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The most important information about Eurobike luggage transfer

  • Daily service: Your luggage will be transferred by the Eurobike team every day and will be ready for you in the hotel in the evening. However, we ask you to leave your luggage in the specified location in good time so our driver can stay on schedule. You can find out when and where to drop your luggage in the travel documents.

  • Number of pieces of luggage: You can take as many pieces of luggage as you want with you on all Original Tours. On some partner tours the number of bags is limited to two per person. However, it is important that you note the total number of bags for the group on the luggage tags and attach them to each piece of luggage. So nothing gets lost!

  • Weight: Please think about the backs of our drivers and only bring luggage up to a maximum of 20kg. Better to have one more bag than one very heavy piece of luggage.

  • Liability: As luggage is loaded several times during the tour so pack carefully, as Eurobike cannot accept liability for damage to handles or wheels. Unusual luggage and currency are also excluded from liability. For more detailed information please refer to our conditions of travel.

Cycling fun „light“

Eurobike provides you with water-repellent saddle bags and handlebar bags for your daily luggage. The accessories are from well-known manufacturers and fit the Eurobike bikes perfectly. All bike bags are durable and water-repellent. So everything you have with you during the day stays dry even on rainy days. For small emergencies, Eurobike bikes are also equipped with a service set including tools, replacement tube and air pump. A combination lock protects against theft.

Tip: If you are unsure what to back for a Eurobike cycle tour, this travel checklist will help you.

Any questions about the Eurobike luggage transfer? You can find out more information in our blog post!

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