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The individual regions

In the west, the land tends to be rugged and characterized by cliffs with deep gashes along the seashore, while in the east it is flat with extensive rolling landscapes and long beaches. In central England, again, there are rounded low mountains with several ridges, in front of which wide plains extend in the south. Northwards towards Scotland, these elevations are followed by the Uplands and the central lowlands around Glasgow and Edinburgh, before the legendary Highlands and the Scottish wilderness begins. Each of the regions has its own natural beauty, some of it spectacular, ranging from the white cliffs of Dover to moors, heaths and ridges to the high plateaus of rugged northern Scotland.

Kühe vor der Burg Framlingham

Cycling in England

When one speaks of Great Britain or the United Kingdom, most people immediately think of England. But many people confuse the two, because England is only one part of the United Kingdom, along with Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. But with an area of about 130,000 square kilometres and a population of about 54 million, it is the largest. With its capital London, England also has the largest city in Europe. The home of the Queen attracts millions of tourists to the metropolis every year. But not only the city life, but also the scenic diversity of the smaller villages, are definitely worth a trip. Especially by bike, these impressive natural sceneries can be marvelled at.

Katholische Kirche in Ipswich


The county to the north-east of London is a real insider's tip for cyclists. Because in Suffolk, time seems to have stood still. On a journey into the past, fairytale castles, breathtaking stretches of coastline and hospitable locals await. Far away from the hustle and bustle of the big cities, you can get to know England from a completely different perspective.

Newcastle - Edinburgh

From England's most north-eastern city, Newcastle, our next cycle tour takes you to Edinburgh in Scotland. Along the coast and castle road towards the north, past the sandy beaches of the Northumberland coast, Dunstanburgh and Bamburgh to your destination in Edinburgh. Experience both the English and Scottish flair on this exciting cycle tour.

Cycling in Scotland

The northern country of Great Britain, Scotland, is known for its rugged mountain landscape. Especially the Cairngorms and the Northwest Highlands characterize this area. Wild, but also full of beauty, Scotland presents itself to all its visitors. Outdoor fans such as passionate cyclists love this country. The well-developed cycle paths in the cities such as Edinburgh and Glasgow as well as in the outlying villages are ideal for a cycle tour in Scotland. Discover spectacular natural scenery, secluded coastlines, exciting mountain valleys and inviting pubs.

Schloss inmitten des Schlossgartens


This cycle tour takes you through arguably one of the most beautiful regions of Scotland. Perthshire, also called the County of Perth, is a very traditional and beautiful county. During the Ice Age, the Highland Rift Valley was formed, which since then has cut diagonally through the country from west to east. Our itinerary follows this fault line.

Cycle tour in Scotland
Radweg durch tiefgrüne Landschaft

Useful information about your cycling holiday in Great Britain

The climate in Great Britain

The climate is as varied as the topography. The west coast offers excellent conditions for cycling, but has higher rainfall and more gradients. The east coast, on the other hand, is protected from the harsh Atlantic weather and is milder and flatter. Temperatures are moderate all year round due to the island location and the moderating influence of the sea, and rarely fall below 0° Celsius, even in winter. In summer, on the other hand, temperatures are almost perfect for your cycling holiday, hovering between 20° and 25° Celsius during the day. The best time to travel is usually June and July. In the months before that, you can expect dry and cooler weather, and from mid-July onwards, precipitation increases significantly.

Herbstlandschaft mit einem See im Hintergrund von farbenfrohen Bäumen

British cuisine

Who hasn't stood in front of a breakfast buffet and thought to themselves at the sight of baked beans, bacon, eggs, toast, fried tomatoes and mushrooms, who is going to eat that? The answer is the British, because in Britain such a hearty breakfast, also known as English Breakfast, is quite common. At lunchtime, it's just as hearty and, above all, fried. One of the favourite dishes is fish and chips, which you can be served with various sauces in any pub, restaurant or chip shop. After this course, the famous "tea time" awaits. The British simply love drinking tea. The most popular type is black tea, also known as "English Breakfast Tea", which is drunk with a splash of milk.

Did you know...

  • ...that the British drink 165 million cups of tea every day?
  • ...that there are more Indian restaurants in London than in Mumbai?
  • ...that Queen Elizabeth did not have a passport?
  • ...that Ed Sheeran paid more tax in the UK in 2017 than Amazon and Starbucks?

  • ...that the world's first public zoo opened in London in 1829?
  • ...that the Scottish kilt originated in France?
  • ...that Great Britain is smaller than the US state of Oregon?...that Windsor Castle in Berkshire is the oldest royal residence in the world?

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For over 30 years, we have been offering first-class quality active vacations as a cycling tour operator. Our quality criteria have been our top priority for many years. We go the 'extra mile' for our guests and take pride in being your reliable point of contact for all things related to cycling vacations. The high percentage of loyal customers confirms our commitment, and we look forward to continuing to create many more eventful cycling memories in the future.

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Cyclists in the Alpine region of Bavaria

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Well-prepared travel information and route descriptions.

All guests receive a comprehensive information package with detailed cycling maps and travel documents including tips and information on culture, cuisine, country and people - tailored to the respective region and requirements of the individual cycling tour. Every year, we review the route meticulously, and continually develop new variations that provide even more insights into the land and culture.

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After a wonderful day of cycling, you will be welcomed in our carefully selected accommodations in the evening. We choose our accommodations with care and consideration, always with a focus on their special orientation towards active vacationers and opportunities for evening relaxation. You'll experience that extra level of comfort on our charming cycling tours, where you can enjoy even more feel-good facilities and an added touch of indulgence.

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Personal on-site support

Our Eurobike original tours are characterized above all by the personal touch for which we have been known for many years. For our original tours, you will be personally welcomed by our team members at the arrival destination. In an informational meeting, all details about the tour and the itinerary will be explained. Our on-site team is also available for tips and recommendations.

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