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Lake Garda - cultural highlights & a lot of Dolce Vita

The scent of sweet orange, fruity olives and blooming flowers glides past you, the delicate fishy smell of the lake hangs in the air, the glorious sun warms your back as you descend a vineyard, looking out over the deep blue surface of the lake…Lake Garda is an experience for all of the senses. This is how Italy’s largest lake shows off to guests. But the area isn’t just known for its beauty. Lake Garda is also home to some well-known wines such as the Bardolino, the Valpolicalla or the Lugana. Immerse yourself in this oasis of smells, tastes, culture and relaxation.

The most beautiful cycle tours on Lake Garda

Lake Garda centre-based tour

Three well-equipped hotels in the south of Lake Garda are the location of this tour. From Desenzano or Sirmione, explore the beautiful sides of Lake Garda, away from the tourist throng.
The lemony scent that hangs in the air will enchant you!

Innsbruck – Lake Garda

From the Golden Roof we head through the Tyrolean mountains to South Tyrol, past Merano, Ora and Trento to Riva/Torbole. Enjoy the contrast between the rough mountain world and the Mediterranean flair of Lake Garda. Celebrate the end of a 330 kilometre cycle with a good glass of Bardolino on the northern shore of Lake Garda.

Around Lake Garda

Cycle around Lake Garda with Eurobike and let yourself be enchanted by the Italian flair of the surrounding villages. Starting in the south, you will cycle counter-clockwise around Italy's largest lake and discover impressive scenic and cultural highlights.

Lake Reschen – Lake Garda

The two greatest north Italian lakes inspire many cyclists to visit. On beautiful cycle paths you find breath-taking scenery and discover gorgeous little towns! A cycle tour for the whole family!

Lake Reschen – Verona

The mysterious church tower in Lake Reschen is just one of many highlights you will visit on the cycle tour from Lake Reschen to Verona! Here we go! Get on your bike and head to Verona!

Bolzano – Venice

A classic among the Eurobike tours, which has even thrilled some guests twice. And it’s no wonder – the tour can’t make a mistake! Experience Italy’s north from your bike. You will be so proud of yourself when you reach the cityscape of Vicenza from the Monti Berici!

Bolzano – Verona

The ‘little brother’ of the Bolzano – Venice tour doesn’t have to hide! Along the Adige to Lake Garda, and on to the final stop of Verona, where you will spend two nights! So you can really get to know this breath-taking city.

Merano – Lake Garda

South Tyrol’s most beautiful spa town is the starting point of this popular cycle tour! Visit the capital of South Tyrol – Auer, Trento and then look forward to a few quiet days on beautiful Lake Garda!

Questions and answers about your cycling trip on Lake Garda

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Our cycling tours on Lake Garda are classified as easy and medium tours. Therefore, we recommend these tours especially to newcomers, families and cyclists who focus on enjoyment and fun. 

The cuisine around Lake Garda is often seasonal. So whatever vegetables are in season are cooked. But fish, pizza, pasta and good wine are served all year round. Particularly popular on Lake Garda are potato gnocchi in every variation.

The ideal travel time for our Lake Garda cycling holiday is from April to the beginning of October

Useful information about your cycling holiday on Lake Garda

Cycle paths on Lake Garda

Lake Garda offers a generous network of safe cycle paths, particularly in the south and east. This is also the reason why tours are moving to this area! A frequently asked question from our guests is: “Why do we need to travel by ship from Riva to Desenzano or Sirmione? Can we not just cycle along the east bank road? The answer is no! Unfortunately, this is not possible. Our directions end in Riva and start again when you leave the ship in the South Of Lake Garda. Due to the lively tourism on Lake Garda, the riverside roads have developed into highways. A ride on the bike is not recommended here! Therefore, we have made the charming boat trip over Lake Garda a fixture on the cycle tours. Enjoy the picturesque landscape from the water.

The climate on Lake Garda

The weather on Lake Garda is perfect for us cyclists: a sub-Mediterranean climate favours extensive cycling in beautiful scenery. The winters are mild with low precipitation, while the summers are very warm and sunny. The Alps, which line the north of Lake Garda seal the lake from the cold air currents. In the south, on the other hand, the warm air comes up from the Mediterranean. Perfect weather for our guests!

The secret cuisine of Lake Garda

On Lake Garda you can’t eat well…no! Of course that was a joke! Where in Italy can’t you eat delicious food? The cuisine and dishes from the Lake Garda area are very seasonal. They listen to mother nature and incorporate her gifts into the local cuisine. In spring you can often find dishes with asparagus or nettles on the menu, in summer you can enjoy fresh fish from the lake with crunchy vegetables, in autumn you can eat mushrooms and chestnuts and in winter you can enjoy delicious gingerbread with spicy mulled wine! The dishes are refined with regional products such as olive oil, wine, lemons, oranges and saffron!

Do not miss the famous potato gnocchi, stuffed duck (Anatra col Pien), marinated sardines (Sarde in Saor) or horse stew with pasta (Pastissada de Caval)

Top 5 attractions around Lake Garda

  • Riva del Garda – the Italian mecca for water sports
  • Verona – the little Rome
  • Mantua – the shopping village
  • Solferino – the birth place of the Red Cross
  • Gardaland – fun for the whole family

Did you know…

  • …that the deepest point of Lake Garda is 360 metres?
  • …that the entire water exchange of Lake Garda takes 26.8 years because it only has one inlet and outlet?
  • …that Lake Garda is located in three Italian provinces, namely Trentino Alto Adige, Veneto and Lombardy?

  • …that the second name of Lake Garda is Bènaco?
  • …that there are five islands in Lake Garda?
  • …that the west bank is also known as the lemon Riviera and east bank as the olive Riviera?
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I am looking forward to your questions about our cycle tours on Lake Garda!

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