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Once again, the breathtaking Danube is the leading lady in this very special trip – namely our tours by bike and boat in Austria. Look forward to seeing the blooming Wachau, historic Vienna, beautiful stage locations and our charming, floating hotels. Discover the most popular bike and boat tours in Austria here.


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The country that lies along the Danube

That’s Austria! The highly-praised Danube enjoys a fabulous reputation, particularly in Austria. Dances, buildings and pastries have all been named after this great river. It’s clear – Austrians are extremely proud of the second longest river in Europe and consider it ‘their river’. The magnificent Wachau, the imposing Vienna, the delightful wine towns and friendly people have also contributed to the Danube being one of the most beautiful cycle routes in the Eurobike programme. And so that you don’t miss a second of the impressive beauty of the Danube, we naturally also offer our guests tours along the Danube by bike and boat. This is how you spend the day and night on the majestic river of the Alpine Republic.

Passau – Vienna – Passau

Travelling by bike and boat along the Danube Cycle Path with the MS Prinzessin Katharina: The Passau – Vienna – Passau route offers cycling comfort on well-kept paths. Many sights and interesting destinations such as Linz, Grein, Melk and Tulln will certainly inspire you just as much as the gentle, hilly landscape of the Wachau.

Passau – Budapest – Passau

Also from Passau, bike and boat enthusiasts sail east along the Danube in the direction of Budapest. In addition to the metropolises of Vienna and Budapest, there are also numerous smaller charming towns along the cycle path. You will love the luxury MS SE-Manon.

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Passau - Vienna - Passau, MS Prinzessin Katharina

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Useful information about your bike and boat tour in Austria

Why do grape vines grow particularly well in the Wachau?

When you think of the Wachau, blossoming apricot trees, magnificent vineyards and lush green pastures come to mind. But why is the Wachau particularly good for agriculture? But of course! It’s the favourable climate. In Eastern Austria and parts of the Wachau, the Pannonian climate prevails, which is relatively warm and dry. And what is good for the vines can only be good for us cyclists. Therefore, you can look forward to many hours of sunshine, warm temperatures and an occasional rain shower! Optimal weather for cycling!

A typical Austrian menu

Appetisers and soups

Fritattensuppe – beef broth with finely chopped savoury pancakes

Leberknödelsuppe – beef broth with liver dumplings

Sulz vom Tafelspitz – gellied beef, served cold


Main dishes

Wiener Schnitzel  – no explanation needed!

Roast pork served with ‘Semmelknodel’ (bread dumplings), potatoes and cabbage cooked with the pork

Blunzengröstl - black pudding fried with potatoes and onions, served mostly with sauerkraut

Backhendl with potatoe salad - fried chicken baked in clarified butter with Viennese breadcrumbs

Krautfleckerl - a type of small pasta with white cabbage and often topped with bacon and caraway

Stuffed peppers - green peppers stuffed with mincemeat and rice in tomtato  sauce, served with fresh potatoes

Paprikahendl - roast chicken pieces in paprika cream sauce, served with spätzle


Pastries and desserts

Marillenknödel with Butterbrösel – Apricot dumplings, covered in breadcrumbs and fried in butter

Topfenstrudel with vanilla sauce – strudel filled with cream cheese and raisins

Eispalatschinken - wafer-thin pancakes filled with ice cream and served with chocolate sauce, almonds and whipped cream

Did you know…

  • …that the water of the Danube is drunk by around 10 million people?
  • …that the Danube flows through ten European countries?
  • …that besides Vienna and Budapest, Belgrade is the third city on the Danube?
  • …that more than 300 different bird species live and nest on the Danube?

Perfectly organized bike and boat tours along the Danube

If you too are considering a trip by bike and boat on the beautiful Danube, then there’s good news: you can stop your search because you have found what you’re are looking for! With us you will find the most beautiful trips that the Danube has to offer by bike and boat. These trips include an optimal on-site service and you can expect perfectly maintained rental bikes, comfortable hotel ships and clear travel documents. The organization lies with us, so you have enough time to fully enjoy your trip!

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