Cycling holidays in Spain

Discover Spain from its very unknown side: not as a beach holiday, but by bike! Be surprised by the idyllic gems you will find.

Summer, sun, beach and the sea: if these four words sum up Spain for you then you are missing out on some of the most stunning sides of the country. The next step is to literally 'experience’ southern Europe's diversity on a cycling holiday in Spain. Magnificent palaces as well as extensive nature reserves, unused railway tracks, the world-famous pilgrims’ path to Santiago de Compostela and of course the open sea. Both the untamed Atlantic Ocean and the impeccable Mediterranean beaches await. Enjoy the comfort Eurobike offers together with some tapas and some nice Spanish wine.


How does a cycling holiday in Majorca sound? There you get to feel the charm of the Balearic island and in some regions you get to experience the bustling nightlife too. In the uplands or 'the heart of the island' the sails of the windmills spin and the grass sings with the sound of crickets. Both coastline and inland areas have their own attractions, but of course there will be opportunities to swim in the sea and relax on the beach. Spoilt by the climate, an amazing relaxing cycling experience awaits. 

Castle of Cordoba


The cycle tour in Andalusia along the 'Silver Path', which takes you across Spain from the sun-drenched Andalusia across the expanse of the Iberian plateau in the Extremadura and in Castile all the way up to northern Spain is both exciting and fascinating.  The route takes you along the tracks of the historic Roman road 'Via de la Plata'. It starts in Sevilla (Andalusia) and goes via Mérida and Trujillo (Estremadura) to Castile where Salamanca and Zamora are until you get to León.

Catalonia - Wild, contradictory and unique

Catalonia really is a very special destination for cycling holidays in Spain. Regardless whether you decide on a guided cycling holiday in Catalonia or want to experience the self-guided Empordà cycling tour, a round trip through Catalonia, we guarantee that the region will fascinate you. This area is home to just as many natural treasures as cultural gems. Contradictions are no exception here, but rather a natural part of life. This region is the home of Spanish anarchism as well as of Salavador Dali, who was sympathetic to Franco.

The main city Barcelona is the second most densely populated city in Europe after Paris. However, in Barcelona you will find the 'Vies Verde’ – the Green Paths. These are disused railway tracks dating back to the time of industrialisation. They offer perfect conditions for relaxing cycling tours and take you through scenery, which could hardly be any more spectacular and diverse. Costa Brava – the wild coast of Catalonia – is located behind rolling hills together with its small, pristine villages and steep cliffs.

The Way of St. James – more than just a pilgrimage

For nearly 1000 years people from all over Europe have embarked on the long journey to Galicia in order to visit Saint Jacob's tomb located in Santiago de Compostela. At about the same time, the cathedral began to be built. As it has had many extensions, it combines Gothic, Classical and Baroque architecture. Cycling in Spain along the ancient pilgrimage route is a relatively new occurrence compared to its history as a pilgramage route. However, it is getting more and more popular every year! The route leads from southern France via the Pyrenees all the way to Santiago.

During the guided cycling holiday along the Way of St. James, you cycle through fields of corn flowers and sun flowers and visit numerous pilgrimage sites. Amongst them for instance is Burgos cathedral, the early Romantic  San Martin church and Castrillo de los Polvazares' village museum. Once you arrive at  this holiday's final destination, a pilgrimage mass and the appropriate pilgrims’ blessing await. Of course you will also get a pilgrimage card with stamps of the most important stations as a lasting souvenir.

Cycling tours in Castile – on the tracks of Don Quijote

In 2002 Cervantes novel 'Don Quijote’ was crowned best book in the world by 100 novelists – organised by the Nobel Prize Commitee Oslo. The origins of the protagonist are based in an 'unknown place in La Mancha', which is nowaday Castile. Instead of travelling on a rickety horse through this region's unique scenery, a bike is nowadays a more suited method of transport. The cycling tour starts in Madrid and then heads out of Castile into Extremadura through one of the least populated sceneries in Spain. En route you will come across unique sights set in breathtaking scenic areas – amongst them for instance are the city wall of Ávila with its 88 towers or the Sierra de Gredos nature park, which is not only home to rare flora but also ibexes, imperial eagles as well as cinereous vultures and common griffons. The tours lead you right across the province into the Extremadura at the border of Portugal, lined by cork oak forests and the oak trees of Monfragüe national park.

Rioja – not only delicious wine

For wine connoisseurs the name Rioja conveys the meaning of best quality and superb climate. Similar features however can also be attributed without any restrictions to a cycling holiday in Spain, taking place in the same-named region. The starting point for the guided Rioja cycling group tour is Bilbao, which is the largest city within the Basque country.  From there after an excellent dinner, where you have sampled the regional Pintxos cuisine, you proceed into the Sierra de Santiago nature park. From an altitude of 900 metres you free wheel downhill towards the Ebro river plain. You will then follow this river on the next day through narrow rock paths into the Sierra Cantabria. On Day 6, you reach the Najerilla valley. This is the longest stage of this cycling holiday. On this tour you cover a distance of about 65 km, which can be easily tackled since thanks to a transfer onto the top of a pass you spend 50km of it cycling almost continuously downhill. After that a lovely ride through the world-renowned wine-growing areas follows where a visit to the wine museum cannot be missed out on.

Bike in front of beach and sea

Alicante – the Spanish province invites you to visit

The 'eternal city’ of Rome seems young compared to the history of Alicante. The South of this country was already populated 5000 years ago. The tour through Alicante starts in the town of Sax whose origin can be traced back to the Bronze Age. Towering on top of a rock is a castle dating back to the late Middle Ages and dominating the townscape of this small town today with a population of approx. 10,000. Our Cycling Holiday Alicante takes you on daily tours between 40 to 60 kilometres through the idyllic scenery of Catalonia. You will go past orchards, the Lake of Beniarrés and rugged valleys right across nature reserves and along old railway lines over to Valencia. Here you get to enjoy moderate temperatures all year round ranging between 16°C and 30°C, which allow cycling in Spain to be a true pleasure at any time of the year.

Relaxed cycling holiday in Spain – organised to perfection

You see... Spain is worth a visit for every cyclist on their holiday! With Eurobike it is not necessary to cycle with heavy luggage or to look for suitable accommodation. We take care of everything with perfect planning and organisation, luggage transport and all other matters, which no one likes doing on a cycling holiday. All you need to do is get up and enjoy each day of cycling. For our guests, we have selected routes which can easily be tackle. We are always on hand with help and advice for you if you any problems should arise. Delicious food, comfortable accommodation and professional service are self-evident on top of visits to the biggest attractions in the respective destinations. This is because we believe that every holiday should be unique and unforgettable.

Start with Eurobike and enjoy a perfectly organised cycling holiday through Spain – whether it is a guided group tour with a guide or a self-guided, independent tour. Both come with luggage transport.

Treat yourself to an amazing cycling holiday in Spain. We look forward to greeting you!

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