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The most popular cycle tours for families

Cycling fun for the whole family

There are special requirements for a cycling holiday, especially for families: which route is family-friendly and also the right one for children? In which accommodation are cyclists with children welcome? What can we experience with our children off the cycle paths? This is exactly why we have developed very special cycle tours for families, which guarantee a successful cycling holiday for young and old. Convince yourself of our large family programme and find out below what is so special about our cycle tours for families.

Family on the cycle path on the banks of the Danube

Eurobike – your specialist for cycle tours with children

A cycle tour with children is definitely one of the most beautiful and most suitable ways to go on holiday with the whole family. So the trip goes smoothly and all family members enjoy a wonderful family holiday, there is a lot to consider!

As a specialist in cycle tours with children in Europe, Eurobike offers a variety of different cycle tours for families that meet all the requirements of a great cycle tour with children:

The right stages with children

The perfect cycle tour with children starts with the careful selection of the route. Of course, the children’s age and experience with cycling also plays a role. Excessive demands on children can quickly lead to frustration and stress for parents, two things that have absolutely no place in a cycling holiday with children. That is why we at Eurobike pay particular attention to the route selection, the length of the stages and the children’s suitability to the individual cycle paths. So nothing stands in the way of a carefree holiday with even the smallest family members!

Family by the lake, father gives child high five

Route selection

In order to avoid being overwhelmed, the route should in principle be rather flat and have little or no inclines. Small inclines can create a sense of achievement in parents and children, but they should be the exception. River bike paths like the Danube Cycle Path, the Moselle Cycle Path and the Adige Cycle Path are a good choice. These naturally run downhill and are particularly scenic. But other routes that run flat or even continuously downhill are very suitable for a cycle tour with children. Good examples are the family-friendly Lake Constance Cycle Path and the Alpe Adria Cycle Path.

Cycle paths suitable for children

Not only the natural condition of the route is important. When cycling with children, there is another important factor: road traffic. A lot of traffic leads to insecurity and quickly reduces the fun of cycling. Therefore, you should definitely pay attention to the course of the route. In recent years the number and quality of cycle paths has improved enormously. In many regions of Europe there are special cycle paths for cyclists away from the roads, such as our family trip along the Danube or our family trip along the Adige in South Tyrol, which can be cycled with children without any danger. Away from the cycle paths, you should pay attention to a route with little traffic. But roads with a little traffic are also easy to navigate with children.

Length of the stage

In addition to the nature of the terrain, the distance of the stages is also important. The further the distance covered, the longer the time on the bike and the more strenuous the day becomes. Breaks are particularly important on a cycle tour with children and, in addition to the variety, also provide a boost of energy for the rest of the tour. You should always plan enough time for fun adventures along the route.

The length of the stage should be chosen according to the experience of cycling and additional activities. A stage length of up to 45 kilometres can be done with experienced children. But shorter routes of around 15 kilometres or more also have their appeal, provided the supporting activities are right. On multi-day cycle tours, it is nice if the stage length varies on a daily basis on order to allow for relaxation on individual days.

A day break filled with other activities is a great way to make your cycling holiday with children even more varied. An average stage length of 30 to 35 kilometres per day has proven itself for active families.

Family on bicycles riding along the Danube Cycle Path on the banks of the Danube

Family-friendly accommodation

We have special requirements for our accommodation for cycle tours with children: it must match the length of the stage and be close to the route, there must be a safe place to store bikes and it must offer enough space for them. In addition, the smooth flow of luggage transport is important. Furthermore, for family cycle tours, the selected accommodation is particularly family-friendly and offer spacious rooms. Where possible, we will book accommodation for your family with a swimming pool, playground or other additional offer for families so that your children can really enjoy their stay.

Holiday farm beautiful view with playground and mountain view

Adventures along the route

A cycle tour with children becomes the perfect family holiday when there are many highlights and adventures off the beaten track in addition to cycling. So the children also have a goal in mind that promises an additional reward. Great bathing opportunities, such as along the Ten Lakes family tour in the Salzburg region and much more make a cycle tour for families a great adventure. Or at the end of the trip there is a great region with countless opportunities for fun and games, like on our family tour to Lake Garda. If there are also playgrounds, museums and great nature with numerous animal species along the route, every child will have fun.

