Cycling Holidays for Families


Spend each day outdoors and be active in the fresh air, in addition get to know culture, the country and its people, sample delicious dishes of various regions and experience adventure off the route: What a cycling holiday has to offer for adults is just as relevant for the entire family to say the least. Since only a cycling holiday offers so many facettes for parents & children and on top of that - thanks to the outdoor excercise - is healthy for body & mind.

Cycling holiday with kids

There are special requirements especially for families with regards to a cycling holiday: Which route is family-friendly and in addition the ideal one for my children? Which accommodations welcome cyclists with children? What can we do and experience with our children off route? This is exactly why we have developed very specific cycling holidays for families, which will guarantee a successful cycling holiday for both parents and children. Check out our large offer for families below and find out here what makes our cycling holidays truly special.

Our cycle tours for families

Carefully selected routes


The main thing is that your children enjoy riding bikes, which is usually the case. Unless they get overwhelmed. This is why extra care is taken when choosing the appropriate route for your family cycling holiday: with our family cycling holidays there are very few or no ascents at all and the routes are on cycling paths suitable for children or roads with especially little traffic. Each stage is slightly shorter compared to cycling holidays for adults only. That way there is always enough time left for breaks and adventures off the route. This is by the way what sets us apart from many other cycle holiday companies, who often simply offer family holidays as cycling holidays for adults with an easier level of difficulty and do not cater in detail for the needs and requirements of families.

Family-friendly accommodations

Accommodations for our cycling holidays with children have to meet special requirements: they have to suit the length of each tour and be situated near the route, there needs to be secure storage and ample space to leave numerous bikes. A smooth performance of the luggage transport is hence very important. In addition our selected accommodations for our family cycling holidays are especially family-friendly and feature spacious rooms. If possible we book accommodations for families with a swimming pool, playground or any other additional facilities for families, which allows your children to really enjoy their stay.

Adventure en route

Not only children but also adults want to experience a great time when on holidays. With our family cycling holidays we particularly focus on adventure en route geared especially for families: amusement parks, high rope courses, places for bathing, playgrounds, museums, themed paths and many more. That way we ensure that there is the perfect adventure for each family member to enjoy. Especially fantastic activities are already included in the price of several cycling holidays – please find details with individual respective holidays.

Rental bikes for children

Apart from bicycles and electric bicycles for adults featuring best quality and comfort of renowned KTM-brand quality-bikes, we also offer suitable childrens bikes for any age for a successful cycling holiday. For your children we offer the following choices:

  • Childrens bikes 21-gears (freewheel / 20 / 24 / 26 inches)
  • Tag-alongs (freewheel / 20 inches)
  • Child transporter for 1 to 2 children
  • Childrens Bike 20 inches + Follow-Me 

Travel documents for families



Just like with all of our other cycling holidays the tried and tested travel document package is also included in our family holidays. It contains detailed maps, a route book, city maps & further info. Special feature: in the route book under ‚Points of Interest and Play‘ you find lots of hints and tips on  adventures for your children to experience en route. This guarantees fun for the entire family!

Rental bike insurance

You would like to rent a bike for your family cycling holiday? No problem – it even includes rental bike insurance! With our cycling holidays theft and damage insurance is already included in the rental bike price. That way there is no further inconvenience if the worst comes to the worst, and we will provide you with a replacement bike as quickly as possible.

Luggage transfer

Eurobike Bus for luggage transfer with luggage and bike


The luggage transfer is already included in the price of all our family cycling holidays. This allows you to pack everything in your suitcase that you and your family like to bring on a holiday. No compromises when choosing your luggage – you cycle comfortably from one accommodation to the next whilst your luggage is conveniently transported by us.

Service hotline


Should a problem arise at some stage during your cycling holiday, we are on hand with help and advice for you. Our service hotline is open for you seven days a week for the duration of your holiday from 8am to 8pm!

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