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Brief information about the Lahn Cycle Path

This popular cycle path leads through the beautiful panoramic landscape of the river Lahn, an eastern tributary of the Rhine. The route has a total length of around 245 km and begins in the Rothaar mountains before travelling through three federal states. From the source it flows 23 kilometres through North Rhein-Westfallia, before 165.6 kilometres through Hessen and 57 kilometres through Rheinland-Palatinate to the mouth. The landscape along the cycle path couldn’t be more varied: from the mountainous region near Biedenkopf you meet a hilly landscape through the Lahn Valley. An open floodplain extends to the slopes of the middle Lahn valley. Then gorge-like valleys emerge, and the narrow meanders of the river flow all the way to the mouth of the Rhine.

The most beautiful stages and cycle tours on the Lahn Cycle Path

Lahn Cycle Path

Those who take the seven-day tour along the Lahn Cycle Path get to know the idyllic nature reserves and picturesque half-timbered houses. You stroll through the University town of Marburg and visit the Goethe town of Wetzlar. An amazing castle awaits you in the town of Weilburg as well as the quaint old town in Limburg. Another highlight is the spa town of Bad Ems, which is well known for its healing waters. Admire the Loreley and enjoy a boat trip from St. Goar to the old wine village of Braubach! In the lively city of Koblenz you can extend the cycle tour or leave with beautiful memories in your suitcase

Lahn Cycle Tour - the stroll tour

This tour is ideal for cyclists who would like to take in the beauty of nature and picturesque villages at their leisure. You begin at the source of the Lahn and cycle over Biedenkopf to Marburg. The route then goes to Gießen and to the Goethe town of Wetzlar before taking in Weilburg and Limburg. Finally, you travel to Nassau and Koblenz. This medium-difficulty tour takes you over beautiful cycle-paths, that make for easy riding, making it ideal for leisure cyclists.

Lahn Valley - based in one hotel

You travel on quiet forest paths and a former railway line. From the starting town of Marburg you take a trip to Dammühle, where there is a climbing forest. Then you go on to the village of Amöneburg, which lies on a volcanic area. After taking in the Brücker mill the route heads back to Marburg. Then you can take a trip to Rauischholzhausen Castle. The easy cycle path is doable for everyone.

The route of the Lahn


The source of the river Lahn is in Lahnhof, a village of the town of Netphen in the district of Siegen-Wittgenstein in the Rothaar Mountains. It is located at an altitude of 603 metres above sea level. The spring is known as the Lahntopf.

Cycle path

The majority of the Lahn Cycle Path runs on asphalted paths. In the upper section there are forest paths with natural surface.

River length

The Lahn has a length of about 245 kilometres.

Elevation profile

The cycle path begins below the 624-metre-high Lahnkopf at an altitude of 612 metres above sea level. The mouth of the Lahn to the Rhein at Lahnstein lies at 74 metres above sea level. So there is a height difference of 538 metres, but there are also climbs to contend with from time to time, which means you will gain a few more metres in altitude during your journey.

Questions and Answers about the Lahn Cycle Path

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The cycle path begins at the source of the Lahn, which is found at Lahnkopf in the Rothaar mountains. The mouth of the Lahn into the Rhine is found at Lahnstein.

The Lahn Cycle Path lies at around 245 kilometres.

The ideal time for a cycle tour on the Lahn is from April until October. The warm summer months are particularly popular, but accommodation is in high demand and quickly booked up. It is best to book your cycling holiday with us early!

The Lahn Cycle Path is as good for experienced cyclists as it is for beginners, as long as you have good base level of fitness and can complete middle-difficulty stages. The routes are assigned to easy and medium tour characters.

From Marburg to Wetzlar it is around 55 kilometres and after another 30 to 40 kilometres you reach Weilburg. From there it is another 40 kilometres to Limburg and 35 to 45 kilometres to Bad Ems. The stage from Bad Ems to Koblenz covers 45 kilometres.

