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Italy with a difference

Children enjoy cycling most when going downhill. Because then the little ones can feel the wind blowing around their faces and their bike adventure really becomes fun. How practical that the right cycle paths exist in Italy just for that. In northern Italy, especially in South Tyrol, large rivers such as the Estch provide the ideal conditions for a family cycle tour. Here the high mountains of the Italian Alps create a unique backdrop – perfect for all nature lovers. And after an exciting cycle tour you will be rewarded with the wonderful cuisine of Italy. Pizza, pasta and a big gelato will be waiting for you!

Cycling for families in South Tyrol

At the northernmost point of Italy, and thus on the border with Austria and Switzerland, is Trentino-South Tyrol, as the autonomous region of South Tyrol is officially called. When you arrive, you will feel the warm influence of the Mediterranean climate, especially in the summer months. But what makes south Tyrol so special for cyclists is the almost perfect cycle path that you can get to know on your family cycle tour along the Adige, and the impressive landscape of the Trentino and South Tyrolean Alps. Or try our cycle tour with your little ones away from the enchanting spa town of Merano and in the direction of Lake Garda, where lots of bathing fun and relaxation awaits. Cycle tours in South Tyrol are as diverse as they are adventurous!

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