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In the land of the Maypoles and 1000 beers

Almost everyone has their own idea of Germany’s largest Federal State. Some associate it with the Oktoberfest, others with the traditional dress, and some with its hearty cuisine. And then there are cyclists! For us, Bavaria means cycling enjoyment at the highest level in an unmistakable environment, with the best food and accommodation. You’ve never had the pleasure? Then it’s about time! Hop on the bike in Bavaria!

Lake landscapes and Munich

The fashionable state capital of Bavaria serves as a starting point for several cycle tours. No wonder, Munich is not only a very interesting cultural city, but also has a beautiful natural landscape with a variety of lakes and mountains to offer.

Munich Lakes District

One last refreshment in the world-famous Munich Hofbräuhaus, where beer, pork knuckles, pretzels and white sausages are on the menu, and off you go into the beautiful surroundings of the Bavarian metropolis. Leave the megacity behind and discover the charming area around Munich's lakes.

Bavarian Lake District

From the summer residence of the Austrian Empress (we are talking about Lake Starnberg) you take a leisurely cycle to the Staffelsee, Garmisch-Partenkirchen and Wallgau. The delightful spa town of Bad Tölz will be your next destination before this fun cycle tour ends the following day in Bernried.

Munich’s Surrounding Lakes

It’s incredible just how many beautiful lakes the Munich area has. Lake Ammersee, Lake Starnberg, and furthermore. And one is more beautiful than the other. Hop onto your bike and ride through the stunning Bavarian countryside, enjoy the sun on the shores of the Munich lakes and relax with a refreshing beer!

Munich Lakes Variations

The Munich Lakes tour with a start in the state capital of Munich is available in several variations. On the 10-day tour you start in Munich, cycle over to Lake Starnberg to Murnau, past Garmisch-Partenkirchen and Wallgau to Bad Tölz and back to Munich. After about 330 kilometres you will be very proud of yourself. The shorter tour packs all the highlights in just 5 days. 

Lake Starnberg centre-based tour

The romantic Hotel Seeblick Bernreid in the centre of the town lives up to its name. Well taken care of you start a day of cycling full of verve. Munich, the Riegsee and the Ammersee await.

The Romantic Road

The Romantic Road is one of the most beautiful sights in Germany. It is the oldest and most famous holiday route in Germany. It is very popular, especially among cyclists. 470 kilometres between Würzburg and Füssen promise cultural highlights, beautiful landscapes, historic towns and genuine hospitality.

The Romantic Road and Bavarian Lakes

The historic university town of Augsburg is the starting point of this beautiful cycle tour. Free your mind as you cycle through the fairy-tale landscape of the Bavarian Alpine foothills and past glittering lakes before returning.

Würzburg – Donauworth

Cycle past medieval castles and palaces, historic towns and gently undulating meadows, through picturesque forests and lovely valleys, uphill and downhill from Würzburg to Donauwörth.

Cycle tours in Chiemgau

On the shores of the ‘Bavarian Sea’, the world looks quite different. Immerse yourself in the dreamlike atmosphere of the majestic Chiemsee. Enchanting islands, glittering water, beautiful cycle paths and (mostly) the best weather guarantee an unforgettable dream holiday.

Chiemgau Highlights

Discover the most beautiful parts of Chiemsee on this original Eurobike cycle tour. The enchanting city of Rosenheim is the starting point and destination. Discover the pretty towns near Lake Chiemsee and enjoy the tranquillity as you cycle along the lake and let go.

Chiemsee centre-based tour

Your accommodation during the Chiemsee centre-based tour is either the Garden Hotel Reinhard in Prien-Stock or Hotel Seeblick in Pelham. Both hotels are close to the lake and offer many amenities. However, well selected cycling trips will definitely make your holiday an unforgettable experience.

Munich – Salzburg

From the modern metropolis of Munich to the enchanting Mozart city of Salzburg – of course by bike! The dreamy spa town of Bad Tölz, the sparkling Schliersee, the vast Chiemsee and the Hochfelln are just some of the highlights that you will see on this cycle tour.

Chiemsee – Königssee

You can enjoy the Chiemsee over two days at the beginning of this tour. Then head towards Bad Reichenhall and finally onto Berchtesgadener Land. Visit the wonderful spa in Bad Reichenhall and visit the historic Eagle’s Nest on the Obersalzberg in Berchtesgaden.

Cycle tours in Berchtesgadener Land

The Bavarian alpine uplands with its green hills and flowery meadows in the Berchtesgadener Land is the ideal playground for cyclists of all levels and ages. Lush nature, peaceful landscapes and the typical Bavarian charm are just a few reasons why you should d

Bodensee – Königssee

Lake Constance – Königssee

This e-bike tour will knock you out of the pedals! The 14-day tour leaves nothing to be desired. Nature, culture, the best food, comfortable hotels and beautiful cycle paths make your trip from Lake Constance to Königssee unforgettable


The beautiful Altmühltal cycle path is the scene of some of our most popular cycle tours. Ride on natural surfaces and abandoned railway tracks through the peaceful valley. Here you can relax and unwind completely.

