North Sea Cycle Route


It’s not just the colourful seaside resorts, the delightful fishing villages and the dreamy beaches that attract guests from all over the world to the North Sea coast. We cyclists are particularly interested in the kilometre-long cycle routes, the dreamy landscape and the charming accommodation that you will encounter along the North Sea Cycle Route. Discover the far north of Germany with us on your bike!

Brief information on the North Sea Cycle Route

Quaint houses, glittering lakes, idyllic fishing villages, the slightly salty smell of the sae and a seemingly endless expanse of water welcome our guests on the enchanting North Sea Cycle Route. The entire route is almost 6000km long and leads use along the North Sea through six countries, namely Great Britain, the Netherlands, Germany, Denmark, Sweden and Norway. We at Eurobike take a look at the section in Germany and offer you some unforgettable cycle tours along the German North Sea coast. Take a look for yourself!

The most beautiful stages and cycle tour son the North Sea Cycle Route

Beautiful North Sea Islands

The Islands of Hallig Hooge, Sylt and Rømø are the main stars of this wonderful cycle tour. Discover the beautiful North Friesland with the Wadden Sea, the unique Halligen and of course the world-famous island of Syle, which lives up to its reputation as a dream holiday destination.

In the Footsteps of the Vikings

Cycle on the old trade and shipping routes of the notorious Vikings from the North Sea coast to the Baltic Sea coast. You will encounter fascinating places, wild and romantic landscapes and a very special atmosphere. Look forward to the rough seas and feel transported back to your childhood – in the footsteps of Vicky the Viking.


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Beautiful North Sea Islands

7 Days | Self-guided Tour
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In Viking's Footsteps

8 Days | Self-guided Tour
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Route of the North Sea Cycle Route

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The North Sea Cycle Route starts in Scotland, where it covers an incredible length of 1200km. This is followed by a good 1000km on English soil, followed by 400km in the Netherlands. From Holland you cycle a little over 900km on German soil and then you can cycle to Denmark and Sweden to Norway. As you can see, you will definitely not get bored on the North Sea Cycle Route. After all, the cycle tours along the longest cycle path in the world, which has only been in existence since 2001, are among the most popular tours in our range for a reason. Due to the landscape, you can expect very few inclines on the North Sea Cycle Route. The cycle tours are therefore suitable for young and old. The well-developed cycle paths run mainly on separate paths along quiet streets.  

The most beautiful places on the North Sea Cycle Route


The largest city in East Friesland is a popular tourist destination. Emden is a seaport city and offers visitors a lot. The city on the North Sea coast is home to a number of famous sons, including Hollywood director Wolfgang Petersen and Germany’s greatest comedian Otto Waalkes. A museum was opened in Emden in his honour, the Otto-Haus. Overall, the city in East Friesland exudes a typically Nordic charm – a visit is worthwhile!


Gigantic ships, nostalgic pubs, a slightly salty sea breeze and seals will welcome you to Bremerhaven with a friendly ‘Moin!’ The North Sea is omnipresent here and also reflected in the city’s art and culture. You can stay a few days in Bremerhaven without any problems, because the city offers a wide range of museums, tours and exhibitions to discover.


Cuxhaven – the city with many colourful beach chairs and screeching seagulls – is located between the confluence of the Elbe and the Weser rivers. It is the largest North Sea resort in Germany and impresses visitors with its maritime charm and friendliness. The city’s landmark is the so-called Kugelbake, a wooden navigation post that has been the seaward boundary to the Elbe since 1703.

Sailing ship in the port of Hamburg


Who doesn’t know the dazzling metropolis on the Elbe? The Hanseatic city of Hamburg is well known all over the world, for some as a city of culture and music, for others as Germany’s city with the highest density of millionaires and others know Hamburg as a port and some people will have head of the lively nightlife on the Reeperbahn. For whatever reason you know Hamburg – we all agree: Hamburg is a great city and always worth a visit!

View of the beach on Sylt


The Frisian island of Sylt will turn your head. Because the quaint houses in the old Frisian style, the kilometre-long beaches and the well-kept townscapes are straight from a picture book. This is where you can come to find peace and where can you do that better than at the sea? Listen to the sound of the sea and let your mind wander.

Did you know…

  • …that the North Sea Cycle Route is the longest signposted cycle route in the world?
  • …that the North Sea is very old? Scientists estimate the geological age of the North Sea to be around 350 million years. The Baltic Sea, on the other hand has only existed for around 8,000 years.
  • …that the North Sea is larger than the national territory of France?
  • …that thousands of dolphins live in the North Sea? Perhaps you too will be lucky enough to see a few from your bike.
Viking houses

Perfectly organised cycle tours on the North Sea Cycle Route

There are stunning scenes that come up during a cycle tour along the North Sea Cycle Route. Admit it! Now you feel like going on a cycle tour along this unique path. If you too want to experience a cycle tour at the highest level in a breathtaking setting, then you’ve come to the right place. Because we are specialists in cycle tours and we know exactly what we are doing. We provide you with a wide variety of rental bikes, send you easily understandable travel documents before you start your journey, book the most comfortable hotels, deliver your luggage to the next accommodation every day and are by your side on site. A perfect tour not only consists of beautiful surroundings, but also perfect organisation.

Eurobike – because we make every cycle tour something special!

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