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Cycle tours in Umbria


A dream landscape for cyclists – that’s Umbria! Become enchanted by the unspoiled nature of the Umbrian countryside and the aromatic scent of herbs and porcini mushrooms, which wafts by as you cycle down lush green hills.

Vineyard in Umbria

Find joy in the simple things

On the one hand, Umbria attracts with its almost completely untouched nature and romantic landscape. On the other hand, the region has an interesting art and culture scene. The perfect mix for our guests we think. Not without reason are our tours in Umbria the most popular in Italy. Try something new, not quite as well known! Try the famous cakes in Terni, watch a herd of sheep grazing during a stop in the countryside or quench your thirst by the waters of a crystal-clear spring gurgling down the mountain! These little moments of happiness are the magic of Umbria.

Our individual cycle tours in Umbria


Umbria centre-based tour

A tour that could not be greener and more peaceful. Immerse yourself in the oasis of tranquillity, nature and serenity that is promised on this Umbria centre-based tour. Your bike, camera and nice company – you won’t need more here!

Florence – Rome

On this trip one highlight follows the last! Even the start in the famous Tuscan capital of Florence promises a lot of culture, Italian joie de vivre and fun cycling! Continue through the beautiful region of Umbria and finish in Lazio, in the eternal city of Rome! A cycle tour that shouldn’t be missed!

  • More information about the cultural cycle tour Florence – Rome is available here!
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Umbria - based in one hotel

7 Days | Self-guided Tour
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Florence - Rome

8 Days | Self-guided Tour
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Useful information about your cycling holiday in Umbria

Cycling through vineyards

Cycle paths in Umbria

In this region we cycle like Italians – on low traffic side roads! But this shouldn’t diminish our enjoyment of cycling. Low traffic in Umbria really means low traffic! Nothing is in the way of an unforgettable cycling holiday!

Field of sunflowers in Tuscany

The Umbrian climate

Umbria is one of the coldest regions in Italy! From November to March there is a cool climate similar to Austria. That’s why our cycle tours start in April and end in October! In the spring and summer months, however, you will find a lot of sunshine and warm temperatures! What are you waiting for? Onwards to Umbria!

Ravioli with pumpkin

Umbrian cuisine

We say it all the time, but what can we do? Also in Umbria you can eat like a king! Italians have good food in their blood, they cook it with love and create divine dishes! Take particular note of the truffle and pork in Umbrian cuisine! The animals here have a wonderful life, are fed exclusively with chestnuts and acorns and are highly sought after across Italy for their fantastic quality. The rustic kitchen is enhanced by ‘luxury items’ such as porcini mushrooms and truffles. Cinhiale all’agrodolce (wild boar in sweet and sour sauce), Lombette soll’olio (the Umbrian answer to carpaccio), Pollo ala cacciatora (hunter’s chicken) or Trota tartufata (trout sprinkled with black truffle)…you fill surely find your new favourite dish!

Cityscape of Florence

Luisa Spagnoli

Luisa Spagnoli was a successful Umbrian business woman, not only known for her eponymous fashion label, but was also the founder of the chocolate factory Perugina. The most famous product of this company is a declaration of love by Luisa Spagnoli to her beloved. On Valentine’s Day 1922, she developed the Italian delicacy called Baci – a filling of hazelnut cream wrapped in dark chocolate. A creation that still delights us today! Luisa Spagnoli is considered one of the strongest female role models in the history of industrialised Italy!

Did you know…

  • …that Umbria is home to a Bond girl? Monica Bellucci was born in Cittá di Castello!
  • …that Umbria is one of the few Italian regions without access to the sea?
  • …that Umbria is often sold in films as Tuscany, since the typical Tuscan scene does not exist anymore? Filming for Pinocchio, for example, took place in Umbria.
  • …that Assisi is the birth place of the Italian patron saint? The speech is of course by Franz von Assisi!
  • …that Umbria is known for its colourful ceramics?
  • …that Italy’s narrowest street is in Umbria? The Vicolo Baciadonne (Kiss the Woman’s Alley) is 60cm wide at its widest point.
  • …that the headquarters of the famous Baci chocolate kisses from Luisa Spagnoli is in Perugia?

Perfectly organised cycling holidays in Umbria

Great hotels, a beautiful route selection, a 7-day service hotline and a lot of know-how from years of experience – these are our qualities that make your next cycling holiday a fantastic experience!

Trust us for your holiday planning! Have your dream holiday in Umbria with Eurobike!

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