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Brief information on the Adige Cycle Path

The Adige is one of the longest rivers in Italy at over 400km long. Culturally significant cities such as Trento, Bolzano and Verona make a cycling holiday along the Adige an extremely interesting experience. From the mountainous Lake Reschen, you cycle mostly downhill along the Adige river to the south and feel the Mediterranean breeze in your face. Due to the mostly level route, the Adige Cycle Path is ideal for families with children. Cycle further and further into Italy from South Tyrol – with every turn of the wheel it becomes a little more Italian. We wish you Buon viaggio!

panoramic view Lake Resia

The most beautiful stages and tours on the Adige Cycle Path

Bolzano – Venice

Bolzano, Verona, Padua, Venice – the stage towns along the Adige Cycle Path are among the most beautiful places in northern Italy. Cycle through picturesque vineyards with a view over the glistening Lake Garda, visit the cultural sights of the attractive stage towns and don’t forget to enjoy the Italian cuisine. And when you sit on St Mark’s Square with an espresso on the last day, don’t be afraid to feel proud of your achievement. Here you can find Selina’s travel report of the cycle tour Bozen – Venice.

Merano – Lake Garda

From the imperial spa town of Merano, you travel along the Adige and mostly slightly downhill towards the sparkling Lago di Garda, where the heavenly scent of lemon trees and fresh fruit welcomes you. Please make sure that no insects fly into your mouth, because the beautiful landscape will often leave you aghast. And you don’t need to leave the kids at home with their grandparents, the Merano – Lake Garda cycle tour really is suitable for the whole family.

Lake Reschen – Lake Garda

A slightly disturbing, but nonetheless fascinating sight welcomes you on the cycle tour Lake Reschen – Lake Garda – namely that of a church tower protruding from the lake. Well…different countries, different customs you may think. On every single stage you can expect many more unique impressions, perfect cycle paths and friendly people who will make your cycling holiday unforgettable. And a little tip: the limoncello on Lake Garda is excellent! Also read Tatjana’s travel report on the Lake Reschen – Lake Garda cycle tour.

Reschensee – Verona

Another classic cycle tour along the Adige, which is second to none: cycle from the mystical Lake Reschen to the city of Romeo & Juliet with the mighty Adige by your side. And this cycling holiday is also suitable for young and old!

Course of the Adige

Source of the Adige

The second longest river in Italy, the Adige, rises in the mountains of the South Tyrolean Reschenpass. From there it flows through the Adige Valley and the Po Valley before finally flowing into the Adriatic Sea, just south of the Venice lagoon.

Cycle Path

The Adige Cycle Path is basically the most beautiful in Italy. This is not a big art in and of itself, since you rarely come across official cycle paths south of Lake Garda and instead use low-traffic side streets. Nevertheless, you can look forward to well-developed cycle paths, mostly along the Adige, which for the most part run slightly downhill. Only from Lake Garda can you expect slight climbs through the vineyards of the area.

River length

The Adige flows for more than 400km, more precisely 415km, from the Austrian – Italian border through the north of Italy to the Adriatic Sea. However, the official Adige Cycle Path is only about 300km long, because it ends in Verona.

Height profile

From Lake Reschen at an altitude of 1482 metres, the Adige Cycle Path usually leads you slightly downhill, with very few gradients, to Verona, which is about 59 metres above sea level. Sounds feasible, doesn’t it?

Questions & Answers about the Adige Cycle Path

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The Adige Cycle Path starts in Landeck in Tyrol and ends in Verona.

The Adige Cycle Path is a total of 345 kilometres long.

The ideal travel time for the Adige Cycle Path is from May to October.

Our cycling tours on the Adige Cycle Path are classified as either easy or medium. This means that these tours are particularly suitable for beginners, pleasure cyclists and families.

The daily stages depend on the respective trip and the nature of the tour. However, you can expect approx. 40-60 kilometres per day.

On our cycling tours along the Tauern Cycle Path you will stay in well-selected and beautiful hotels.

As the Adige Cycle Path is mainly in Italy, you will experience a culinary treat on every tour. Pizza, pasta and vino! A real treat for the palate.

