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Questions and answers

Find answers to the most important questions about our cycle tours here. If your question still remains unanswered, please contact us. We will get back you.

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All individual tours are serviced with luggage transfer from hotel to hotel. For Eurobike-Original Tours no limitation of luggage applies. Some Partner tour operators limit the number of luggage to one or two pieces. Please find information about regulations, times for depositing and retrieving of luggage of the individual tours in the travel documentation.

You are kindly requested to use easy to handle luggage, please refrain from using “cupboards with a handle”. Luggage with a weight of more than 20 kg can not be transported. Please also take into consideration that constant handling during the tour puts a special strain on the luggage.

We can not be held liable for:

  • Objects, usually not taken in the luggage;
  • all means of payment;
  • optical damage as well as damage of handles or rollers;
  • damage of luggage, exceeding 20 kg.

Please also note our Terms of Travel under pt. VI/9.

The tour sketches on our website and in the catalogue render a general overview as to route course of the cycle tour. Please note that the outlines are not binding for the actual tour course regarding to daily stages and points of interest.

Transport of customer owned bicycles during the tour as well as during transfers on own risk of the owner. The fixtures on the trailers are made to fit the bicycles of the tour operator. Thus damage of bicycles of different type is possible (especially slight damage of lacquer). No liability can be accepted for any damage during transportation.

Unfortunately we are not able to guarantee sunshine, but of course we assume that you are lucky with the weather during your tour – as you do.

Your advantages:

  • Our bicycles are specifically geared towards our tours, they ride well and have highly puncture-resistant tyres.
  • Each of our rental bikes is serviced and checked over extremely carefully before every tour.
  • If you use our rental bikes, then you receive our bike maintenance service during the tour if your bike were to break. 
  • An easier and cheaper arrival and departure because you will avoid additional transport expenses on the return transfer.
  • If you are considering buying an electric bike then this is a perfect opportunity to test one out properly.

We are happy to provide a comfortable pannier bag for the small day pack. Each bicycle is equipped with a repair kit, comprising spare tubes, locks etc. We recommend bringing your own helmet, especially when travelling with children. Helmets can not be hired out.

Ours are not the cyclists who only have an eye for the speedometer. We prefer pleasurable, comfortable cycling with an eye for the surroundings and the points of interest. At some smaller ascent or some hill you might decide to push your bike. Please be reassured that an average fitness is absolutely fine for our tours. Take the whole day for stages from 35 to 75 km (depending on the terrain). Guided tours provide a tour bus, which will take you along, if you do not feel like cycling.

Of course we strive to offer the Eurobike Service standard for all tours in our program. Anyhow, sometimes we (and you) have to allow a bit of lenience. For example breakfast especially in Italy (with exception of South Tyrol) is simpler than here and sometimes single rooms are very simple despite the heavy surcharge. Punctuality or time in general is not really a forte of the Southerners. Please allow for some smaller delays during transfers, bus departures and – only rarely – sometimes even for luggage transfers.

No rule without exceptions. Travelling into foreign countries means to adjust the service to the local level. Sometimes our partner offer slightly different services. As far as we feel these differences to be distinctive and relevant, we mention them in the catalogue.

Simply book via our website! Please note that the reservation status is binding as soon as you received our booking confirmation. Please note our terms and conditions.

You can change your booking for Eurobike Original tours until 14 days before travelling – provided that the hotels can meet your requirements – for following services: number of rooms, kind of room, hotel category, catering. We have to charge you with a service fee of € 50 per person.

For service fee for Eurobike Partner tours please inquire at our office, by phone, fax or e-mail. Extra nights can be booked on short call.

Extra nights are available at all starting and finishing points. These can be booked after making your binding reservation.

Some tours even allow for extra nights during the tour. In this case the extra nights have to be booked right together with the tour reservation. All prices are available under “Extra Nights” at the relevant tour description.

Wir empfehlen den Abschluss einer Reiseversicherung, zumindest einer Stornoversicherung. 

It is our obligation to provide you with a comfortable atmosphere after a cycling day. We are constantly looking for hotels, country hotels and boarding houses offering this special ambience.

Sometimes especially smaller towns do not offer very sophisticated accommodation. Anyway, rooms with shower or tub bath and toilet are standard, and more often the personal hospitality of the landlords and special service recompense for the simpler standard of the rooms.

Some tours offer two different hotel categories: Category A comprises hotels of high level (in smaller towns also guest houses) of 3 and 4 Star level. Category B offers hotels, country hotels and boarding houses of 3 star levels, sometimes of lesser level. You will find a description of the expected hotel quality in the price table.

Eurobike tours are about cycling in an unhurried manner and appropriate clothes and a helmet are essential.

In principle, you don’t need any special clothes. The most important thing is that you are comfortable. We would however recommend that you wear breathable tops and cycle shorts/trousers along with a jumper, raincoat or a windbreaker – you are best off layering up! We would advise a jacket that is slightly longer at the back and sport shoes with sturdy soles. Sunglasses may also come in useful to protect your eyes against bright light and insects.

You now receive special conditions when you book a trip.