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Level of Difficulty

The cycling on these tours is mainly on flat and hilly terrain. There are also some steep climbs to be mastered. But such climbs are followed by leisurely stretches to regenerate and enjoy. The daily distance depends on the individual stages, but you can expect to cover about 50 kilometres. These cycle tours are definitely not to be underestimated and you should be in good physical condition. To be on the safe side, we recommend renting one of our e-bikes. Here you can decide for yourself when to switch on the motor assistance and when not. You don't have to worry about your suitcases and bags either. Thanks to our daily luggage transport service, you only have to pack the bare essentials in your saddle bags. Without anything holding you back, you cycle to your next destination, where your luggage is already waiting in the hotel.

Who are the "challenging" cycle tours for?

This cycling tour with the level of cycling "medium" are ideal for:

  • Advanced cyclists
  • Experienced cyclists
  • Cyclists in good physical condition
  • Cyclists in good health

Note: Of course, there are also flat and leisurely sections on these cycle tours.

Cyclist enjoying panoramic view at vineyards

"Challenging" cycle tours at a glance

In our current range of tours you will find 59 cycling holidays with the level of difficulty "ambitious", which stretch right across Europe. Do you prefer cycling from one lake to the next in Austria or do you long for a long-distance trip to the Spanish island of Majorca?


More levels of difficulty

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