Child playing in the water on Schmittenhöhe
Rental bikes for children

The most important ‘tool’ for a cycle tour is of course the bike. In order for the cycle tour to be fun on holiday, the bike must comply with road traffic regulations, be low-maintenance and sufficiently robust. The bike has to be the right size for both children and adults. If it is too small or too big, pedalling will quickly become ineffective, the seat uncomfortable and potentially make cycling unsafe.

In addition to the bikes and electric bikes for adults with solid quality and the best comfort based on the proven quality of KTM bikes, we also offer children of all ages the right base for a successful cycle tour. For your children you can choose from the following:

  • Children’s bikes 21 speed (with freewheel/20/24/26 inches)
  • Tag-along (with free wheel/20 inches)
  • Child trailer for 1 to 2 children
  • Children’s bike 20 inches + Follow-Me tandem coupling


Eurobike children's rental bike 24"

Travel documents for families

As with all of our cycle tours, our family tours also include the tried and tested travel documents package. It contains detailed map material, route book and city maps and further information. The specialty: In the route book you will find a lot of information about adventures for children along the route under ‘Things to See and Play’. This not only guarantees fun for the whole family, but also ensures their safety. Because security also includes the appropriate maps and preparation for the route. Cycling happily with children can quickly end on a busy road and thus increases the risk of accidents. All necessary telephone numbers should be at hand so that in the event of an accident or breakdown we can react immediately. It is also important to know about the next bike workshop so that in the event of a breakdown the bike can be quickly repaired, and the tour continued.

Eurobike travel document package

Luggage transfer

Luggage transfer is included in the price of all of our family cycle tours. So you can pack everything in the suitcase that you and your family would like to have with you on holiday. Because travelling with the family always means lots of luggage. Of course, there is the possibility of taking luggage on tour, but the extra weight is a burden and you can never take all you want to take. But thanks to our luggage transfer you don’t need to make compromises when choosing your luggage – you cycle relaxed from accommodation to accommodation and your luggage is comfortably transported by us to your next accommodation.

Eurobike bus for the luggage transfer with luggage and bike

That's why cycling holidays with Eurobike
Advantages that convince

Perfectly organized cycling tours.

For over 30 years, we have been offering first-class quality active vacations as a cycling tour operator. Our quality criteria have been our top priority for many years. We go the 'extra mile' for our guests and take pride in being your reliable point of contact for all things related to cycling vacations. The high percentage of loyal customers confirms our commitment, and we look forward to continuing to create many more eventful cycling memories in the future.

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Cyclists in the Alpine region of Bavaria

Comprehensive guidance from our travel specialists.

In Eurobike cycling vacations, you'll experience that extra level of service and comfort. From start to finish, our Eurobike travel specialists plan and organize your active vacation, giving you even more time to enjoy your active getaway. During your cycling tour, you can focus worry-free on the truly important things: the joy of cycling with your loved ones.

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Team Eurobike & Eurohike

Well-prepared travel information and route descriptions.

All guests receive a comprehensive information package with detailed cycling maps and travel documents including tips and information on culture, cuisine, country and people - tailored to the respective region and requirements of the individual cycling tour. Every year, we review the route meticulously, and continually develop new variations that provide even more insights into the land and culture.

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Travel documents

Accommodations with feel-good factor

After a wonderful day of cycling, you will be welcomed in our carefully selected accommodations in the evening. We choose our accommodations with care and consideration, always with a focus on their special orientation towards active vacationers and opportunities for evening relaxation. You'll experience that extra level of comfort on our charming cycling tours, where you can enjoy even more feel-good facilities and an added touch of indulgence.

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Hotel Goldener Stern in Kaltern

Reliable luggage transfer.

With us, you'll enjoy the most comfortable form of active vacation. Eurobike transports your luggage to the next accommodation every day. Leave the hotel in the morning with ease, and by evening, your bags will already be waiting at the next lodging. Experience a completely carefree cycling adventure across Europe with our luggage transfer!

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Suitcase drop-off at Hotel Fuschl

Personal on-site support

Our Eurobike original tours are characterized above all by the personal touch for which we have been known for many years. For our original tours, you will be personally welcomed by our team members at the arrival destination. In an informational meeting, all details about the tour and the itinerary will be explained. Our on-site team is also available for tips and recommendations.

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Eurobike info talk

Exploring the most beautiful routes with our on Tour app.

We invest a lot of time and effort in crafting our routes and meticulously review them regularly. Thanks to the Eurobike & Eurohike on Tour app, navigating the most beautiful cycling routes in Europe becomes child's play, ensuring you don't miss any of the highlights along the way.

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