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Our range of cycle tours in Germany is, we have to say, really very exciting. With our bike and boat tours we put a crown on top. Extremely interesting destinations, comfortable ships and the best service will convince you of our tours. Read everything here.

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MS Princess

The most charming way to travel

An old sailor’s saying goes: “Where you cannot sail, you must row”. Or pedal! And where could be better than in Germany? With the many beautiful rivers and rough coastline along the North Sea and Baltic Sea, Germany offers the perfect material for a successful bike and boat tour. And the ships serving as hotel on these tours promise guests the necessary comfort and well-being needed for an unforgettable holiday.

The most popular bike and boat tours in Germany

Coblenz – Saarburg, MS Patria

The Moselle and Saar present themselves in the best light. They nestle dreamily into the landscape and provide the perfect base for a beautiful river cruise. From Saarburg to Coblenz, or in the opposite direction, you will discover highlights such as beautiful half-timbered houses, vineyards, the Porta Nigra in Trier or the Alte Saarschleife. Your constant companion on this tour will be the comfortable MS Patria.


Berlin – Stralsund, MS Princess

Endless forests in the north of Berlin lead you aboard the MS Princess  along the Oder-Havel canal. The quiet and unique beauty of the Oder landscape takes you to Szczecin, then via Usedom to the largest island in Germany and to Rügen with its famous chalk cliffs. This tour is also offered from Stralsund to Berlin.

Tour character

Coblenz - Saarburg, MS Patria

8 Days | Self-guided Tour
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Tour character

Berlin - Stralsund, MS Princess

8 Days | Self-guided Tour
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Cologne – Rotterdam, MS Olympia

From Cologne to Rotterdam, or from Rotterdam to Cologne? The Lower Rhine has one of the most beautiful and largest bike paths in Europe. Past river landscapes, meadows and fields, it offers an opportunity for nature lovers to relax aboard the MS Olympia and explore the region by bike.

MS Patria

Coblenz – Bad Wimpfen, MS Patria

We proudly present to you the two main characters in this bike and boat adventure: the Rhine and the Neckar. The magnificent MS Patria will be a good host for you on this varied bike and boat tour. Look forward to beautiful cycling, culinary delights aboard the MS Patria and many happy hours in good company.

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Coblenz - Bad Wimpfen, MS Patria

8 Days | Self-guided Tour
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Useful information about your bike and boat tour in Germany


I am packing my suitcase…

If you are planning a trip to Germany, you should be prepared for all weather conditions. Think of the all-important garments such as a rain jacket, good headwear, comfortable footwear and comfortable sportswear! But you should also make room in your case for something light, because it can get pretty hot even in Germany and you will also find a place for the little black dress aboard the ship at dinner. Bear in mind, however, that a cool breeze can always be expected in summer and a jacket cannot hurt in the evenings.  


The favourite dish of the Germans

Although this dish is known all over the world, it is still known as German cuisine and is regarded as one of the German’s favourite dishes. Of course, we are talking about Sauerkraut. Due to its high vitamin content, sauerkraut was a very popular and cheap food that protected people from deficiency. It was also known to protect sailors from getting the dreaded illness scurvy. Whether sauerkraut is still the favourite dish today is an open question. The fact is that they like to eat sauerkraut in this country, particularly with potatoes and bratwurst. But the German cuisine has many more delicacies to discovered! We wish you “guten Appetit!”

Did you know…

  • …that more cheese is produced in Germany than France? You would never think…
  • …that twice as many ‘currywürste’ are eaten in Berlin than in the rest of Germany?
  • …that teachers in Germany were not allowed to marry until the 1950s?
  • …that the inventor of blue jeans, Levi Strauss, was German?
  • …that the Christmas tree is a German custom, which has now been adopted by the whole world?
  • …that the English Garden in Munich is bigger than Central Park in New York?

Perfectly organised tours by bike and boat in Germany

Are you looking for your next cycling holiday, but haven’t yet found it because most journey lack that certain something, the famous “Je ne sais quoi?” Your search has now come to an end, because our trips with bike and boat will impress you, we are quite sure. A perfectly maintained rental bike, a comfortable hotel ship, optimal travel documents and friendly on-site service characterise our popular bike and boat tours. Come on! What are you waiting for? Contact us today and find out about our wide range!

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