Cycling holidays in Austria

Actively relax and nevertheless unwind: that’s a holiday in Austria for you!

Hardly anywhere else has such stunning scenery: rolling hills alternate with magnificent panoramic views and mountain scenery. Inbetween there are shady forest sections and sparkling clean rivers and lakes. A variety of charming spots on the edge of the path on your way through quaint villages and charming towns are eagerly awaiting considerate yet observant cyclists. Whether in Salzkammergut, along the River Inn, Danube or Mur: relaxation and enjoyment are guaranteed.

Explore Austria's most beautiful cycling destinations!

Cyclists at the bank of Lake Hallstatt

Go on a Bike Tour in Austria and Experience the Cuisine

Even in terms of cuisine Austria has a lot to offer: demanding restaurant and pub managers have developed and perfected the local, long-established Austrian cuisine – it is an experience for the senses! Additionally Austria has got a rich culture and a fascinating history. Sometimes it even seems to be a world of clichés. But it is always pleasant and hospitable with thousands of attractions. Cycle in Austria, a secret tip for both young and old!  

Top Bicycle Tours are Waiting for You in Austria

There are some real classics waiting for every cyclist in Austria: The Mur cycle path goes from the gentian in the the Alps to the Riesling wine in South Styria. On the 10 lakes round trip, the sparkling Salzkammergut lake world close to Salzburg is waiting for you and on the Danube bike path between Passau and Vienna you can have a great time on Austria’s romantic tour.   

But there are still many other very interesting bike tours to tell you about: for example the Enns bike path, the Mozart bike path, which follows his footprints close to Salzburg, alternatively there is the bike tour along the River Inn from St. Moritz to Innsbruck and then further to Passau – it doesn’t matter whether you choose to cycle on a self-guided, individual tour or a group guided tour – Eurobike provides you with luggage transfers.   

Book an exclusive bike tour in Austria with Eurobike! We look forward to hearing from you!

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