Altmühl Valley and Danube

The fairytale Altmühl Valley and the enchanting Danube - a combination that can only promise a successful cycling holiday. Start the tour in Regensburg, Bavaria, and enjoy the sheer endless nature along the cycle path.

Rothenburg – Regensburg

From the Franconian Lake District you travel for 7 or 8 days to the Unesco World Heritage city of Regensburg. Beautiful scenery and charming cities promise an exciting cycling holiday.

The German Danube

We promise only good things on the 600km of the Danube that runs through Germany. Attractive towns, excellent cuisine, well-prepared cycle paths and beautiful scenery make the Danube Cycle Path in Germany a very special highlight. Let yourself drift along the Danube and recharge your batteries for everyday life.

Donaueschingen – Donauwörth

The classic route on the German Danube takes you along the river for about 325 kilometres through the Black Forest and the Swabian Alb to Donauwörth. Enjoy the tranquillity of the beautiful Danube Cycle Path and the comfort of our well-chosen accommodation.

Donauwörth – Passau

From Donauwörth we continue along the Danube to beautiful Passau. With Ingolstadt, Regensburg and Passau you can expect three interesting cities on the Danube Cycle Path, which will make the cycle tour a unique experience you will never forget.

Questions and answers about your cycling holiday in Bavaria

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Each tour is assigned a certain level of difficulty: easymediumchallengingathletic. Since we offer numerous cycling tours in Bavaria, you can choose from the full range and select the route with the appropriate tour character. Easy and medium are particularly suitable for beginners, families and pleasure cyclists. Ambitious and sporty, on the other hand, are geared towards persevering and passionate leisure cyclists.

Bavaria is sometimes known for its hearty cuisine. Beer, pork knuckles, white sausages, Leberkäse, Obazada and much more. You can taste all of these, especially meat-heavy dishes, in the southern German region. And there are also plenty of delicious side dishes like coleslaw, potatoes, dumplings and sauces. Really delicious, but you'll have to turn a blind eye to the number of calories on holiday 😉

The ideal time to travel to Bavaria is from April to October. Not only the summer months of June, July and August are convincing, but also spring and autumn are particularly beautiful in Bavaria.

Travel stories about cycle tours in Bavaria

Useful information about your cycle tour in Bavaria

Bavarian cuisine

Bavarian cuisine stands for meat with hearty sauces, filled with meat, accompanied by dumplings, covered with meat and on top of it an extra dollop of love (butter). And as a side dish you can serve cabbage salad. That is of course somewhat exaggerated, but we’re heading in the right direction. Traditional Bavarian cuisine isn’t light. Pork knuckle with bread dumplings or ‘Leberkäse’ (meatloaf) with potato salad, aromatic bread with obazda or fluffy ‘Dampfnudeln’ also make non-Bavarian’s mouths water. The most famous Bavarian dish is undoubtedly the Munich Weißwurst with pretzels, which is traditionally served with a well chilled Weißbier – of course brewed according to the famous purity law. Delicious! But, only in the morning! After the clock strikes 12 noon, we should not see a Weißwurst!

All about the sausage

There’s hardly anything more Bavarian than Weißwurst. The white delicacy was invented by master butcher Moser Sepp in 1857 and was actually a mistake. He was going to make sausages for guests for guests of his inn, but ran out of sheep intestines. So he sent his apprentice to buy some. The apprentice wasn’t blessed with intelligence and returned with pig intestines unsuitable for consumption. In the emergency, the master butcher still filled them with veal sausage – and what luck! This was the birth of the Munich Weißwurst! In Munich, these popular sausages are eaten all year round, for almost every occasion. Whether you ‘zuzelt’ (suck) them or eat with a knife and fork, it’s up to you.

The climate in Bavaria

The climate in the beautiful Free State of Bavaria is optimal for us cyclists. The classic weather in Bavaria looks like this: hot summers and very cold winters are typical of this continental climate. Spring and autumn are usually pleasantly warm. For about one third of the year the temperatures drop below zero. Like almost everywhere in Germany, Bavaria can also suffer heavy rainfall. Of course we do not expect that. We expect sunny cycling days in this beautiful Alpine region!

Did you know…

  • …that there are 622 breweries in Bavaria? Most of them are privately owned.
  • …that the Bavarian language is threatened with extinction, so has been declared a cultural asset by UNESCO?
  • …that you can take your own food into Bavarian beer gardens?

  • …that former US Secretary of State Henry Kissinger was born as Heinz Alfred Kissinger in Bavaria?
  •  …that almost 85% of the area of Bavaria is used for agriculture and forestry?
  •  …that Albert Einstein had a summer job at the Munich Oktoberfest?

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