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Levels of Difficulty


Our "easy" cycling tours are recommended for all cyclists who prefer to cycle on flat terrain and not over overly long distances. Well-maintained cycle paths with plenty of opportunities to take a break will put a smile on your face. Actually, you rarely take your bike out of the garage at home, but you definitely want to try a cycling holiday like this! No problem, then you will find a great selection of wonderful cycling holidays under the category "easy".



Our next level of difficulty is called "medium". You belong to this tour type if, for example, you complete your daily trip to the bakery by bike, but only when the sun is shining! Cycling should be fun and should not turn into training for you. Nevertheless, gentle hills or longer stretches on gravel paths do not cause you any difficulties and so you pedal happily through the landscape with an eye for beauty.


One cycling holiday a year is a must! You are our typical regular guest who often goes on cycling excursions in the surrounding area at the weekends. Every now and then you master a climb or a day's stage with an undulating profile with flying colours. But then the route should go on at a leisurely pace again, so that there is still time for enjoyment along the way. Our challenging cycling tours are made for you.


You regularly go on longer day tours at home. Instead of taking the car, you prefer to cycle to the neighbouring town and thus have a solid physical condition. On a cycling holiday, the terrain can be hilly and even if there are several ascents between the stage towns, you will reach your accommodation with a smile on your face.

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