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5 reasons to take a cycle tour in Bavaria

We can cycle on blue and white land again
Biker reading their maps

We’re so happy, because we are finally able to start our cycle tours in most of Bavaria again! Wonderful cycle tours, highly motivated employees and the best possible safety precautions await you in Bavaria. Are your legs itching to hop on the bike? Are you already in the holiday mood like we are? Great! Because after reading this blog post, you will have wanderlust. Read about our most beautiful cycle tours in the blue and white state, find out which highlights you shouldn’t miss and let us give you 5 really good reasons why you should choose Bavaria as your cycling destination.

Biker reading their maps

Reason 1 – Because you can

The first reason is probably the best, easiest and most beautiful at the same time. It is possible to book a cycling holiday in Bavaria because the cycling season has started. The hotels, our on-site employees and of course our travel specialists are ready and prepared for your numerous enquiries, bookings and arrivals. Our popular cycle tours Munich Lakes, Munich Lake District, Romantic Road & Bavarian Lakes, Lake Starnberg Tour and the Allgäu Lakes tour have started. It’s a great start, and more tours will follow. Do you have any questions about one of our tours in Bavaria? Our travel specialist Sabine Jäger, a true Bavarian, knows it all and is prepared to answer your questions!

Reason 2 – The modern metropolis steeped in tradition

Munich is one of the most beautiful, exciting and traditional cities in Germany. Centuries-old buildings, well-kept houses and beautiful green spaces create an enchanting cityscape in a place that’s considered the most expensive in Germany. Of course, there is a reason for that, because Munich has also been the city with the highest quality of life in Germany for many years. A visit to the Bavarian capital is highly recommended and why we include Munich in as many cycle tours as possible. Here modernity meets history, tradition and cosiness. Be enchanted by Munich!

View of the Frauenkirche in Munich

Reason 3 – Bavarian beer, roast pork and more

In Bavaria, people cook with a lot of heart…and butter. That is what makes Bavarian cuisine so tasty and irresistible. Hearty delicacies such as Munich white sausage with pretzels, roast pork with dumplings or wonderful steamed noodles with vanilla sauce are hard to resist. The sinful delicacies are then washed down with fabulous and world-famous Bavarian beer, which is even counted as a staple food here. So, don’t fear! We certainly take care of foodies on our cycle tours.

Weisswurst and wheat bear

Reason 4 – Bavaria’s numerous lakes

Summer is already getting off to a good start, so you can expect warmer temperatures soon. Of course, there is no reason not to take a refreshing dip in the cool water after a cycle. Our cycle tours such as the Munich Lakes Tour, the Romantic Road & Bavarian Lakes or the Chiemsee Impressions tour take you to a beautiful lake every day. And if you leave a little earlier on a warm day, you can still swim in the afternoon. A good mix of sport and relaxation, don’t you think?

Rest on a footbridge

Reason 5 – An optimally designed cycle path network

One thing is clear: Those who are used to the perfect German cycle paths will not be satisfied with anything else. Any you don’t have to! Bavaria pays particular attention to its cycling tourists and every year lures more and more cycling enthusiasts with its well thought-out and safe cycle path network. Well-selected and perfectly signposted, you will find your way to the next stage easily and safely. Cycling is really fun!

Two cyclists on the cycle path in the countryside

Well looked after on holiday

“A cycle tour in Bavaria is never a mistake! There are many reasons for this! If you have any questions about our cycle tours, please get in touch. That’s what I’m here for. As a Bavarian, I of course know my homeland very well and can advise you well. I’m looking forward to hearing from you! Now it starts we can finally do what we do best – organise cycle tours for our happy guests!”

Sabine Jäger – Travel Specialist for cycle tours in Bavaria

Tour expert Sabine Jäger
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