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Swimming trunks or cycling shorts?

Fortunately, you don’t have to choose! Just pack both! Because in the Algarve you’ll need them. With more than 300 days of sunshine a year, the Algarve is one of the sunniest and friendliest areas in Europe. It is therefore not surprising that our cycle tours are always close to the beach, so that you can take a wonderfully refreshing swim on a white sandy beach every now and then. Cycle along the rough cliffs and lonely bays and keep your eyes on the beautiful sea. Let yourself be enchanted by the beguiling scent of blossoming orange trees and the sight of the almond blossom and fee the energy that this wonderful piece of the earth gives you. You can look forward to cycle tours straight from a picture book.

Our most beautiful cycle tours in the Algarve


Experience an impressive variety of coastlines, stunning beaches, secluded bays and unforgettable sunsets on our cycling tour along the Algarve. In eight days you cycle from Sagres along country lanes, side roads and newly built cycle paths to Villa Real Santo Antonio.

Lisbon - Sagres

From the capital Lisbon to the surfing hotspot Sagres. But there you can not only conquer waves, but also enjoy the Portuguese flair to the fullest and get to know dreamlike beaches and bays. Especially the start in Lisbon promises a diverse and wonderful cycling tour in Portugal.

Questions and answers about your cycling holiday in the Algarve

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We offer these individual cycling tours with luggage transfer in the Algarve:

Our cycling tours along the Algarve are classified as medium tours. This means that these tours are particularly suitable for beginners with a good level of fitness, families and cyclists who focus on enjoyment and fun.

Fish, of course! Thanks to the coastal location, freshly caught fish comes straight to your plate here. Whether it's squid, mussels, tuna or sardines - you'll be spoilt for choice here. But you will also find meat dishes on almost every menu.

The best time to travel to this region in Portugal is from February to November.

Useful information about your cycling holiday in the Algarve

The climate in the Algarve

Look out sun worshippers - you will have a new favourite destination! Is over 3000 hours of sunshine a year a good enough reason? As already mentioned, the Algarve is one of the sunniest regions in Europe. Too hot you think? Fortunately not! Because the wind that blows from the Atlantic makes the climate in the Algarve very pleasant. So you can book a holiday in the Algarve year round without any worries – the weather is definitely good!

Die Kulinarik

Wer schon mal in Portugal oder an der Algarve Urlaub gemacht hat, kann sicher bestätigen, dass das Essen dort einfach nur köstlich ist. An erster Stelle steht, natürlich der Küstenlage geschuldet, Fisch. Deshalb finden Sie auch so gut wie auf jeder Speisekarte leckere Fischgerichte. Ein typisches Menü an der Algarve sieht wie folgt aus: als Vorspeise wird entweder Caldo Verde, eine Suppe aus Grünkohl, Kartoffeln, Knoblauch und Würstchen oder Gaspacho, eine kalte Tomatensuppe mit Knoblauch serviert. Als Hauptspeise muss es natürlich Fisch sein, egal welche Art. Aber auch Fleischgerichte wie Espada mista (Fleischspieße) oder Feijoda (Eintopf) werden gerne gegessen. Hört sich nicht nur lecker an, sondern ist es auch.

Did you know…

  • …that the Algarve was previously called Algarbien in German?
  • …that it is only really, really hot in the Algarve when the Lavant blows in from Africa. Otherwise, refreshing winds blow in from the Atlantic and make the weather extremely pleasant.

  • …that the Algarve only makes up about 6% of the total area of Portugal?
  • …that the name Algarve roughly means the West?
  • ...that the crime rate is among the lowest in Europe?
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