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Where flowers bloom, the world smiles

What could be nicer than cycling under the warm rays of spring sunshine through idyllic landscapes and fragrant seas of flowers? You will be accompanied by a concert from the birds that have just returned from the south. Believe us, there is hardly a better time of year to indulge in your favourite hobby than the long-waited spring, who simply wraps us around her little fingers with her dazzlingly coloured flowers and buzzing bees.

Our most beautiful cycle tours in spring

Colourful tulips in Holland

The land of tulips, bicycles, windmills and of course cheese has been one of our favourite destinations for an irresistible cycle tour for many years. Holland is a top destination for a successful cycling holiday almost all year round! But there are a few weeks a year during which a cycle trip is really worth it – during the tulip bloom. From mid-April to early/mid-May, the endlessly wide tulip fields in Holland are in full bloom, they shimmer in all the colours of the rainbow and exude their slightly sweet fragrance that not only attracts bees, but also us cyclists.

Highlights of the Netherlands

Attention Holland fans: this cycle tour will be something for you! Because in just one week you will see the most beautiful highlights, the most exciting cities, ideal cycle paths, friendly people and the most beautiful tulips. Between Holland's windmills and tulips you cycle through the beautiful country.

Around the Ijsselmeer

The peaceful IJsselmeer is the main character of this fantastic cycle tour that will please young and old. Especially in spring, when nature comes back to life and captivates us with its beauty. You will be enchanted by romantic cycle paths, calm water and the natural spectacles of the season.

Delicate pink almond blossoms in the Palatinate

The southern Palatinate is presented to us in pink in spring. The entire region has longed for this most beautiful time of year. Depending on the winter, the Palatinate is in full bloom for a few weeks in March or April and offers a bewitching and captivating fragrance of the delicate pink almond blossom. One can hardly imagine that this natural spectacle takes place in Germany and not somewhere in Tuscany. Believe us – you don’t want to miss it!

Neckar, Rhine and vines

The combination of water and bike is almost a guarantee of success – because nowhere is the cycling as beautiful as along a picturesque river. In addition to the beautiful paths along the Neckar and Rhine, you can enjoy beautiful landscapes, flowering trees and romantic vineyards.

Three Imperial Cathedrals of the Rhine

Speyer, Mainz and Worms and of course the wonderful cycle paths in between will provide you with wonderful holiday memories. Take a deep breath of the Mediterranean scent of exotic fruits and blooming almond trees and enjoy it with all your senses.

Pastel-coloured apricot blossom in the Wachau

Have you ever holidayed in the Wachau? In March or April? If so, then you already know about the wonderful spectacle of the apricot blossom. For all those who have never been able to observe this natural phenomenon, we have wonderful cycle tours on offer that will take you pat around 100,000 flowering apricot trees. The delicate buds are not only eye-catchers, they also exude an irresistible fragrance that invites you to linger. Then you suddenly understand why Mariandl liked it so much in the Wachau.

Passau – Vienna

The popular cycle tour from Passau to Vienna will take your breath away. Not only the beautiful stage locations make this cycle tour so special, but the beautiful nature, especially in the spring gives this tour a certain something.

Danube Cycle Path with charm

We have designed this tour for all the cyclists who value comfort. Cycle from Passau to Vienna and enjoy the extra portion of charm, style, elegance and comfort that our specially selected charm hotels will offer you.

Enchanting almond trees in Majorca

From the middle of January, the sunny Balearic island of Majorca turns into a fragrant sea of blossoms made of white and soft pink almond trees for a few weeks. Of course you can find a variety of other blooming trees and flowers in Majorca, but the almond blossom is particularly beautiful. So if you’re already a bit fed up with winter, pack your bags and travel to Majorca, where spring has already arrived.

Majorca Loop Tour

Explore the famous island, also known as ‘La Luminosa’ by bike, preferably in the spring with the almond blossoms. Because everything seems to be a bit more beautiful, colourful and exciting in the friendly spring sun.

Majorca with charm

You don’t have to do without charm and comfort in Majorca either. Spend the night in selected hotels, authentic fincas and delightful country hotels that leave nothing to be desired and invite you to relax.

Madeiras floral variety and the juicy oranges in Andalusia

Of course Spain and Portugal also have something to contribute to our cycle tours in spring. After all, the magical world of flowers in Madeira is known far beyond the country’s borders. And the juicy oranges in Andalusia, whose trees bloom from March to May, turn a simple cycling holiday into an unforgettable experience!

Madeira circular tour

Explore the pleasantly warm & almost constantly blooming flower island of Madeira with your bike, enjoy the wonderful impressions, local cuisine and of course the sight of the impressive amounts of flowers that you cycle past again and again.


To this day, Andalusia cannot deny the Moorish roots. Coupled with extremely interesting stage locations, beautiful scenery and fragrant orange trees, you will remember the impressive sights even better.

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