Cycle Holidays in Hungary


Lake Balaton with its impressive colour, the idyllic Puszta region, the dynamic capital Budapest, the hospitable locals and the delicious regional cuisine – yes, all this and much more is Hungary. This is why Hungary is considered by many as diverse, since the country simply has a lot to offer. This is exactly why Empress Sissi fell in love with the country early on and became Empress of Hungary as well as Austria. Now our cycle holidaymakers in particular feel very comfortable here thanks to the well-developed cycle paths leading through the beautiful natural scenery. And good news for all those who would like to get to know the country from the water, Eurobike also offers a bike and boat tours through Hungary. Interested? Then find out more about this impressive country here.

View over the Basilica of Esztergom

Picturesque & Idyllic landscapes

On the border between Central Europe and the Balkans is the location of the country Hungary, which with an area of around 93 000 square kilometres is about twice the size of the federal state of Lower Saxony. The river Danube flows right through the nation, which has only been historically independent for around 100 years, on its course into the wide estuary delta on the shores of the Black Sea. It also divides the landscape between the Puszta and the slightly hilly Transnubia in the West, where you can see Lake Balaton, the largest lake in Central Europe, situated in picturesque and idyllic scenery. However if you turn North from the Puszta there is a large mountain range near the Slovakian border, which rises to a height of 1000 metres with its not too steep peaks.

Cycle Holidays in Budpest

Vienna – Budapest

Start our Vienna – Budapest cycle holiday in the beautiful Austrian capital and cycle along the river Danube and the Slovakian-Hungarian border in a southeasterly direction to the Hungarian capital. Strengthened by the Viennese coffee culture and maybe also a piece of original Sachertorte, you first cross several national parks on the banks of Europe’s second longest river and stop in picturesque small towns such as the Hungarian town of 17 bridges Mosonmagyaróvár. In more than one place, you will be spoiled for choice between a sporting challenge such as a course through the breathtaking Tata Mountains or historical sights such as the Roman fort Kelemantia. Your end destination is the big city of Budapest.

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Slovakia / Hungary / Austria

Vienna - Budapest

8 Days | Self-guided Tour
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Cross-Border Cycle Holidays

Church in Esztergom

Beyond Hungarian Borders

On our next cycle holidays in Hungary, you experience unlimited cycling fun. Cycle from Austria via Hungary and Slovenia to Croatia and get to know all of these unique neighboring countries from a cycling perspective in just a few days. So many countries in such a short time, is that even possible? It is, thanks to Eurobike’s perfect travel planning, no problem! Without a care in the world diverse scenery awaits as well as cultural highlights and various regional dishes and drinks. We are excited to see, which country will convince you the most. However, what we are already certain of is that you will depart at the end of it totally enthusiastic, satisfied and with positive memories from these limitless cycle holidays.


Light house at sunset at Lake Neusiedl

Lake Neusiedl Rally

Southeast of Vienna, where the Puszta and vineyards meet and home of the vintner king, is the location of the beautiful Lake Neusiedl nature reserve. Geographically the majority is situated in Austria and around 22% in Hungary. On this cycle rally however, you cycle around the entire Lake Neusiedl and thus immerse yourself also in the Hungarian flair.


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Hungary / Austria

Lake Neusiedlersee - based in Podersdorf

8 Days | Self-guided Tour
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Bike & Boat in Hungary

Exterior view MS SE-Manon

Danube Experience in Hungary

Although the degree of difficulty of all cycle holidays in Hungary is not high due to easy alternative routes, easy ascents and the excellent climate, it can be even a bit more comfortable: If you decide on our bike & boat holidays in Hungary, you either cycle comfortably along the flat banks of the river Danube or spend a day aboard your floating accommodation and just enjoy the scenery. During this way of travelling and from the beautiful river Danube you will see the impressive country from a completely different perspective.

Passau – Budapest – Passau, MS SE-Manon

On this cycle holiday from Passau to Budapest and back again you can look forwards to dynamic cities, historical sights, beautiful vineyards and delicious regional dishes. Always by your side is the MS SE-Manon with a total of 75 cabins. After your bike tour you can decide individually whether you would like to use the wellness area or would rather swim in the outdoor pool. Afterwards you can relax on the spacious sun deck with loungers and seating areas before you let yourself be pampered in the delicious panorama restaurant.

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Germany / Austria

Passau-Budapest-Passau, MS SE-Manon

8 Days | Self-guided Tour
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Useful information about your Cycle Holiday in Hungary

Cycle path along the Danube near Moca

The Climate in Hungary

Just as Hungary is culturally located at the crossroads between Central Europe and the Balkans, it is meteorologically located in a transition zone between the West, which is characterised by the Atlantic, and the Mediterranean climate of Southern and Eastern Europe. This special position means that precipitation decreases from West to East and the entire country can enjoy an above-average number of sunny days and pleasant temperatures from April through to October. The off-season is particularly recommended for your cycle holidays, since relatively few tourists travel to the country during this period, giving you a deep insight into everyday life in the villages far away from the big city.

Hungarian national dish goulash

Hungarian Cuisine

What is the first thing that comes to mind when you think of Hungarian cuisine? For sure, the well-known ‘goulash’, which is popular beyond the borders. However, before today’s national dish made it into high society and the kitchen at the end of the 18th century, it was initially only eaten by farmers. But nowadays, Hungarian cuisine would be unimaginable without goulash with potatoes or dumplings or normal goulash soup. Just as the well-known Letscho, made from peppers, tomatoes, onions and optional bacon. What should not be missing in the kitchen is paprika powder. Since Hungary is well-known for its paprika cultivation, the locals like to spice things up a lot with this spice. Everything according to the motto in the spice lies the power.

Did you know,…

  • … that Budapest is the thermal spring health resort capital in the world?
  • … that Europe’s largest synagogue is located in Budapest?
  • … that the Rubik’s Cube was invented by a Hungarian?
  • … that Budapest arose from three cities: Buda, Obuda and Pest?
  • … that Bratislava was the capital of Hungary for 200 years?
  • … that Hungarian is one of the most difficult languages in the world?
  • … that Hungarian names are regulated by law?
  • … that the hippos bathe in thermal water in the Budapest zoo?

Perfectly organised cycle holiday in Hungary

Cyclists in front of the Viennese Parliament

Feeling good occupies centre stage on a Eurobike cycle holiday

Every year we prove anew that a cycle holiday does not mean a lot of effort or additional hassle for our customers. Instead with Eurobike you can expect a carefully prepared active holiday tailored to your interests, during which the focus is solely on the joy of riding and the unique sights of each country. We advise you in detail about our offer and take over the entire logistics and planning for you – from luggage transport to the selection of high-class accommodation to the provision of travel documents along the individual routes on each tour.

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