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Active through beautiful Germany

Impeccably developed and well-posted cycle paths are ideal for a cycle tour with the whole family. If you prefer to take it easy, choose a trip along the rivers, where it is mostly flat. But there is also a lot to discover in the Alps. Accompanied by a breathtaking panorama, cycling from stage to stage is even more beautiful. During breaks, the refreshing lakes invite you to cool off. With over 15,000 bodies of water, Germany is rich in lakes. Especially in Bavaria and Brandenburg there are many, and especially larger lakes. Together with the warm summer weather, Germany is therefore ideally suited to cycling.

Cycling with children in southern Germany

When the weather is mild, the natural landscapes wide and impressive and the Alps can be seen in the distance, then you are in southern Germany! With this dreamlike backdrop, the well-developed cycle paths are even more beautiful to ride. Real highlights are waiting for you in southern Germany. Pack your bike and your family in the car and head to beautiful Bavaria, where you will spend wonderful hours with your family on your trip along the Isar.

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