On our Merano - Lake Garda cycle tour you can look forward to the South Tyrolean city highlights, Merano, Trento, Bolzano and Torbole, as well as beautiful natural scenery. As a crowning finale, a jump into the refreshing Lake Garda is of course not to be missed.

If you generally enjoy cycling by the water, you should go for the Lake Reschen -Lake Garda cycling tour. Or would you rather go to the sea? No problem, our tour takes you over the South Tyrolean hills from Bolzano to Venice, the floating city. You will also make a detour to Verona and can visit the charming old town and home of the world-famous lovers Romeo and Juliet.

The most beautiful towns along the Adige Cylce Path


The small town of Resia is only a few kilometres from the Austrian border. Lake Reshen has become famous due to the sunken church tower. Since 1950, when the lake was flooded against the will of the residents, the silent witness has sat in Lake Reschen. The tower has been the symbol of this area ever since and even had to be renovated in 2009 because of the damp. The church tower was drained so the work could be done.

Cyclist at lake Resia


Known throughout history as the Tyrolean capital, Merano is now primarily known as a spa town, where even the beautiful Austrian Empress Elisabeth took care of here health. And the romantic Merano Advent also ensures a rush of visitors to the pretty town around Christmas. A Mediterranean climate ensures extremely pleasant temperatures and enables palm trees and cypresses to grow around the town.


Bolzano is known beyond its borders as the capital of the autonomous province of South Tyrol. With its historic city centre, the famous Laubengasse and the imposing mountain backdrop, Bolzano offers so much to make a visitor feel at home. Do not try to fight off the many regional delicacies – they are simply too delicious!


The gateway to the south, as Trento is often called, is the invisible border between the German-speaking and Italian-speaking areas of South Tyrol. Trento is the capital of the province of Trentino and also the autonomous province of Trentino-Alto Adige, with Bolzano also playing an important part. The medium-sized university city is home to a variety of churches and sights that attract tourists from all over the world year after year.

Lake Garda

Who does not know and love the glistening, enchanting and endless Lake Garda? From north to south, east to west, we enjoy the largest lake in Italy all year round. Surfers, sailors, water sports enthusiasts, climbers, hikers and of course cyclists get their money’s worth here. We at Eurobike believe we have selected the most beautiful places to serve as stage locations on our tours. Riva and Torbole in the north and Sirmione and Desenzano in the south of the lake impress with their beautiful town centres, crystal-clear water and the many authentic restaurants that offer regional specialities and the best wines from nearby vineyards.


The sad story of the two lovers Romeo and Juliet has surrounded the picturesque town on the Adige for many centuries. And even if you don’t enjoy Shakespeare, you can still manage here quite well because there is a lot to see! The famous Verona arena is located in the heart of the city, where concerts and operas are still performed regularly. If you can say that you have seen and heard Aida in this unique setting, you will never forget it. But be careful: please organise your tickets from home.

Useful information about your cycling holiday on the Adige


Attention wine lovers! Our cycle tours along the Adige will suit your taste, because the cycle path leads you through beautiful wine-growing regions. Wine varieties such as Vernatsch, Gewürztraminer, Lagrein and Soave come from this area and should definitely be tried. Have you ever heard of the famous Tröggelen? We don’t want to ruin the surprise, but you will be delighted! And if you don’t eat pizza in Italy once a day, eat delicious gelato and discover a new type of pasta, it’s your own fault! We say buon appetite and of course salute!

Spaghetti Frutti di Mare


From the end of March or at the beginning of April at the latest, we, the weather and the bikes are ready for the first cycle tours. The last bit of snow in northern Italy should have disappeared. The further south you travel along the Adige, the more Mediterranean, milder and warmer it will become. And if you haven’t had a winter tour on your bike here yet, you can book a tour on the Adige into October.

Did you know…

  • …that the Adige is only the fourth largest river in Italy according to its volume of water, even though it is second in terms of length?
  • …that Dante Alighieri mentioned the hostile houses Capulet and Montague in his work Divina Commedia?

  • …that you will reveal yourself as a tourist if you order dry white wine? Dry white wine is a matter of course here.
  • …that around 950,000 tons of apples are harvested in South Tyrol every year?

Travel stories on the Adige Cycle Path

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