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Things to know about the Eurobike luggage transfer!

When the luggage arrives before the guest in the next hotel
Eurobike bus for the luggage transfer with luggage and bike

The cycling holiday is anticipated greatly. In your mind months beforehand you already compile a list of all the items that need to go in your suitcase. Finally two days before the start of the cycling tour the actual packing starts. Oops! Suddenly next to sun screen, cycling shorts, cycling top, underwear and clothes there are so many additional trifles and in no time the suitcase is full and super heavy. How is that going to work on a cycling holiday? For this the Eurobike team has the ideal solution ready! Our luggage service is convenient and included in the price and makes any cycling holiday a lot easier! Please read the interview of an expert below and see for yourself!

Eurobike’s Gudrun Wimmer answers questions on the topic ‘What happens with your luggage during the cycling holiday?

Eurobike bus for the luggage transfer with luggage and bike

Question 1: How does my luggage get transported reliably to my next accommodation?

Cycling expert Gudrun Wimmer: The first step is the Eurobike luggage tag which guests receive either with their travel documents or at the welcome meeting. It is important that these luggage tags are labelled with the booking name. In addition the tags need to be labelled with the total number of items of luggage and be attached to each item of luggage.

All luggage needs to be deposited at reception daily by 9am at the latest. When you arrive in your next accommodation in the evening your luggage will be waiting for you there. By 6pm at the latest all items of luggage should have arrived in the next hotel. Should there be any deviation from this time frame, guests will be informed about this at the welcome meeting beforehand.

Question 2: How many items of luggage per guest?

Gudrun: There is no limit to the number of items of luggage you can take on our Eurofun-quality holidays. We ask our guests however to not exceed the maximum weight of 20kg per item of luggage. We prefer if each guest brings two suitcases with normal weight opposed to one incredibly heavy item of luggage. Our luggage transfer drivers and their backs will appreciate this.

Eurobike luggage driver collects the luggage from a hotel

Question 3: Is the luggage transfer **charged additionally**? If yes, how much?

Gudrun: The luggage transport is included in all our holidays. This guarantees a carefree cycling holiday!

Question 4: **Where is my luggage picked up** from at the start of the holiday?

Gudrun: All luggage is always picked up from the reception of the arrival hotel.

Bike and luggage in front of a house

Question 5: When does the luggage have to be packed and ready for pick up?

Gudrun: In order to facilitate a smooth luggage transfer, we usually ask our guests to deposit their luggage at hotel reception by 9am at the latest. That way your luggage will be delivered to your next accommodation within the agreed time frame. Only very seldom is a different drop-off time agreed during the welcome meeting.

Eurobike bicycle and luggage

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Gudrun Wimmer

Things to know about the expert:
Gudrun is a Eurobike team member for years. She is responsible for sales management and marketing.

Gudrun Wimmer
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