Mur Cycle Path


Beauty, cosiness and friendliness – these are just a few of the many attributes that are capitalised upon on the beautiful Mur, in Austria’s greenest state. Let us take you to one of the most beautiful rivers in Austria, get to know the advantages of a cycle tour in Styria and browse our interesting programme.

The source of the river Mur

Brief information on the Mur Cycle Path

475 proud cycling kilometres would be sitting ahead of you if you cycled the Mur Cycle Path from the beginning in Lungau to the end in Croatia.  The most beautiful section, we think, is located in Austria and therefore plays an important role in some of our most beautiful cycle tours in Austria. In some places the Mur can be navigated on both river banks. Which bank side we recommend is detailed in the travel documents. Due to the varied landscape that the Mur Cycle Path passes, it is one of the most popular cycle paths in Austria. See it for yourself!

The most beautiful stages and cycle tours on the Mur Cycle Path

Mur Cycle Path, St. Michael to Bad Radkersburg

In addition to the lovely landscapes and charming towns, everything related to water is on offer on the cycle tour through the ‘green heart of Austria’. Using the Mur as a guide, the route takes you past lakes, mineral water and thermal springs, such as the thermal baths in Bad Radkersburg.

South Styria tour based in one hotel

Southern Styria can be described as a real insider tip in Austria – and cyclists will appreciate it. Starting from the comfortable Stiererland Pension in Mureck, the day tours go, for example, to wine tasting on the South Styrian Wine Route, to neighbouring Slovenia, to the cultural city of Graz or to the pumpkin centre in Straden.

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Mur Cycle Path

7 Days | Self-guided Tour
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Southern Styria - based in one hotel

7 Days | Self-guided Tour
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Wine and winery tour

This round trip makes the foodie heart beat faster: in addition to the famous pumpkin seed oil, Styria is equally known for its excellent wines. Compare the Schilcher wine, which can only be grown in Styria, with the delicious red and white wines of the Southern Styrian Wine Route. Extensive tastings are welcome on this tour!

Star of the south

Four countries will be visited on this trip: Croatia, Slovenia and Hungary as well as the south of Burgenland and Styria in Austria are just waiting to be explored. Each region stands out from the others with its character, shaped by history and geography. Regional delicacies in combination with wonderful wines await you.

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Wine and Wine grower Tour

8 Days | Self-guided Tour
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Croatia / Slovenia / Hungary / Austria

Star of the South

8 Days | Self-guided Tour
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The course of the Mur


The source of the Mur originates in the Hohe Tauern National Park in Lungau in Salzburg at around 2500 metres above sea level. From there it flows into Styria and further into the capital of Graz, where it is the main river in the green region. It leaves Austria in southern Styria and heads towards Slovenia, where it forms a natural border.

River length

With a length (on Austrian territory) of 348km, the Mur is only the second longest river in Austria. The longest river in Austria, is of course, the Danube with 350km on Austrian territory. The total length of the Mur is 444km and for all those who are interested, the Danube is a whopping 2848km.

Cycle Path

The extremely popular Mur Cycle Path runs mostly on low-traffic side roads and public paths along or near the Mur. From St. Michael you always go slightly downhill, which is why the comfortable cycle path is also ideal for families with children, as well as older guests.

Height profile

From 1075 metres above sea level in St. Michael in Lungau you cycle with enthusiasm over Murau, Judenburg, Bruck an der Mur, Graz and Mureck to Bad Redkersburg, which lies 209 metres above sea level.

The most beautiful places on the Mur Cycle Path

St.Michael im Lungau

St. Michael im Lungau

The small market town of St. Michael im Lungau is one of the coldest places in Austria in winter. The surrounding mountains, the alpine landscapes, the pretty townscape and friendly people make St. Michael a popular destination, not only in winter. We consider St. Michael the perfect starting point for our wonderful cycle tour along the Mur.

Cycle path near Judenburg


The historic small town of Judenburg is the capital of the Mur Valley district of Styria. Due to its almost Mediterranean flair, the historic sights of the famous Puch Museum, thousands of visitors come to Judenburg every year. And of course also because of the beautiful Mur Cycle Path.


Bruck an der Mur

And the cities you can discover and visit along the Mur Cycle Path are getting bigger and bigger. In addition to the Brucker Schlossberg, the Iron Fountain and the Kornmesserhaus, you should definitely visit the Mariensäule on Brucker Hauptplatz.

The clocktower "Uhrturm" of Graz


When you reach Austria’s second largest city, you have the finishing point of the cycle tour in sight. Try to visit as many sights as possible. An absolute must, however, are the old town of Graz, the famous Schlossberg with the symbol of the city – the Graz clock tower, the Herzgoshof and the many beautiful churches!

Bad Radkersburg

The beautiful spa town of Bad Radkersburg will be a treat for your tired legs, because there’s a reason why the fantastic thermal springs of the area are one of the most popular resorts in Styria! We’d like to spend a day or two longer here.

Useful information about a cycling holiday on the Mur

view on the river mur

The climate

The climate along the Mur cannot be described generally. The winter-cold Lungau, for example, is more rainy (especially in winter) than the Mur Valley. The weather here often varies from one valley to another. So be prepared for any weather situation, because both rain and sunshine can occur at any time. In general, the time from May to September is the warmest, driest and most beautiful period of the year – in Lungau in Salzburg, as well as in Styria.

local food

The cuisine

Have you ever taken a hearty bite in a warm, crispy ‘Bauernkrapfen’? Or tried wonderfully fragrant Eachling bread? Does your mouth water only hearing the name ‘Eierschwammerlsterz’? Or do you have no idea what we’re talking about? Then you have probably never been to the Lungau. The hearty mountain cuisine of the Lungau relies on delicious yeasted pastries that are baked in clarified butter – the bauernkrapfen (donut) – with fruity jams. The most famous bread from this area is called the Eachtling bread and is considered particularly tasty because it is enriched with Eachlingen potatoes. Eierschwammerlsterz is creamy polenta with chanterelles. Wonderfully simple – simply good. As a tourist in Styria, there is no way around the many ‘Buschenschanken’, which you will encounter on the path along the Mur. Tasty bread, aromatic meat and spicey sausages and of course the famous ‘Käferbohnensalat’ with pumpkin seed oil or offered at a very reasonable price. This delicious feast is rounded off with a wonderfully crisp white wine, such as the Scheurebe or a Sämling, for which Styria is famous.

Eurobike pannier on the riverside

Perfectly organised cycle tours along the Mur Cycle Path

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