Discover Umbria and its culture on a bike tour

Lived tradition in the heart of Italy

Umbria can actually be termed as the heart of Italy. Sitting in the centre of the “boot” this region maintains its Italian traditions as it has done for hundreds of years! You will surely have the opportunity to see a traditional celebration. Around the castles and palaces and along the cycle paths tradition lives on and is cherished. Not only in the small villages but also in Umbria’s ‘star’ towns like Spoleto, Perugia and Assisi there is a very special attitude towards life that prevails.     


Discover the area of Italy between Lake Trasimeno and the town Terni on a Bike Tour

If you are looking to find lots of happiness within those small things – within Umbria is a great place to do so. The first bite of a home-made tort in Terni could well be the best thing in your day because it is simply so great. The confectioneries in the little towns are simply fabulous. Or you can observe a herd of sheep in a field whilst having a rest break. These are ways you can relax and be at ease in Umbria. The sun is your permanent companion here in the picturesque area between Tuscany, Latium and the Marche. Often it is the small things in life, like a fresh glass of water, which charm you. Umbria is ready for you with small moments of happiness waiting for you at every corner.

Umbria - a small region with lots of taste

Top-quality Umbrian sheep’s cheese is still mainly made by hand in the little farms and is a real specialty. Enjoy it with a glass of Grechetto from Assisi, whilst your eyes light up watching the colourful sunset. The substantial lentil-based dinners will satisfy your hunger whilst on your highly varied cycle holiday. Some black truffle refines this delicacy and turns something normal into something special.


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