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Escape winter with Eurobike

If you like cycling all year round and want to explore the beautiful landscapes, you don't have to take a break in winter. With the individual cycle tours from Eurobike, you can stay on your bike saddle even in winter.

The south offers great cycle paths and pleasantly warm temperatures. So swap your woollen gloves and hat for cycling gloves and a correct bicycle helmet. Book a wonderful cycle tour in Spain, Portugal, Italy or Cyprus!

Our most beautiful cycling holidays in the winter

“La pura vida” - on the bike in Spain

Along picturesque coastal paths, through vineyards and past olive and orange trees: this is Spain! The diversity of southern Europe is unique. And the south of Spain proves to be the perfect destination for cyclists in winter with its mild climate.

Leisure cyclists get lots here! Well-developed bike paths, magnificent castles, idyllic villages and culinary delights to indulge in - all of this awaits you.

Majorca loop tour 8 days

Far away from parties and mass tourism, you can discover beautiful bays, pristine beaches and small fishing villages on the Majorca loop tour. You cycle almost around the entire island and therefore get a great insight into each region. Then decide for yourself whether you liked the north, east, south or west best.

Majorca - bull´s eye

Have you already seen many parts of the island and now want to explore the interior of Majorca? Then this Majorca cycle tour is perfect – through the middle. You can look forward to steep cliffs, shimmering salt lakes, dreamy bays and pleasant silence in the heart of Majorca.

Cycle tour Costa Blanca

This wonderful cycle tour leads through the Alicante region. The region in the Spanish countryside is very colourful and known for its cosiness. A perfect start for a relaxing holiday. You cycle through marshland, untouched valleys and nature reserves to the vibrant city of Valencia.

„Bella Italia“ – by bike to the Italian islands

Pizza, pasta, sea and sun! What more do you need on holiday? Italy attracts numerous tourists not only in summer, but also in winter. Pleasantly warm temperatures and the sound of the sea instead of freezing temperatures and snow! The Italian islands of Sardinia and Sicily are particularly popular with visitors during the cold season and explored by bike. The cycle paths lead directly past the turquoise blue sea and through beautiful landscapes. The Italian charm also impresses in winter!

Cyclist in Sicily

Cycling tour in Sardinia

If you would like to spend a holiday without a lot of people around, you should definitely fly to Sardinia. Because hardly any other region in Europe has such a low population density as this island. That is why a cycle tour through an untouched landscape, far away from the crowds, awaits you. Enjoy the peace on your bike with Eurobike!

Cycle tour Southeast Sicily

A varied and wonderful cycle tour through the southeast with cultural highlights from the Baroque period awaits you in Sicily.
Enjoy a great symbiosis of breathtaking landscapes and historical culture on this Eurobike cycle tour.The Sicilian cuisine also invites you to feast and spoil yourself around the clock.

Cycle through Madeira's sea of flowers

The small Portuguese island in the Atlantic impresses with its unique beauty and really lives up to its name as a flower island. Even in winter you can cycle through a beautiful sea of flowers and enjoy island in all its splendour.

Thanks to the year-round warm temperatures, many cyclists follow the scent of flowers to the island in summer as well as in winter. Not too hot and not too cold, perfect conditions for an unforgettable cycle tour.

Madeira circular tour

Circumnavigating the entire island and getting to know all corners of Madeira? This is no problem with the Madeira Round Trip from Eurobike. On this cycle tour you will discover the most beautiful sides and places of Madeira and you can enjoy the splendour of the flowers to the fullest. The cycle paths lead over lush green hills and directly along the deep blue sea. Scenic for the eye and also the nose, it’s a real dream.

Cyprus – by bike to the Mediterranean island

So far still quite unknown as a cycling destination and for this reason a real insider tip: Cyprus, the island in the eastern Mediterranean. In winter there are perfect conditions for cycle tours. The main reason for this is the mild climate.

Look forward to traditional Cypriot villages and the combination of ruins, sand dunes and breathtaking panoramic views.

Cyprus Cycle Tour

The Eurobike cycle tour takes you to the remote Karpas Peninsula in the Turkish part of Cyprus. There you will discover old, traditional small villages, extensive landscapes, pristine dreamy beaches, secluded bays and interesting cultural sites. The genuine Cypriot hospitality and the typical local food are also absolute highlights of this cycle tour.

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