Cycling holidays in Great Britain

Great Britain depicts a miniture picture of Europe in more than one aspect. Starting with the landscape, its geological layout resembles roughly that of the continent. Luckily during your cycling holiday however you are spared high mountains and difficult terrain, since the infrastructure is excellent and steep ascents are limited to only a few regions and are usually the exception.

Spectacular natural beauties

The terrain in the West is rather rugged and the sea shores are characterised by cliffs with deep downcuttings, the East however is characterised by flat terrain with vast alluvial lands and long drawn-out beaches. In Central England in turn you find rounded uplands with several mountain chains with vast plains covering the South. North towards Scotland these elevations are followed initially by the 'Uplands’ and the central lowlands around Glasgow and Edinburgh, before the Highlands –steeped in legends - of the Scotish wilderness arise. Each of these regions is home to unique and in parts spectacular natural beauty, ranging from the white cliffs of Dover via moors, heaths and mountain ridges to plateaus high up in the rugged North of Scotland.

A special micro-climate with different characteristics

The climate is just as diverse as the topography. The west coast offers exceptional conditions for cycling, but also comes with more rain and ascent. Luckily the differences in altitude are limited too here, where the gradient is rather more challenging than the length. The east coast on the other hand benefits from these natural obstacles as protection from the rough weather conditions of the Atlantic Ocean with a milder climate and more flat terrain. Temperatures are moderate all year round due to it being an island and the moderate influence of the sea and even in winter go seldom below 0° Celsius except for higher altitudes. In summer however temperatures are just about perfect for your cycling holiday and range between 20°C and 25°C during the day. Best time for a holiday is usually June and July. In the months before drier and cooler weather conditions await, from mid July on the other hand rainfall increases considerably.

A paradise for cyclists with numerous routes

We at Eurobike offer an enormous selection of various routes through the most diverse regions of Great Britain. A special highlight is most certainly a cycle tour from Newcastle to Edinburgh, a true paradise for cycling holiday-makers. You cycle along the unique 'Green Lanes’ – fully developed cycling routes with a maximum speed of 24 km/h for motor vehicles and a total right of way for cyclists, equestrians and hikers. We are especially excited to wecome you on board of two 'Tallships’ as part of our fleet. The 'Flying Dutchmen’ accompany you from your home port Oban on your cycling tour along the Scottish coast from Fort Williams via the offshore peninsula and its neigbouring island Mull. On board the 'Thalassa’ you cruise both on water and on your bike along the coast of Northern Ireland across breathtaking scenery laced with thousands and thousands of waterfowl, take a detour to the legendary shipyard of the 'Titanic’ or sample whiskey in Irelands oldest licenced destillery, the 'Bushmills Destillery’.

Two of the most important European metropoli, London and Paris, with a linear distance of only about 350 kilometes and a distance of about 450 kilometres. A distance which can be easily tackled with a basic fitness level during our nine-day cycling holiday. Enjoy this leisurely and relaxed cycling holiday covering vast distances on flat terrain with numerous natural and cultural attractions. On this self-guided cycling holiday you cross Normandy with detours to the roots of European history. You cycle past the old castle ruins of Gisors where Knights Templar have hidden their treasure according to legend and have a break in the little village of Forges-les-Eaux, where the water has been worshipped a fountain of youth for centuries. In England the cliffs of Brighton await and a tour across the flat valley of the ‚Devil's Dyke’. We also lead you along the east coast of England into pure relaxation and the rural idyll of Suffolk or the breathtaking nature scenery between Newcastle and Edinburgh. Today at the border between England and Scotland you find impressive castles appearing to originate directly from the legends of early history inviting you in many places to a visit or a to a short trip through majestic gardens.

Enjoy our Eurobike service also on the other side of the Channel

In over 25 years we at Eurobike not only collected a wealth of experience but have also established a unique network of associates and contacts in all of Europe. Since our launch personally elaborated and constantly perfected cycling holidays are our focus, where you can totally rely on your holiday and our perfect organisation. We are committed to tackle any obstacles and problems for you. Unburdened by luggage and worries you can truely enjoy your holiday with Eurobike and spend an unforgettable and pleasant time on Europe’s most beautiful cycling routes. With group tours we always provide experienced tour guides and with self-guided tours we are always at your side via our hotline. Before each stage we provide current maps and detailed information regarding the route and during the night you get to recuperate and relax in specially selected accommodations with a high level of comfort and excellent service.

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