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Brief information about the Lake Constance Cycle Path

Around 260 of the 270km-long shores of Lake Constance are accessible by bike. One of the largest lakes in Central Europe offers us cyclists a perfect playground for active hours spent on the bike. The popular Lake Constance Cycle Path mostly runs directly along the shore and therefore offers unforgettable views of the glittering lake. Over 200,000 cyclists come to Lake Constance year after year, indulging in their favourite hobby in the mild climate of the three-country triangle. No wonder – the Lake Constance Cycle Path consists of 70% car-free cycle paths and side streets. This is truly impressive and provokes a great applause from us cyclists! Look forward to carefree cycling on the banks of the breathtaking Lake Constance!


The most beautiful cycle tours on Lake Constance

Lake Constance cycle tour

The beautiful Lake Constance cycle path gives us cyclists a whole lot of unique tours. Perfect paths, interesting stages, the culture of three different countries and of course the great Lake Constance make this cycle tour a special holiday! Cycle from Germany to Austria and Switzerland and enjoy the best of all three!

Lake Constance in all its facets

If a week of cycling on Lake Constance isn’t enough for you, then we recommend this cycle tour! Start in Contance or in Kreuzlingen for the 12-day cycle tour on Lake Constance. This tour is suitable for all ages and performance levels. The stage lengths are shorter, as 12 days of cycling is tough enough on the calves. Follow the beautiful cycle path along the lake and enjoy the magnificent scenery of Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

Highlights of Lake Constance

Fantastic landscapes, perfectly selected cycling routes, beautiful cycle paths and the prettiest villages around Lake Constance make this a great cycling holiday. Pack your cycling shorts and head for Lake Constance!

Lake Constance centre-based tour

6 days, 1 hotel, 3 countries, 1 lake, 170km by bike and a whole load of cycling pleasure. See the wonderful Lake Constance for yourself. Visit the highlights on the shores of the Swabian Sea on your bike and let your mind wander.

Lake Constance – Königssee

14 wonderful days on the e-bike from Constance to Berchtesgaden – this is going to be an adventure! Experience the Free State of Bavaria up close, enjoy the untouched natural landscape, breathe in fresh mountain air and relax after an eventful bike ride in a cosy beer garden!

Lake Constance for families

So that parents can also explore Lake Constance together with their children by bike, we also offer an eight-day cycling tour around Lake Constance for families. Because the area is not only a cycling paradise, but also an absolute paradise for children. New adventures await young and old every day.

Lake Constance and the Danube

This tour has proven to be especially appealing and demanding. Stages of up to 100 kilometres by bike make every cyclist’s heart beat faster. Well-chosen cycle paths, a charming landscape between Lake Constance and the Danube and the charm of the Allgäu make this cycle tour something very special.

Three lakes – four countries

Lake Constance, Lake Zurich and Lake Walen are the protagonists of this wonderful cycle tour. And who can say they’ve taken a cycle tour through four countries? Germany, Austria, Switzerland and even Lichtenstein? Every country has it’s own charms waiting to be discovered.

Questions and answers about the Lake Constance Cycle Path

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The Lake Constance Cycle Path starts and ends in Constance in Germany.

The Lake Constance Cycle Path is 270 kilometres long in total.

The ideal time to travel along the Lake Constance Cycle Path is between April and September. Especially from mid-April, you have the cycle path largely to yourself, pleasantly warm temperatures and can enjoy the splendour of the blossoms.

Our cycling tours on the Lake Constance Cycle Path are classified either as medium or challenging tours. This means they are either suitable for cycling beginners and pleasure cyclists, or for experienced and advanced cyclists.

The daily stages depend on the respective tour. In general, you can expect about 30 to 60 kilometres of cycling per day.

On our cycling tours along the Lake Constance Cycle Path, you will stay in well-chosen, beautiful and cosy hotels, inns and guesthouses.

Lake Constance, of course! The crystal-clear water, the well-developed cycle path and the impressive panoramic views make Lake Constance unique. That's why on all our cycling tours on the Lake Constance Cycle Route, the lake itself is the biggest highlight. You can refresh yourself in the cool water at any time or simply observe the silence, the sailboats and the swans. Wonderful!

Otherwise, the big cities like Konstant, Schaffhausen, Überlingen and Bregenz are particularly convincing on the Lake Constance round tour.

