Company’s history

Eurobike has a long experience in tourism, especially within the cycling sector. Here is a quick overview of how Eurobike was created and some of the company’s important milestones.

After having been involved in the cycle tourism industry in the 1980s and since then in some other branches, Walter Schmid and Herbert Würtinger decided to get back involved in cycling tourism at the start of 1991. After several meetings and negotiations, a branch called “Radwandern” was created within the Würtinger & Partner GmbH. This was the original building block of today’s company.


The first Eurobike catalogue was created and the 10 Lakes Tour in Salzkammergut was the first original tour that was developed. In the 1993 season, 576 people booked onto this tour.


A separate company was formed and “Eurofun Touristik” was launched with “Eurobike” as its trade name for bicycle tourism.


In August 1995, the former parent company Würtinger & Partner GmbH closed up and a search for a new office began. A suitable place was found in Obertrum am See on the    Mühlstraße. An abandoned farm was up for rent.

Eurobike’s way: our high standard of quality right from the start, flexibility with guests and partners and creativity when creating the tours are all treasured by our cyclists and it is through this that we have grown over the years through a continuously larger number of bookings.

A lot of commitment was then invested in developing new routes for example Bolzano - Venice, Majorca Loop Tour and the Munich Lakes Tour. These tours are the absolute classic cycle tours even now!


Expansion: Eurofun became involved with the former “Bodensee Radweg Service GmbH” and at the end of the year took over “Rückenwind Reisen GmbH” in Oldenburg. Dietmar Baumann became the manager.


The property on the Mühlstraße in Obertrum was bought and extended. We moved into the new rooms in August 2003 and by the end of the year the whole property had been renovated.


Through the trade name “Eurohike”, walking holidays were first offered and advertised in their own catalogue. This was the main building block for a further very successful branch of the company.


Through the trade name “Euroaktiv”, activity and adventure holidays were first offered and advertised in their own catalogue. Today Euroaktiv specialises in family outdoor holidays. At the end of the year, Eurotrek AG was completely taken over.


The Eurofun group grows further as we took over the company “KVS-Tours GmbH. Andreas Bunge became the manager. In Spring, Verena Sonnenberg became the manager at Eurotrek AG in Zürich. 


Shares were bought from “SE Tours GmbH in Bremerhaven. In the same year we bought our first E-bikes so that our cycle tours could be made accessible to an even larger audience. 


A further trend emerged within bicycle tourism. Bike & boat tours are getting more and more popular and so for the first time we made a bike & boat catalogue. Nowadays these tours are thriving and they were launched back then by Eurobike.


Eurobike stepped once again into the dark with its cycle tours in Piedmont. Combining active holidays and delightful treats was popular right from the start. It’s no wonder that the Piedmont tour based in one hotel quickly turned into one of our most popular tours.


The Danube cycle path, quite simply THE classic tour, is attracting more and more guests. Our “Danube” bike station is running at full capacity and has everything to offer that our guests could want.


The senior management team expanded once more. Thomas Schmid started to support the company founders Herbert Würtinger and Walter Schmid. The head office was expanded once more: the roof was converted and Eurohike moved into the penthouse office in the following year. This was both a reward and an incentive for their brilliant development over the last years.


The company’s very positive development meant that some support was needed and the structural organisation was altered. The operative business and the holding company were more clearly separated.  Why? To keep them more separate and to allow more concentration to be placed upon service and personal care for our guests.

The management was taken over by Thomas Schmid and Verena Sonnenberg whilst the Eurofun company founders actively stood down. 


Madeira, the flower island, was added to our program of cycling destinations. The 2017 cycle season was extremely successful for Eurobike and enables us to continue providing high quality tours and flexibility with our guests and partners as well as being creative when developing new tours.


Planning for next year is well under way: the catalogues have been printed, the website launch has been successful including all of the new tours, (hopefully perfect) weather has been ordered and the entire Eurobike team is once again looking forward to helping lots of cyclists organise their most enjoyable days of 2019.