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The Correct Bicycle Helmet

Find the helmet that fits
Measure head circumference

As a general rule there is no requirement for adults to wear a helmet. However if you are safety conscious though, we still recommend to protect your head with a properly fitted helmet whilst enjoying daily bike tours. But how do you know whether your helmet fits perfectly?

Measure head circumference

Measure the circumference of your head

In order to choose the right size from the start, once in the shop it is vital that you know your head circumference. For this take a measuring tape and place it just above your ears and across the middle of your forehead. Place the measuring tape directly over the back of your head - not across the back of your neck.
We recommend attempting several measurements in order to establish a clear average.

Tip: In case you do not have a flexible measuring tape at hand you can also use a piece of slightly elasticated string and then measure it with a ruler.

The correct fit of your bicycle helmet

For you to be well-protected it is important that you place the helmet on your head correctly. The helmet must not be on an angle or be pushed too far back in the neck. It has to be as tight under your chin, so it does not move if you try to push it forward or backwards. But beware not to have it too tight, otherwise you may run the risk of getting a headache with longer cycling tours. If you have long hair and you like to tie it back when cycling, please be mindful that the plat is not under your helmet but tied loosely in the back of your neck. The straps under your chin when closed need to be tight around your chin without restricting your movement though.

Tip: Many bicycle helmets feature a little dial at the back for additionally adjusting the size.

Eurobike cycle helmet with the right fit

Not like that please

Even the best quality helmet cannot not protect you, if it is worn incorrectly. Please ensure that your helmet is not too far back on your neck, otherwise your forehead is not protected in case of a fall. On top of that the strap needs to be done up and must not be too loose. The straps need to be in contact with your cheeks, so they do not move if the worst comes to the worst.

Tip: It is better to try on your helmet with a specialist retailer you trust in advance or ensure when buying online that you can return it if necessary.

Bicycle helmet wrong fit

In case you cannot bring along your bicycle helmet for your cycling holiday or do not have one yet, there is always the option with every Eurobike-Original Tour to purchase a ‘Eurobike bicycle helmet’ - brand UVEX i-vo - at the start of your cycling holiday. We offer the ‘test winner rated best in the bicycle magazine ‘RADtourenmagazin’ in two different sizes. Interested? Then we suggest it is best you contact us in person – we are very happy to advise you and reserve the suitable bicycle helmet for you in advance.


We wish you a great and safe cycling holiday!

Helmet in front of Lake Tegernsee

Please also read our tips regarding Cycling Safety!

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