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How do Eurobike cycle tours work?

Due to our expertise that has developed over many years whilst organising cycle tours, Eurobike offers top quality holidays. It doesn’t matter which tour you book – one thing is certain: we always try our hardest to find the best routes and to ensure that the tour runs smoothly – that’s how we create our lovely holidays!

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Comprehensive advice when choosing your tour and booking it

We always offer personal advice from the very start when you are picking where to go and also whilst booking. Our experienced office staff with their practical know-how always listen to your wishes whilst planning your tour.

Every tour is organised perfectly from A to Z

Our guests don’t need to look after anything meaning that they can simply just enjoy the holiday. All tours are perfectly organised: with detailed welcome briefings/information meetings and reliable luggage transfers between your accommodation. That means that on arrival in the evening, your suitcase is already waiting for you in your next hotel.

Luggage transfers from place to place

Leisure cycling perfected: your luggage doesn’t have to be carried with you on your bike but instead it gets reliably transferred between your hotels. In the mornings, you leave your hotel light-handed and in the evening you arrive at your hotel and see your luggage waiting for you.

Top-quality travel documents and route descriptions

Our guests receive a complete information packet with detailed travel documents and route descriptions, varying in quantity depending on the tour (see travel documents for more info). Our cycle routes are marked out with our Eurobike E-arrows, which helps makes the task of finding out which way to go much easier.

Guaranteed to be cycling on the best routes

Picking the loveliest routes is something that lies close to our heart here at Eurobike. We invest a lot of time and energy in developing our routes, checking them each year and developing new varieties of old tours too.

Hotel Steigenberger Herrenhof Vienna Balcony Suite

Accommodation especially geared towards cyclists

At the end of each day whilst on your cycle tour, you don’t have the worry that you need to find somewhere to stay. We pick our accommodation carefully and with extra consideration as to whether they have good facilities for those on a cycling holiday – such as bike parking.

Service hotline number for the duration of the tour

If you have any questions or problems whilst on your tour, our hotline is always there to help with any issues that you may have.

These quality criteria are what we have been following in our work for many years and they are fully integrated within our company and our partners. It is thanks to our way of working that we have so many regular customers. Do you have any questions? Get in contact with our great service team!

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Vanessa Bräumann
"I will gladly help you with the planning of your holidays with advice and action!"
Vanessa Bräumann, Travel specialist & Team lead assistant
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