Cycling holidays in Hungary

Hungary is located on the border between Central Europe and the Balkans and it has an area of about 93,000 square kilometres. Nearly one fifth of the population however dwells in the wider area of Budapest, which means the rest of the country is quite sparsely populated. Various sceneries alternate here constantly. The majority of the country is part of the Great Hungarian Plain, also known as 'Puszta’ covering the South-East.

Picturesque and idyllic landscapes

The river Danube flows through this nation, which has only been historically independent for approx. 100 years and it heads for the wide estuary at the shores of the Black Sea. The Danube also parts the landscape between the Puszta and the slightly hilly Transdanubia in the West, where you can see the largest Lake in Central Europe, Lake Balaton, set in a picturesque and idyllic scenery. If you however turn from the Puszta towards the North, you see a low mountain range, stretching nearby the Slovakian border. The peaks rise to about an altitude of about 1000m and are too steep. 

A long season with an excellent climate

Just as Hungary is located culturally at the intersept of Central Europe and the Balkans, meteorogically it is situated in a transition zone between the West characterised by the Atlantic and Southern and Eastern Europe characterised by a Mediterranean climate. Due to this special location rainfalls decrease from West to East and the entire country enjoys an above average number of sunny days and pleasant temperatures from April through to October. For your cycling holiday we recommend the months on either side of this period, since during these times there are relatively few tourists visiting the country, which allows you to gain a deep insight into the daily life in the villages located far away from the big city.

Only the metropolitan area Budapest is visited by tourists all year round as it is a European metropolis and attracts them with numerous sights and regular events such as trade shows. Several in parts very busy highways run across the country, on which you usually do not have to rely on for your cycling holiday. Fortunately there is also a comprehensive network of paths at your disposal including country roads with hardly any traffic, which serve as a comfortable alternative with appropriate prior or local knowledge. That way you get to cycle through tranquil villages and little towns along the route, where you can easily make contact  with the friendly and helpful population of the country.

Not all roads lead to Budapest – but some very attractive cycle routes do

With our tri-country-tour you start in Vienna and proceed along the river Danube and the Slovakian-Hungarian border heading South-East until you reach the capital of Budapest. Invigorated by Vienese Coffee Culture and perhaps a piece of original Sachertorte you initially cross several national parks along the shores of Europe’s second longest river. You can take breaks in picturesque little towns such as the Hungarian town of the 17 bridges Mosonmagyaróvár. At several spots you have a choice between a sporting challenge such as a parcours through the breathtaking Tata mountains or historic sights such as the Roman fort Kelemantia. Your end destination is the capital Budapest, from where you can start our next tour if you fancy, leading you from here further along the river Danube all the way to Belgrad. Along this section the Puszta region awaits with further national parks such as the Danube swamps and the impressive sacred and secular buildings testimony to the long-standing history of human settlements of this very fertile plain.

Just as attractive is our tour along the shores of Lake Neusiedl. The cycle routes here were awarded the highest grade of 5 stars by the ADFC (General German Cycling Club) Bremen. Although the level of difficulty of all cycling routes in Hungary is not high due to easy alternative routes, easy ascents and the excellent climate, there is yet another more leisurely level: regardless whether you decide on our tour from Passau to Budapest (or vice versa) and cycle leisurely along the flat terrain of the Danube riverbanks or to take a day of rest on board your 'floating accommodation’ and simply savour the scenery. Part of our fleet are comfortable river cruise ships such as MS Normadie with a total of about 50 cabins featuring TV, shower and WC, air conditioning and panorama windows. On board, a tasteful restaurant caters for culinary bliss and ambience. After your meal you have the option of relaxing on the spacious sun deck with recliners and seating areas.

During a cycling holiday with Eurobike wellness takes centre stage

With a history of over 25 years we at Eurobike consider ourselves part of the pioneers, who have dedicated themselves early on to the then small niche of cycling holidays. With pleasure we have realised over the years that our concept not only proved successful but has continuously gained popularity too. Again and again each year we have proved that a cycling holiday entails very little effort for our clients and no additional endeavours. Instead with Eurobike a carefully prepared active holiday awaits tailoured to your interests, during which simply the joy of cycling and enjoying unique sights of each country are centre stage. We give you detailed advice on our offers and organise all of the logistics and planning – starting with the luggage transport to selecting high-class accommodation and the provision of maps and information material regarding all individual routes on each stage.

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