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Travel Story: Sagres to Tavira

Petra’s Cycle Tour to the End of the World
Rocky coast with fishing boats

It didn't take us long to decide on our dream destination for 2023, as my partner Rudi and I have been dreaming of a cycling holiday along the stunning Algarve for a long time. It's no secret that the southern coast of Portugal impresses with its beautiful contrasts between picturesque villages and magnificent coastal landscapes. However, reaching the "End of the World" has proven to be surprisingly accessible and enjoyable for us! We'll reveal what there is to discover on our cycling tour from Sagres to Tavira and share the moments that have stayed with us in our travel story.

Rocky coast with fishing boats

Here we go

The small café where we enjoyed our first espresso of the day offers us a breathtaking view over the rooftops of the quaint and charming village of Sagres. The wind blows over the coves, adding a special atmosphere of anticipation to the first morning of our cycling holiday in Portugal. We hop on our e-bikes and marvel at the rocky cliffs, making our way to some of the most beautiful spots along the Portuguese coastline. The route takes us through wild and untouched natural landscapes and fields of flowers. We savor the sea breeze from the saddle - it's delightful! As we ride, we notice distant villages glistening in the sun. The houses are painted white and their orange roofs create a beautiful contrast against the blue of the sea along our route.

View of Portuguese fishing village

Summer Temperatures and Cool Refreshments

As our legs slowly began to make themselves felt after the first two days, we were doubly delighted when we arrived at the hotel. After enjoying a drink in the beach bar, we could finally relax by the sea and let our souls unwind. The feeling of the sun on our skin already gives us a strong sense of summer, even though it's only mid-May. At the accommodation, the friendly staff showed us the hotel's centerpiece: a rooftop pool! We quickly changed into our swimwear, and after an extensive sunbathing, it was time to take a refreshing dip in the cool water.

It was an absolute treat after a warm and sunny day of cycling! After the 50 km bike ride, we were truly grateful that we had opted for fast e-bikes for our journey. It made gliding effortlessly through Portugal's orange groves and olive orchards a breeze.

So, have we reached the end of the world yet? Not quite. On the fourth day, we had breakfast at our accommodation, savoring local delicacies while a pianist provided a musical accompaniment to the sunrise. One of the final accommodations had an especially picturesque location, with a path lined by orange trees leading to a lagoon where we could watch the waves. This spectacle tempted us, and within moments, we found ourselves taking a dip in the blue Atlantic.

Bicycle at the signpost

The Algarve Landscape

During a short break to quench our thirst, we admire the barren rocks being gently caressed by the sea's movements along the beach. By chance, we arrive in Lagos just as the locals are celebrating a festival, giving us a glimpse into the local culture and festivities after a successful day of cycling. The summer-like temperatures and the gentle sea-scented breeze create the perfect ambiance for the evening.

Riding through shaded olive groves and fragrant orange orchards gives us an idea: we decide to purchase a whole bag of sun-ripened oranges from a farmer along the bike route. We savor the delicious ripe fruits while sitting on a bench overlooking the Portuguese coastline. As we admire the unique landscape and the contrast of the wild waters that attract many surfers, we soak in the beauty of it all.

Continuing along the route, we notice how the landscape slowly quietens, with nothing but gentle turquoise waters in the coves to admire. With temperatures at 30 degrees and a pleasant sea breeze, we take the opportunity for a brief and refreshing dip.

On the fourth day, as we pass by the National Park near Faro, we stumble upon a small water feature where little crabs are frolicking. Slowly transitioning from orange orchards and olive trees to pine forests and fishing villages, not only does the landscape change, but so do the national borders. Soon, we reach our destination: Spain.

The Highlight of our Tour

Exactly 200 wooden steps lead down to the sandy cove in Lagos, nestled between dark brown jagged rocks on each side – the perfect secluded spot. Despite the pleasantly summery temperatures, we have the beach in the cove all to ourselves and explore the area. Between the rocks, the sea has carved out a passage in the water. It's incredible how powerful Mother Nature is!

We're still marveling at the rock arch when suddenly a small boat comes chugging its way through the natural archway. The fisherman waves to us. He docks his boat, and without hesitation, we ask him about the possibility of a short trip. It's only as we approach that we notice there are several small fishing boats in the cove. Before we set off, the fisherman explains to us that the rocks are constantly changing due to wind and weather, and that this particular formation will never be seen in the same way again.

As we approach the rock arch, we're almost left breathless. The wind whispers softly around the boat, and the waves gently lap against the rocks next to us in the water. Above us, the cliff faces are bathed in sunlight. The whole scene is an awe-inspiring spectacle of nature. Undoubtedly, the highlight of the tour, as we reached this place under our own power, and then were unexpectedly able to experience the harmonious interplay of water, wind, and nature in such a wonderful way. With shaky legs, we return to the shore and hop back onto our trusty e-bikes to reach our destination for the day. The adventure we just experienced continues to be our topic of conversation throughout the warm summer night.

Woman on rocky coast


This tour is highly recommended for anyone looking to truly unwind in Portugal and appreciate the comfort and authenticity of its villages. In Sagres, there's often a sea breeze, and evenings can get a bit cooler. Our tip: Pack a light jacket in your luggage!

The Eurobike & Euroihke on Tour-App provides daily dining recommendations and ensures effortless navigation during the tour. You never have to worry about being on the right track, allowing you to focus on what truly matters: the beautiful coastal landscape.

Culinary-wise, the "Journey to the End of the World" has a lot to offer, especially for seafood lovers. The pescados are freshly caught and grilled with plenty of garlic, imparting a delightful aroma from the wood-fired oven. A special recommendation is the local sweet treat in Portugal, the "Pastel de Nata," a small crispy pastry filled with vanilla custard cream.

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