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Cycling is fun all year round! Some prefer hot summer days, others enjoy pleasantly warm cycle tours in spring. But no matter what type of cyclist you are and whether you prefer spring, summer, autumn or winter, we will provide you with your perfect cycle tour by season. Because one thing is for sure, a wonderful and relaxing break in nature is possible all year round. When do you prefer to cycle?


Spring cycling holidays

Winter is turning its back on us, the flowers and trees are awakening from their hibernation, the birds are beginning to chirp happily again, the temperatures are rising and the lovely scent of spring is filling our noses. Simply wonderful! What could be more beautiful than cycling through an idyllic and blooming landscape in a mild climate? The cycling season is now starting again in many regions. Marvel at the colourful tulips in Holland, the delicate pink almond blossoms in the Palatinate or the pastel-coloured apricot blossoms in the Wachau. Besides the Netherlands, Germany and Austria, the Spanish island of Majorca is also perfect for a spring cycle tour. From mid-January, the Mediterranean island is transformed into a fragrant sea of flowers. And where is the best place to enjoy the wonderful variety of flowers? Right on the so-called "flower island" itself, Madeira!

Summer cycling tours

The days are getting longer and the nights shorter - summer is here again! Long days of swimming, barbecue evenings and cycle tours are once again the order of the day. The feeling of warming sunrays on the skin is so pleasant and brings feelings of happiness. No wonder people are in a better mood in summer and it is also the favourite season for cycle tours. Enjoy the warm climate and on our cycle tours in Austria, Germany, Italy, Spain and France. However, if you have put the north on your travel list, you should do it in summer. Because in the other seasons it is simply too cold and uncomfortable for to take a cycle tour in Sweden, for example. As you can see, you are sure to find a summer cycle tour to suit your taste.

Wine and bacon
Landscape in the Piedmont

Cycling in autumn

After the hot summer days, the golden autumn is just around the corner. The leaves turn their typical autumn colours and the sun starts to lose its intensity. This time of year is perfect for enjoying the last warm days on the bike before the onset of winter. There are also other reasons to extend the cycling season. The first is how autumn is particularly good for cycling and at the same time it is the time of harvest and vintage. Foodies should definitely not miss this. But cycle tours in autumn are also a must for nature lovers. Because nature only shows itself in this wonderful blaze of colour in autumn. Highly recommended for a cycling holiday at this time of year are the Palatinate, Styria, South Tyrol and Piedmont. Nature lovers and pleasure seekers will get their money's worth here.

Rocky landscape at the sea
Boats at Porto Budella

Cycle tours in winter

The days are getting shorter, the temperatures are dropping and the first dew sits on the meadows - autumn is bidding farewell and winter is setting in. The cycling season is finally over and the cosy time at home can begin. But you don't necessarily have to put your bike into hibernation. Quite the opposite, because even in winter we send you back into the sun with our individual cycle tours, where you can fill up on enough vitamin D until the start of spring. The south of Europe, such as the Italian islands of Sardinia and Sicily, as well as Majorca and the Algarve, are particularly suitable for such trips. At a pleasant 15 degrees, you can experience these holiday destinations far away from mass tourism. There, you'll be wearing cycling gloves and a helmet instead of woollen gloves and a winter hat.

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