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The most beautiful cycling destinations in Italy

Our bestselling cycle tours in Italy

The Dolce Vita is just a pedal stroke away

South Tyrol

South Tyrol, the autonomous region of Italy, combines the best features of Austria and Italy. This unique blend may be what attracts so many visitors. That’s exactly why a large number of our most popular cycling tours start or end in South Tyrol.

Cyclist at lake Resia

Lake Garda

Italy’s largest lake has been attracting tourists from all over the world for several years! The pleasantly warm climate and unique Italian charm appeals not only to water sports enthusiasts and beach lovers, but also to active holidaymakers and cyclists. North or South – Lake Garda is always wonderful!

Torbole at Lake Garda


Veneto is a particularly interesting area, home to famous cities such as Verona, Venice, Padua, Treviso and Vicenza. But this beautiful region isn’t only famous for city tourism. Veneto is an important winegrowing region. The favourite drink of millions worldwide comes from this region – Prosecco. Where this wine is grown, there are also picturesque vineyards and dreamy hills, the perfect landscape for unforgettable cycling!

View of St Mark's Basilica and Doge's Palace from the ferry


Piedmont – it’s unknown to many and perhaps even underestimated, but it has a lot to offer! For foodies this region has long been one of Italy’s hidden gems. Die-hard Piedmont fans are of the opinion that you have never truly experienced Italy if you have never seen the flourishing rice fields of risotto rice, caught a breath taking view over the Barolo area and drank a glass of heavy red wine while enjoying the truffle delicacies the chefs of Piedmont have created.


There’s a reason why Tuscany attracts thousands of visitors from all over the world every year – that image you paint of Italy in your head is definitely of Tuscany. But it is not only the beautiful landscape that is responsible for the popularity of the region. Centuries of culture, fantastic food, atmosphere, unmistakable fashion, outstanding wines and stunning cities do their part to make Tuscany the number one region in Italy.

Bike in the tuscan wineyards


Umbria – the heart of Italy and the only region that is not bordering either the sea or another country! It’s no wonder Umbria is also known as the green heart of Italy. The region is known for its lush green hills and unspoiled valleys and mountain landscapes.

Lake Trasimeno in Umbria

Friuli-Venezia Giulia

The region in northern Italy stole the heart of the Habsburgs. There’s a reason that many monarchs chose to have their summer residence in nearby Trieste. Today, the Friuli-Venezia Giulia region is one of the favourite holiday destinations of Germany and Austrian holidaymakers. But Friuli not only impresses summer tourists, it also has a lot to offer us cyclists.

The old town centre of Cividale del Friuli

More popular cycle tours in Italy

By bike along the Amalfi Coast, in Sardinia or Sicily

The Amalfi Coast

Discover the picturesque Amalfi Coast by bike. With its idyllic fishing villages, shimmering in all the colours of the rainbow, the roads along the rugged shores and the beautiful beaches, the Amalfi Coast is one of Italy’s top destinations. Hardly anyone can say they have explored the Amalfi Coast by bike. Take the opportunity now and book our fantastic cycle tour to the Amalfi Coast today!

Positano on the Amalfi Coast


Could there be another place more Italian than Sicily? Beautiful landscapes, Mount Etna, interesting villages and authentic cuisine attract tourists from all over the world to the largest island of the Mediterranean. Spend a wonderful time on the sunny island and book a breathtaking South East Sicilian cycle tour!

The amphitheater of Taormina


White sandy beaches, a turquoise sea reminiscent of the Caribbean, green valleys, lush vegetation and picturesque villages – this is Sardinia! Beautiful roads on the coast, but also inland, attract more and more cycling tourists. Discover our cycle tours on Sardinia and be enchanted by the charm of this island!

Turquoise blue sea with rocks

Bike & boat in Italy

Italy on land and at sea

Do you want to take a cycle tour, but don’t feel like re-packing your bags every day? But you also don’t want to stay in the same place for a week? Then why not check into a floating hotel and take a trip by bike & boat?

A ship off the Amalfi Coast

Cycle tours in Italy for families

Family holidays in the south

No compromises should be made on holiday! There should be something for every member of the family, no matter what the age group. Fun, adventure and activities for the kids. Culture, cuisine and atmosphere for the adults. Which country is better for this than Italy? Here you will find perfectly developed cycle paths, which are also suitable for the littlest members of the family.

A cyclist with a child's bike trailer on the shore of Lake Reschen

Useful information about your cycle tour in Italy

Italy's Climate

The climate in Italy offers something for everyone: from the mild mountain climate in South Tyrol, to the subtropical climate in Calabria! The Italian Alps are characterised by very cold winders, so our transalpine cycle tours start in the late spring months. A little further south, in the foothills of the Alps from South Tyrol to Lake Garda, there is a much milder climate. If you go a little further south still, after Liguria, Veneto or Piedmont, you will encounter the typical Mediterranean climate. It gets hotter in southern Italy as you travel to Tuscany, Calabria, Sicily or Sardinia. But luckily only in summer. In spring, we benefit from pleasantly warm temperatures! Perfect for a cycle tour!

Olive shrub

Italy's Cuisine

The variety of Italian cuisine knows no bounds. Each region offers us not just one or two, but a whole range of wonderful dishes. Perhaps you like the hearty cuisine of South Tyrol, which is similar to that in Austria. Or do you rather prefer the fantastic dishes that Piedmont’s cooks conjure up with their famous truffles and typical Arborio risotto rice? Not to mention the delicious fish and seafood from Liguria, Veneto or Tuscany. No matter which region of Italy you speak about, each one can offer its own very special cuisine

Truffle pasta

Did you know...

  • …that in Italy you do not have to wear a helmet, but we strongly recommend, for your own safety, that you always wear a helmet during cycle tours!
  • …that feeding pigeons on St Mark’s Square is strictly forbidden and can be punished with a fine of up to €450!
  • …that in Palermo men are not allowed to lie naked on the beach, women can on the other hand!
  • …the Italians have the second-highest life expectancy in the world. Could the answer lie in the kitchen?
Venice Piazza San Marco

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