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„La vita è bella“ – Veneto is beautiful!

Venice – the destination of many tourists to Italy is almost too beautiful! But it’s not only the capital of Veneto that amazes us – art and culture accompany us every step of the way through Veneto’s dream towns. The picturesque villages and their inhabitants exude Italian flair as you pass by. Get to see the unknown side of Veneto, which lives in the shadow of Venice, but definitely doesn’t have to hide!

The most beautiful cycle tours in Veneto

Venetian Highlights with Charm

On this wonderful tour you will visit the highlights of the beautiful region of Veneto! From the lagoon city you cycle to Little Venice, as Chioggia is called. Rovigo, Vicenza, Bassano del Grappa, Treviso…become enchanted by these towns!

Veneto´s Villas & Wine with Charm

This tour lives up to its name, as you cycle along the famous wine road "Strada del Vino del Piave", enjoy the wonderful view of Veneto's vineyards from the Prosecco Hill and discover numerous buildings by the star architect Palladio. 


Venice – Florence

Concentrated culture and beautiful landscapes lure on the cycle tour Venice – Florence! Once you arrive in Florence after roughly 300km of cycling, you’ll wish the journey would never end!

Prosecco Tour - based in one hotel

Nestled in its own vineyards is the dreamy Hotel Relais Monaco! From here you start your daily cycle tours! Look forward to a delicious Prosecco tasting and much more!

Abano Terme centre-based tour

This is one of the easier tours on our programme – but it doesn’t mean it’s boring! Enjoy the amenities of the sumptuous Hotel Terme Roma and pamper yourself in the on-site spa. Culture and beautiful scenery await on the excursions to Chioggia, Vicenza and Padua. The shorter and flatter stages give you more time to enjoy.

Bolzano – Venice

It’s no coincidence this is our bestseller in Northern Italy. Well-chosen hotels in three categories, beautiful cycling routes and many highlights along the way are responsible for the success of this tour! Let us convince you!

Venice – Trieste – Porec

Don’t leave your swimming costume at home – on this tour you will need it every day! From Venice we head south along the Adriatic, past Trieste and then continue by ship to Croatia. A wonderful tour that leaves nothing to be desired.

Dolomites – Venice

The majestic backdrop of the Dolomites is just the beginning of this outstanding tour! Visit famous places like Cortina d’Ampezzo, Bassano del Grappa, Trieste or Venice! Lots of photo opportunities await!

Questions and answers about your cycling tour in Veneto

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Our cycling tours in Veneto are classified as medium tours. This means that these tours are perfectly suited for cycling beginners, families with older children and cyclists who focus on fun and enjoyment.

Of course, you will also be spoilt for culinary delights in Veneto. Venetians love fish, meat, seafood, rice, pasta and fresh vegetables. Therefore, you should taste your way through the menu, it will definitely pay off. Particularly popular, for example, are spaghetti al nero di seppia, spaghetti with a pitch-black squid sauce, riso e trippa, rice with tripe or the famous fish soup. And for dessert, of course, the most popular Italian dessert, which we have Veneto to thank for, the tiramisu, is not to be missed.

The ideal time for a cycling holiday is from April to October. Thanks to the warm temperatures, a cycling holiday is also a good idea in spring and autumn.

Travel stories about cycle tours in Veneto

Useful information about your cycling holiday in Veneto

Cycle paths in Veneto

Our cycle paths in Veneto are on low-traffic side roads, because there are not so many official cycle paths in this region. This does not diminish the cycling fun! As you know, our job is to find the best and safest paths for our guests – and we’re really good at it! Farm roads, back roads and cycle paths will take you through great scenery to your destination!

The climate in Veneto

In Veneto there are different climatic zones: the mountains, the lowlands, Lake Garda and the Adriatic Sea. The Alpine and Dolomite region of Veneto is characterised by slightly milder summers and cold winters. In the lowlands the summers are very hot and humid and the winters cold and rainy. The winters on Lake Garda, on the other hand are mild and the summers hot! On the Adriatic, the summers are hot, hotter, hottest and the winters rather cold! So what’s relevant to us cyclists? The best times to travel for cycling are in the spring and autumn months! Then you can enjoy your holiday with pleasant temperatures!

The Venetian cuisine

The Venetian cuisine spoils guests at the highest level! Fish, seafood, rice and polenta, fresh vegetables and the best meat – the Venetians conjure up irresistible dishes from simple ingredients! For example, have you ever tried spaghetti al nero di sepia? This is spaghetti in a pitch black sauce cooked from squid ink! You’ll love it! Or Riso e Trippa? Rice with tripe? This area is also famous for the delicious fish soup, the brodetto and of course carpaccio. You won’t believe it, the most popular Italian dessert we owe to the Venetians – Truamisù! Although Tuscany claims the Tiramisù was derived from the Tuscan dessert Zuppa Inglese, there is evidence that our letter of thanks must go to Veneto!

Did you know…

  • …that Veneto once belonged to Austria?
  • …that Prosecco was drunk in the past? At the time it was called Vinum Pucinum.
  • …that Padua is one of the oldest cities in Italy? According to legend, it was founded in 1184 BC.

  • …that the Venetian language is spoken by about 5million inhabitants?
  • …that Carpaccio was invented in Harry’s Bar in Venice?
  • …that the old town of Venice is located on 118 islands?

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