Find the cycle tour with the adequate cycling level

We like being able to help you to choose the perfect cycle holiday that fits in with your wishes and that is set at the right difficulty level for you. That’s why we have come up with a scale that we can use for all of our tours to classify what level of cycling would enjoy each of our holidays best.


Cyclists in Heidelberg


You very much prefer to cycle along the flat. Well-established cycle paths, which have lots of good places to stop on, simply bring a smile to your face. You don’t actually get your bike out of the garage much at home, but you have the urge to give a cycling holiday a go!


Eurobike cyclists on promenade in Prien at Lake Chiemsee


You cycle to and from the bakery, but only when the sun is shining. Cycling has to be fun and is not a method of fitness in your eyes. Nevertheless, gentle hills or longer sections on gravel tracks don’t pose any problems for you. You just pedal along enjoying the lovely views in the countryside as you go.


Cyclists at Lake Viverone


At least one cycle holiday per year is pretty much compulsory for you! You are a perfect example of one of our typical guests, who regularly goes out for bike rides at the weekends. Now and again, you like to battle with a long, steep hill or a day’s cycle ride with an undulating profile. But, in order to have time to enjoy the rest of the ride, the route should then become flatter and more leisurely again afterwards. 


Cycle path to Porto Moniz directly next to the sea


At home, you regularly go for longer rides. Instead of taking the car if you need to go somewhere, you prefer to cycle and your decent level of fitness enables you to do this with ease. On your cycling holiday, you are happy for the route to be hilly and even if there are numerous ascents during a day’s ride, you will still be smiling when you get to your accommodation.


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