KTM Bike

KTM is the largest Austrian bike manufacturer. Each year over 200,000 bikes are produced and painted in Mattighofen. KTM has attracted even more attention recently with their next generation E-bikes, which are much lighter and that can go further than most E-bikes. The KTM e-bikes have been a hit with Eurobike!


VAUDE, with functional and ecological equipment, gives tailwind to all cycle fanatics. It doesn’t matter whether you are just cycling from the office or on one of our Eurobike tours, we recommend VAUDE for all bike clothes, shoes, rucksacks, bike bags and other accessories.



Those who are looking for safety products for work, sport or free-time are best off with Uvex. They are the Germany-wide market leader for bike helmets and our partner for your safety whilst cycling!

Salzburger Seenland

The Salzburg lake district is only twenty minutes away from Salzburg and has so many natural attractions. Four wonderful lakes (Lake Obertrum, lake Mattsee, lake Grabensee and lake Wallersee) with such high-quality water that it is even drinkable. They are surrounded by a slightly hilly landscape with lovely meadows and forests. There is a wonderful cycling network with more than 1000km of bike paths in total.

Giro di Toscana

Road cycling is popular in Tuscany’s hilly countryside.

We focus on self-guided road cycling. You get to decide when you set off, where you take a break and how fast you want to cycle. With us you can enjoy cycling independently by road bike in Tuscany but still enjoy the comforts of an organised tour at the same time. 

Very well planned road bike routes, a simple route description with sign posts on route and GPS-tracks, luggage transfer, local support as well as a tour hotline number allow you to have carefree bike tour fun.