You have the choice between category A with comfortable middle-class hotels and category B, which includes good inns and hotels. Some of these are a little out of the way. On our info page on hotels you will find more information on accommodation.

Alongside the unspoiled nature the Lahn Cycle Path is dotted with picturesque towns, which are perfect for sight-seeing. A highlight for literature fans is the Goethe town of Wetzlar, while those interested in history should take a look at the residential town of Weilburg and the cathedral city of Limburg. The spa town of Bad Ems is a wonderful place for those who prefer to recover from the exertions of the cycle tour in hot water or in the sauna. On the cycle tour on the Lahn Cycle Path you experience all highlights, on the Lahn Cycle Path Stroll Tour you will cycle the complete river cycle path from the source to the mouth near Koblenz.

The most beautiful places along the Lahn Cycle Path


The university town of Marburg invites you to stroll through the historic old town. Sights include the magnificent Landgrave's Palace and the magical Elisabeth Church, which enchants with its ancient character.


At attraction in the Goethe town of Wetzlar is the Lottehaus, the birth place of Charlotte Buff. Here you will find an interesting museum. The restored half-timbered houses and impressive Cathedral are also worth seeing. For shopping fans there are elegant shops and modern shopping arcades where you can shop to your heart's content.


The town is very interesting for history and architecture fans. Guided tours through the old town tell the eventful history of Weilburg an der Lahn. Those who prefer music should go to the Weilburg Fountain Concert. They have traditionally taken place at the ornamental Neptune Fountain on the market square since 1950. If you want to take a look at Weilburg's Westerwald side, you can take a ride on the ferry and enjoy the magnificent view. Weilburg is home to Germany's only ship tunnel. Perched high above the Lahn is Weilburg Castle with its spacious baroque garden.


This town is home to the World-famous Limburg Cathedral. It is also known as St. George’s Cathedral, because he is the patron saint. Thanks to its high position on the limestone rock above the Lahn, it looks quite majestic. Limburg's old town also invites you to go on an extensive shopping spree. Rustic restaurants serve the culinary delights of the region.

Bad Ems

In the spa town of Bad Ems you will find the 6,600 square-metre Emser Therme which is the perfect place to relax after a long day. It is the most modern spa in Germany. In the varied landscape and the beautifully designed sauna park, you can recover from the first stages of your cycle tour. The healing waters from Bad Ems are also beneficial. If you prefer to go on a voyage of discovery, explore the historic artists' quarter or visit the educational town museum.


In the city of Koblenz, you can see the Deutsches Eck, which is located at the confluence of the Rhine and Moselle rivers. It is the city's landmark and a memorial to German unity. An imposing monument commemorates Kaiser Wilhelm.

Useful information about your cycling holiday on the Lahn

The climate

The Lahn Cycle Path lies predominantly in the temperate climate zone of the middle latitudes. However, due to the course of the valley and the varying terrain heights, there are different microclimatic conditions that should be taken into account.

The cuisine

On your cycle tour on the Lahn Cycle Path you should try the many dishes of the region. In Limburg you will find traditional Limburger Säcker. This is a breaded cutlet filled with juicy sauerkraut, dried meat and pickles. It is flavoured with mustard and served with potatoes or bread. A hearty dish is the Limburger Bischofsknödel. These potato dumplings are filled with blood and liver sausage and served with sauerkraut. Those with a sweet tooth can enjoy delicious confectionary in Marburg.

Did you know...

  • ... that the Lahn flows through North Rhine-Westphalia, Hesse and Rhineland-Palatinate?
  • ... that the Goethe city of Wetzlar is located on the Lahn?

  • ... that the area around the Lahn Cycle Path is not only perfect for cycling, but also for other activities such as canoeing, hiking and swimming?
  • ... that the Lahn Cycle Path received a 3-star rating from the ADFC in 2006?

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