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Short info on the Neckar Cycle Path

From the German town of Villinge-Schwennigen in the state of Baden-Württemberg, the popular Neckar Cycle Path leads through historic towns such as Rottenburg, Tübingen, Esslingen, Heilbronn, Heidelberg all the way to Mannheim. Cultural sights, old architecture, museums and the like - all of this these cities have to offer. But nature enthusiasts do not miss out along the river Neckar either! Along the cycle path there are refreshing lakes, idyllic vineyards and enchanted forests. So a great mix of sport, culture and nature – what more could you ask for? Oh yes, and after a strenuous day of cycling, you can of course also look forward to delicious food and drink.

View to Castle Hohentübingen in Tübingen

The most beautiful cycle holidays on the Neckar Cycle Path

Neckar Cycle Path Tübingen - Heidelberg

The entire tour from Tübingen to Heidelberg runs along the beautiful Neckar cycle path. That means you cycle along the ‚River of Poets‘ from one university town to the next, because both Tübinigen and Heidelberg are known for it. En route you will discover castles, palaces and an impressive natural spectacle.

Neckar, Rhine and Vines

Already the title of the tour reveals where this journey will take you – namely to the rivers Neckar and Rhine and between idyllic vineyards. Let yourself be enchanted by the romantic vintner towns along the German Wine Route and the old imperial city of Worms and its historic past, which is still palpable today.

Speyer - Heidelberg - Worms

Even if you only cover a short part of the Neckar Cycle Path here, you will be particularly impressed by this special tour thanks to its romantic landscapes, historic towns, fairytale castles and palaces and the delicious home-grown wine.

Winemaker Tour on the Rhine

Attention wine enthusiasts! Everything on the Rhine Cycle Path is under the motto of wine, wine and even more wine. But you can also enjoy the benefits of the Neckar Cycle Path from Heidelberg to Mannheim on an approximate 45-kilometres daily stage.

Palatinate round tour sporty

Are you looking for a sporty adventure in the Palatinate? Then we recommend the Palatinate cycle holiday, because here you not only work out, but also experience the Palatinate in all its facets. And what should not be missing in this region? That’s right, a glass of wine as a reward.

Rhine & Vines with Charm

With a lot of style and comfort through the idyllic Palatinate – the cycling tour with that certain something! During the day you will discover the Palatinate wine culture and nature and in the evening you can enjoy a glass or two in your well-chosen and charming hotel. Simply magical!

The Course of the River Neckar

ource of the Neckar

The river Neckar rises in the town park Möglingshöhe in Schwenningen and flows into the river Rhine from the right near Mannheim. It flows through the two federal states of Baden-Württemberg and Hessia.

River Length

In total, the river is 362 kilometres long. This makes the river Neckar the fifth largest tributary of the Rhine and the twelfth largest in all of Germany

The Cycle Path

The Neckar cycle path runs on mostly paved, quiet side roads.
Occasionally there are small inclines, otherwise the route is comfortable and easy to cycle.

Altitude Profile

The river Neckar rises on an altitude of 705 metres above sea level. However, the mouth in Mannheim is only at 88 metres, so there is a difference of 617.

Questions and Answers about the Neckar Cycle Path

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The Neckar cycle path starts in Villingen-Schwenningen and ends in Mannheim.

The Neckar Cycle Path has a total length of 420 kilometres.

The ideal travel time is from the end of March to the beginning of October. In the summer months, you can expect high temperatures, but also a large number of tourists. But this region is particularly beautiful in the months of April and May, because the beautiful apple blossoms are in bloom there. The popular grape harvest awaits you in the late summer and autumn.

Each tour has a specific tour character. In total, we offer four levels of difficulty: easymediumchallenging and athletic. We offer different levels of difficulty so that you can really get the most out of it. The classic tour along the Neckar Cycle Path is assigned the ‚moderate‘ character label. This means that this tour is particularly suitable for beginner cyclists, pleasure cyclists and families.

The daily stages depend on the respective bike tour. However in general you can count on around 40 – 60 kilometres per day on the Neckar Cycle Path.

On our cycle tours along the Neckar Cycle Path you spend the night in well-chosen, comfortable hotels, inns and guesthouses.

The Neckar Cycle Path has a number of highlights to offer: Tübingen, Esslingen, Marbach and Heidelberg. All these cities convince with their historical background, which is still present today. But Tübingen und Heidelberg in particular also present themselves as young, fresh and dynamic, as these are also considered to be university cities. But you will also find many scenic highlights along the cycle path. The landscape is dominated by the river Neckar and the numerous vineyards. Stunning!

The most beautiful cities along the Neckar Cycle Path


The university town of Tübingen is located around 30 kilometres south of Stuttgart. Also the starting point of our classic tour on the Neckar Cycle Path. However take your time to really explore this city on the day of arrival, because with its castle, historic old town and buildings it tells a story that goes back almost a thousand years. Not only very exciting, but also impressive and beautiful to visit.



Heidelberg too is considered a university town, where around 39 000 students live. But not only students feel comfortable in this town, but also all other locals, tourists and of course cyclists. Thanks to its well-preserved old town, the fairytale castle and the close proximity to idyllic nature, Heidelberg is also known as an entire open-air museum. Then new highlights await you around every corner.



The river Neckar flows into a modern and at the same time historic city and the Neckar Cycle Path also ends there. We are talking about Mannheim. Mannheim is also best known for the square street pattern in the city centre. In 1684 the Palatinate Elector built a fortress around which the city was planned. There are also no street numbers, just letters from A to U plus numbers from 1 to 7. Orientation is therefore a bit difficult for non-locals at first. But other landmarks such as the water tower, the Baroque palace, the Jesuit church, the Chinese tea house and many other sights also attract tourists to Mannheim.


Useful information about your cycling holiday along the Neckar Cycle Path

The Climate

As already mentioned several times, the Palatinate is known for its wines. The mild Mediterranean climate offers the best conditions for viticulture. The approx. 2000 hours of sunshine per year mean that the Palatinate is one of the warmest and driest regions in Germany. These circumstances are particularly inviting for cycling. Since due to the little rainfall, you can enjoy the weather on your bike to the fullest.

Cyclist in the vines

The Culinary

Hearty, rustic and flavoursome! This best describes the cuisine on the Neckar Cycle Path. Fried sausage, meatballs, ‚Dampfnudeln‘ and the so-called ‚Saumache‘ are the most common dishes to be found on the locals‘ plates. The speciality is the ‚Sauchmache‘, also known as pig’s stomach, filled with pork, fried sausage, onions and potatoes. Sounds tempting? It is, and do give it a try, the people from the Palatinate definitely love it. Naturally what should not be missing with the meal is the home-grown wine. Riesling, Burgundy, Dornfelder or Sauvignon Blanc, whichever one it may be, the selection is huge!

Winegrowing in the Palatinate

Other popular cycle paths in Europe

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