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7 Safety Tips for Cyclists

How your cycling tour becomes a safe experience

Safety first! Of course, cycling safety always comes first. Because no matter how nice the bike tour is, if you are not safe on the road and pay attention to a few things such as light, clothing and distance, the bike tour can end badly. „What if ...?“ You do not need to ask yourself that, if you have considered a few safety tips and tricks beforehand. These minimise the risk of accidents and thus increase the enjoyment of cycling. With the following 7 tips, we will show you how your cycling holiday can be a safe experience that you will look back on fondly. Have fun and enjoy a safe bike ride.

Tip 1: Increase visibility during the day

One thing can only rarely be avoided: if you ride a bike, you (also) use roads. The easier it is for drivers to recognise you, the safer you are on the road – whether it is day or night. During the day, this works best with bright, fluorescent clothing. These colours reflect sunlight, making them appear very bright in daylight. But remember: streetlights and headlights do not have the same effect as sunbeams. Therefore, this clothing offers little protection at night.

Tip 2: Reflective clothing at dusk

We recommend reflective clothing for those, who plan to ride their bikes in the dark. Safety vests, for instance, also glow in artificial light and thus draw the attention of drivers to you. Even if these may not win a beauty award visually, they serve their purpose and minimise the risk of being overlooked. If you want to be on the safe side, you can also add reflective features to your knees and ankles. So nothing stands in the way of a low-risk bike tour at night.

Cycling group with high-visibility waistcoats

Tip 3: Working lights

You probably know that too: after the winter break, we tend to forget to check the functionality of the bike lights. And why should we, as we usually ride during the day. And since there is no obligation to use headlights during the day and when visibility is good, they are often not checked. But you should still check the lights on your bike before every bike ride, no matter what time of the day. The rear light may flash red and the front light must be solid white. Both may be detachable, but we recommend them because you never know when the weather will change and you will be out longer than expected. The bike lights not only increase your visibility, but also help you see better in the dark.

Bicycle light

After a long hibernation period in the basement, your bike is already looking forward to a thorough spring cleaning. You can read tips and tricks on how to get your bike fit again for the cycling season in our Eurobike RadlerBlog.

Tip 4: Give clear signals and obey traffic rules

So that cars or other cyclists can see that you are about to turn, it is best to make yourself known by clear hand signals. This is the only way for everyone involved to assess the situation correctly, react and prevent an accident. We recommend: as a cyclist, ride defenisively and with foresight. Even if a car driver makes a mistake and you have priority, this knowledge will unfortunately not help you, because as a cyclist you are the weaker road user on the road. And you sustain more serious injuries than the driver. So it is best for all road users to use your common sense and stop one time too many than too little.

Tip 5: Wear a helmet

Wearing a bicycle helmet can save lives in an accident! A wrong breaking maneuver or another careless road user is often enough for a serious accident to occur. And even if in Austria helmets are only compulsory for cyclists up to the age of 12, the bike helmet is rcommended for every age group. That is why we have the saying: If you have a brain, protect it! Therefore wear a helmet and prevent worse!

In order for the helmet to fulfill its function, it must also fit 100 percent. You can find out, which details you should pay attention to in order to ultimately find the right bicycle helmet in our blog post.

Tip 6: No distraction

If you are a road user, you drive or ride more safely if you are aware of the surrounding noise. So do not let music distract you through headphones and it is better to avoid music on busy cycle paths or streets altogether. Our suggestion: enjoy the pleasant silence and the sounds of nature while cycling. You should also refrain from making phone calls and texting while riding, as this is actually a criminal offence. Violations can result in a fine of between 50 and 70 Euros. However, with a hands-free system you can use your mobile phone quite legally. This means that you can also use the Eurobike & Eurohike on Tour-App featuring voice assistance without any problems. This app suggests the route to you like the navigation device in the car.

Three hikers look at their mobile phone

Tip 7: Bike-check before the tour

New cars have to be serviced every three years, older models every year. Although this is not mandatory for bikes, we would still like to recommend the bike inspection to you. Breaks, lights, tyre pressure, etc. should be checked before a longer bike ride. This check can easily be performed at home. For all those who are not amateur mechanics: the tyre check is available in specialist workshops at reasonable prices. Especially before the first bike tour in spring, you should check your bike thoroughly again or have it checked.

If you follow our 7 tips and tricks, you are guaranteed to ride more safely through your next holiday. The Eurobike team wishes you a wonderful and above all safe cycle holiday!

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