Cycle tours in Piedmont

Get to know Piedmont from the bike perspective

Where do you go in Piedmont? Use your nose! Hop onto your bike and follow the intense smells and tastes of the region. Straight to Alba, the city that smells like Nutella, past the rice fields of Vercelli, with a short stop in the Barolo area to taste a glass of wine, and then turn left into picturesque woods at the foot of the Alps where truffles are to be found…that’s all Piedmont. But beware! Even if you are cycling daily, in Piedmont the cycling shorts could become a bit tighter! There’s so much to tempt you here!

Cyclists enjoying food and a glass of wine

Enjoyment on another level

Green, lush meadows, flowering rice fields, fragrant hazelnut shrubs…and you’ll be smack bang in the middle of all this with your bike. Only you! Do you like this idea? Piedmont is still a real insider tip among us cyclists! Therefore…pssst! Don’t tell everyone! Enjoy the tranquillity of nature, the fantastic cuisine, art and culture and in a glass of the best wine in the evening! We are sure you will fast become a fan of Piedmont!

The most beautiful cycle tours in Piedmont


Piedmont tour

The special hotels, the unique landscape and the beautiful towns make the Piedmont loop tour one of the most beautiful Eurobike original tours! Be enchanted by the unspoiled nature of this area.

Turin – San Remo

From the pulsating capital of Piedmont you travel to the Ligurian flower city. Enjoy the change from alpine mountain charm to Mediterranean flair.

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Piedmont Round Trip

8 Days | Self-guided Tour
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Turin - Sanremo

8 Days | Self-guided Tour
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Piedmont centre based tour

The historic Villa Matilde is your host on this tour! Feel as though you have been transported back to another century and enjoy the absolute tranquillity that surrounds this house! Well-chosen cycle tours will provide perfect holiday memories!

Piedmont cycle tour for Gourmets

For those who like something a little more rustic, Piedmont is the perfect place for a gourmet bike ride! Stay partly in sophisticated city hotels and partly in authentic ‘agriturismi’. Be spoiled by the hosts and discover the tastes of rural Piedmont!

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Piedmont - based in one hotel

7 Days | Self-guided Tour
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Gourmet Piedmont

8 Days | Self-guided Tour
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Useful information about your cycling holiday in Piedmont

Two cyclists having a break in the Barolo region

Cycle paths in Piedmont

The cycle path network in Piedmont is a colourful mix of official paths, very little used rural roads and farm roads. But since Piedmont is still considered an insiders tip and is not yet overrun by crowds of tourists, the traffic is limited. As always we have found the most beautiful, comfortable and safest paths for our tour routes, so that your cycling holiday is always enjoyable!

Street through a sunflower field

The weather in Piedmont

The climate in Piedmont is mild. In winter you could expect minus degrees and a lot of rain. Even the summers are a bit milder than southern Italy. This also makes the summer months great for cycling, so the season runs from spring to autumn!

Eurobike panier and helmet next to a table with wine

Piedmont cuisine

Piedmontese cuisine is the cradle of the Slow Food movement! What does that mean? Slow Food movement? The Piedmontese attach a great importance to good food…to really good food. The meals are celebrated, you take your time both in preparation, and also for consumption. Piedmont is home to a variety of high quality products. Including one of the world’s most expensive foods – the white truffle. But this area isn’t only famous for the truffle! It’s also known for risotto rice, delicious hazelnuts, beef, a wide selection of cheese and not least outstanding wine. These products deserve to be given a lot of time, love, attention and appreciation. So, is it any wonder that in Piedmont, in the beautiful town of Bra, the first University in the world was founded where students devote themselves to good taste?

For what do we owe to Piedmont?

  • Fiat – Fabrica Italiana Automobili Torino – who doesn’t know it? The iconic 500?
  • Lancia in Turin – the inventors of the self-supporting body!
  • Ferrero in Alba – Duplo, Giotto, Kinder, Nutella, Mon Chéri, Rocher…THANK YOU, dear Piedmont!
  • Olivetti in Ivrea – a large computer and office equipment company
  • Barolo – a very powerful, dry red wine
  • Barbera d’Asti – a ruby red wine from the area of Alessandria and Asti
  • Barbaresco – the little brother of Barolo
  • White truffle – also called the Alba truffle, is one of the most expensive foods in the world
  • Martini & Rossi – known worldwide for the vermouth Martini
  • Hazelnuts – Patissiers around the world swear by the hazelnuts from Piedmont
  • Grissini – the delicious bread sticks we owe to the digestive problems of Vittorio Amedeo II of Savoy

Did you know…

  • …that the oldest Palio in Italy (horse race) is not located in Siena, but in Asti?
  • …that Turin is the fourth largest city and former capital of Italy?
  • …that the name Piedmont translates as “foot of the mountains” and thus refers to the geographical location of the region?
  • …that Piedmont is one of the richest regions in Italy due to its thriving economy?
  • …that in Piedmont apart from Italian and Piedmontese also Occitan, Franco-Provencal and Walser German are spoken?
  • …that Piedmont is Europe’s largest European rice-growing region?
Cyclists in the wine region

Perfectly organised cycling holidays in Piedmont

Eurobike – that stands for perfectly organised cycle tours, uncomplicated bookings, well-selected hotels, clearly defined directions and a comprehensive service!

We at Eurobike look forward to your booking request and are sure that you will become a repeat traveller with us!

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