Cycling holidays in Denmark

Denmark’s territory is six times the size of Germany – however this is only true if you take the entire national territory into account, which also includes nearby Greenland. The area of the heartland is equal to the area of Switzerland or the Netherlands, however nearly half of it is devided into countless islands. More than 1400 of them each occupy an area of more than 100 m²: In total the number of them is so large that less than a third was given individual, official names. From the perspective of a cyclist this distribution may look rather inconvenient at first glance – but really only at first appearance. In reality, the perfect way to get from one island to the next or to swipe across the mainland is by bike.

Harbour in Copenhagen

Mild climate with few showers – perfect cycling tour conditions

Denmark is blessed with a mild climate due to its special location between the North Sea and the Baltic Sea, which both regulate the climate. This rather flat country is prone to little rainfall compared with other Central European countries – the amount of rainfall is about 10% below the German average. This together with moderate temperatures, ranging from 2 degrees in winter to 20 degrees at  midsummer,  is just as pleasant for a cycling holiday. In addition the flat terrain facilitates optimal conditions for a comfortable tour between larger towns: the highest mountain of the land boasts an altitude of just 170m. This fact sparked an intense discussion in Denmark over decades, appearing slightly strange from the outside, whether and to what extent barrows and other man-made mounds could be considered 'natural’ elevations.

Island hopping of a special kind – across the ‚Danish South Sea’ by sailing ship

You never have to dread rough seas or crowded ferries during a cycling holiday across the ‚Danish South Sea’. The Baltic Sea in particular is especially renowned near the shores to be very calm with a low swell. During our cycling holidays you spend the nights on a traditional sailing ship, which was customised for a comfortable and relaxing journey. Cabins feature two or three beds, a fully equipped kitchen and a comfortable lounge in the former freight area oozing comfort and cozy contentment. On deck however you enjoy the fresh sea air and the amazing, harmonious landscape of the Baltic Sea coast, and at the same time get an insight into the ancient craft of sailing. Alternatively for those of you who do not have 'sea legs’ we also offer routes on dry land – for instance from Rostock via the Danish islands all the way to Copenhagen or a round trip via Denmark’s largest island: the idyllic lakeland, which is also where the capital is located.


Cycling on a bridge

Eurobike facilitates a relaxing cycling holiday without stress and rush

Hauling luggage or trying to find a hotel last minute – on a cycling holiday with Eurobike you do not have to dread those or any other inconveniences. Naturally we take care of these tasks for you and handle them just as efficiently as we design, plan and refine our routes. Our route is clearly marked, so you always know the correct way and do not even necessarily have to check the maps and tour information provided in addition by us. Should however any questions arise then please contact us on our service hotline, where we advise you over the phone - additionally to the local representative and tour guide – any time and respond to questions, suggestions or proposals.

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