8 tips to be ready for cycling in the Spring

How to prepare your bike for the spring

Can you already sense the Spring coming? March, at the latest, is the best time to get the bike out of the garage and to prepare it for the 2018 bike season. By using the following tips and tricks from the Eurobike experts you can set off on your first ride of the year equipped perfectly.

Removing the cobwebs in a hurry

One thing is clear: when the sun is shining and there are positive temperatures no-one wants to spend too much time in the garage or in the workshop. There are a few essential checks to do though before you jump back onto your beloved bike. Safety first!

  • Check your tyres: Have a detailed look at your tyres. If they are brittle you will need new ones. After a few months of not using a bike, the tyres are usually flat and need to be pumped back up to the right pressure.
  • Chain: If the chain has become slightly rusty, a chain cleaner can help followed by a few drops of chain oil to ensure you get off to a smooth start. Make sure to test if the chain links still interlock properly. If this isn’t the case, you need a new chain.
  • Brakes and gears: Although you should give these a quick check before every ride, it is even more important the first time you use your bike after the winter! Test the brakes and gears thoroughly. If you don’t know what you are doing then take it to a trusted bike shop. 
  • Lights: You can test whether or not the lights are working yourself. Take some spare batteries with you in case they run out or replace them with new ones to be on the safe side.
  • Cleaning: If you are particularly fond of your bicycle then you will have already cleaned it in the Autumn before it went away for the Winter. Those who haven’t cleaned it already need to now! Get a cloth, some mild soap, a sponge and a soft brush. Once it’s clean, you will also be much keener to ride it!
  • Frame, saddle and handlebars: Make sure that you have got the right set-up to avoid any injuries through stresses and also to help prevent getting cramp.
  • Accessories: You should also check that any accessories are in good condition. Check your replacement inner-tube for tears or holes, check that the bike pump works and that you have all of the necessary tools with you. This means that if something breaks, you can sort it out!

Tip: Leave the adjustment of brakes and gears to a trusted bike shop!

Eurobike cyclist on cycle path at Lake Chiemsee

Fit for cycling in the Spring

Those who haven’t bravely cycled throughout the winter will probably need to get used to the action of cycling again. The first ride should therefore be not too long and be fairly flat.

It is also sensible to go slowly on your first ride after the winter. It makes a lot more sense to start slowly and to build the speed up with time. Your body will thank you for it because it will mean that you won’t get muscle ache.

See: with these tips you are well prepared for the 2018 cycle season!