families, recreational cyclists, and avid enthusiasts. The route offers a moderate level of difficulty, with a few manageable climbs along the way.

The daily stages with Eurobike on the Lech Cycle Path range between 45 and 55 kilometers.

Well-maintained mid-range hotels and apartments serve as accommodations for your cycling vacation with Eurobike.

The ultimate highlight is Neuschwanstein Castle near Füssen, constructed in the 19th century by King Ludwig II of Bavaria in enchanting neo-Gothic architecture. Nearby lies Hohenschwangau Castle.

Take in the breathtaking view of the "Rote Wand," the shimmering lakes along the route, and the untamed, stunning nature. Don't miss out on a relaxed visit to the Fugger city of Augsburg, the impressive Lech Falls, and the charming historic old town of Landsberg.

The most beautiful spots along the Lech Cycle Path

Lech am Arlberg

Lech am Arlberg is a gem nestled in the Austrian Alps, renowned for its picturesque winter scenery and upscale ski resorts. In the summer, the slopes metamorphose into charming hiking and cycling trails. The verdant Formarinsee lake and the historic hiking trail "Der Grüne Ring" provide distinctive nature experiences away from the crowds.

Beautiful guesthouse in Lech am Arlberg


Füssen, a delightful town in the Allgäu region, captivates visitors with its medieval architecture and close proximity to the royal castles. The Alatsee, a secluded mountain lake, provides serene tranquility. The town's historic center is adorned with medieval structures, winding alleyways, and the striking castle that overlooks the town.

Cyclist on a bridge in Füssen

Landsberg am Lech

Landsberg am Lech enchants visitors with its picturesque old town, adorned with colorful facades dating back to the Middle Ages. The historic Karolinenplatz and the grand Mariä Himmelfahrt parish church provide cultural insights into the town's heritage. Stroll along the banks of the Lech River to immerse yourself in the serene atmosphere of this charming town.

Landsberg am Lech


Augsburg, one of the oldest cities in Germany, captivates visitors with its historic landmarks like the town hall and the Fuggerei. A hidden gem is the botanical garden, perfect for relaxation. The city's canals mirror its rich history and offer delightful strolls. Don't miss exploring the Schaezlerpalais, a splendid baroque edifice hosting remarkable artworks and atmospheric historical chambers.


Useful information about your cycling holiday on the Lech

The climate

At higher altitudes, where the cycle path begins, the climate is typically alpine. Summers are mild, and temperatures are seldom extremely hot, making it ideal for cycling. As the cycle path descends into the lower regions of Bavaria, the climate becomes more moderate. Summers are warmer than in the Alps, and winters can be colder at times. The optimal time for a cycle tour along the Lech Cycle Path is between May and September, as temperatures are most stable during this period.

River Lake horses

The cuisine

Along the Lech Cycle Path, cyclists can sample the diverse culinary landscape, characterized by traditional Austrian and Bavarian specialties. Whether it's Käsespätzle or Apfelstrudel, Weißwurst or Obazda, your cycling holiday wouldn't be complete without indulging in these culinary delights. Additionally, explore the local beers and perhaps enjoy a fine glass of wine. Alongside the gastronomy, there's also the art of resting. Take a break in the cozy beer gardens and simply put your feet up after a day’s cycling. 

Typical Austrian snack

Did you know, …

  • that the river Lech was one of the most important routes for timber rafting in earlier times?
  • that the Lech in Austria flows through Vorarlberg and Tyrol and also through Bavaria, where it flows into the Danube.
  • that the river is ideal for generating energy thanks to its strong current and gradient?
  • that the Lech was historically an important trade route between Germany and Austria?
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