Highlights of the Lake Constance Cycle Path

The stilt houses in Uhldingen

The archaeological open-air museum on the shores of Lake Constance is one of the most impressive places along the cycle path. The reconstructed stilt village provide an insight into life on Lake Constance during the Bronze and Stone Ages. The open-air museum in Uhldingen is the oldest archaeological open-air museum in Germany and one of the most popular excursion destinations on Lake Constance. An absolute must, not just for the cyclists among you who are interested in history.


A boat trip to the Rhine Falls

A boat trip is great in itself. A boat trip to the Rhine Falls will certainly amaze you. The Rhine Falls are one of the largest waterfalls in Europe and are only a few kilometres from Lake Constance. From April to October you can get very close to the waterfall with a boat trip and can admire the falling water from up close.

Rhine Falls in Schaffhausen

Stein am Rhein

The small community of Stein am Rhein, in the Swiss canton of Schaffhausen lies directly on the shores of Lake Constance and represents the border between Germany and Switzerland. The small medieval town with its beautiful façade paintings offers us a magical sight and is therefore one of our highlights on the Lake Constance Cycle Path.

Historic market square in Stein am Rhein


Überlingen, or also known as Iberlinge, is located on German territory on the north shore of Lake Constance. Strictly speaking, Überlingen is located on the Überlinger See, which is the name of the northern part of Lake Constance. The ancient city fortifications of Überlingen, which is wrapped around the city centre like a green ribbon, give this place a special charm. Let yourself be carried away into the history of the small town on Lake Constance during a city tour and enjoy the mild climate.

View on Überlingen

Mainau Island

Mainau Island is one of the top attractions on Lake Constance. And rightly so, we think! The delightful flower island, which can only be reached by bridge, impressed with its exotic flora, wonderful parks and historical buildings! Visit the Deutschordenschloss, the castle church and of course the Garden Tower! The island of Mainau will simply enchant you!

Mainau Island

Useful information about your cycling holiday on Lake Constance

The Lake Constance Cycle Path

Around 270 varied kilometres await cyclists on beautiful Lake Constance. The best thing about it? The cycle path around Lake Constance is almost exclusively near the shore, so you can always keep an eye on the sparkling lake. And thanks to the mainly flat route, the Lake Constance Cycle Path is suitable for the whole family. What are you waiting for? Book your cycle tour on Lake Constance today!

cycle path on the river side

The climate at Lake Constance

Lake Constance heavily influences the climate of the area. Due to the large volume of water the lake has, the water adapts slowly to outside temperatures. That is, the lake heats up very slowly in the summer and even cools slightly. On particularly hot and windless days, the water evaporates making the weather

rather humid. In winter, however, the lake acts as a heat store. Due to the large water surface, it is very, very unlikely that the lake will freeze. However, the consequence is that the area around Lake Constance is very foggy. But in winter we do not cycle on Lake Constance. We are interested in the warm seasons!

Lake Constance

The cuisine at Lake Constance

A difficult topic…three different countries have three different cuisines. At yet, of course, there are similarities. It’s nice for the cyclist on Lake Constance, they can pick out the best dishes and specialities. Delicious fish from the lake, game from the woods, fresh herbs and locally grown vegetables – in short, the best ingredients are the basis for this hearty fusion cuisine. The Lake Constance region is home to a multitude of award-winning chefs and restaurants, even more so than the gourmet region of Alsace. Let yourself be spoiled with hearty dishes like Dünnerli (Lake Constance’s answer to pizza), rösti, strudel or Mistkratzerli (chicken) and be curious about what is hidden behind the names. Biberli, Felchen, Mistkratzerli oder Mostbröckli? Be surprised! It’ll definitely taste good.

Lake Constance apples

As already mentioned, the warm and sunny climate on Lake Constance favours fruit cultivation. Apples in particular thrive in this region. If you close your eyes in autumn you can smell the sweet apples from afar. Around 2,000 fruit growers cultivate 250,000 tonnes of fruit here each year, predominantly apples. 20 different varieties are proudly grown here. Every third apple that crosses the counter in Germany was harvested in Lake Constance. Tremendous, right?

Did you know…

  •  …that the entire length if Lake Constance is 273km?
  •  …that the water is drinking quality? Even Stuttgart is supplied with drinking water from the lake.
  •  …that the last time Lake Constance was completely frozen was in 1963?

  •  …that Lake Constance is the third-largest lake in Central Europe? 
  • …that one third of apples consumed in Germany come from the Lake Constance region?
  •  …that all three countries, Germany, Austria and Switzerland, have sovereign rights on the lake, because borders were never exactly regulated.

Other popular cycle paths in Europe

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