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Carefree through summer with Eurobike

It’s no secret that we’re all in a better mood in the summer with its warm temperatures and mild nights than in the colder seasons. The feeling of being woken up by the warm rays of the sun is quite different to opening your eyes to a grey rainy day. So it’s no wonder that summer is the most popular season for cycling holidays. Many of our guests combine their cycling holiday with a few days of swimming, others escape the warm temperatures in the mountains or in the far north. Our range of irresistible cycle tours in summer has something to suit every taste. Haven’t decided where you would like to go this year? Then let yourself be inspired a little and find your perfect individual cycle tour.

Meerblick in Porto Cristo

Our most beautiful cycling holidays in the warm season

Austria – the country on the river

The majestic Danube meanders through the Alpine Republic of Austria like a cool, refreshing vein. Past old castles, historical places and beautiful landscapes, the Danube Cycle Path makes its way to Vienna – the capital of Austria. Especially in summer, when the fruit trees blossom and ripen in the Wachau, the plump grapes from local vineyards indicate a promising vintage and the shady wine taverns on the edge of the cycle path invite you to take a refreshing break, it’s most beautiful on the Danube. But sunny Carinthia also impresses with numerous natural beauties and the crystal-clear Drau. Absolute classics in our programme are undoubtedly the wonderful cycle tours in the Salzkammergut, which, with Austria’s warmest swimming lakes, picturesque mountains and delightful villages, remind us why the Salzkammergut was a popular holiday destination for emperors, kings and artists hundreds of years ago.

Radler am Wolfgangsee

Danube Cycle Path

The cycling holiday Danube Cycle Path, 8 days is an absolute classic all year round and you simply can’t go wrong with it. In summer it is a bit nicer, because the warm rays of the sun make the Danube look even more majestic, the mild evenings allow you to enjoy a few more hours in the cosy ‘heuriger’ and the fertile Wachau will delight you with the scent of ripe fruit.

Drau-Cycle Path for families

Holiday time is family time – that’s an unwritten rule. And in order to be able to meet the needs of all family members, whether big or small, we have developed family-friendly cycle tours in the most beautiful corners of Austria. One of the most popular is this one, because the crystal-clear Drau meanders through Austria’s sunniest and probably warmest federal state. That means cycling and bathing fun in one!

Ten Lakes & Sound of Music

The picturesque Salzkammergut was one of the most popular travel destinations in Austria, if not Europe, over one hundred years ago. The pleasantly warm lakes were, as they are now, a real magnet for sun worshippers and those seeking relaxation. Cycle in the Emperor’s footsteps through the beautiful Salzkammergut and get to know a new lake every day with a dip in the cool water.

Blick auf Schloss Mattsee

Germany is so diverse

Whether in the far north, on the wild Baltic Sea, in cosy Bavaria or on the multi-cultural Lake Constance – Germany has many special corners perfect for visiting in summer. Because Germany simply has everything that is important for a perfect summer cycling holiday – beautiful mountains, refreshing lakes, wonderful food and charming places. Bavaria, the Baltic Sea cycle path, the North Sea Cycle Route or the Lake Constance Cycle Path? Each of these regions has its own charm! Get to know the most beautiful sides of our Eurobike cycle tours in Germany.

Zwei Radfahrer am Chiemsee

Munich Lakes Tour

The Bavarian metropolis of Munich is not only home to stunning buildings, Bavarian cosiness, modern art and time-honoured culture – the area around Munich enchants us cyclists above all with the sparkling lakes and the small towns with unforgettably warm hospitality and delicious Bavarian delicacies.

Allgäu Lakes based in one hotel

The popular lakes in the Allgäu were probably one of the reasons why the fairy tale King Ludwig decided to turn his dreams into reality here. The castles of the flamboyant Bavarian king still dot the dreamy landscape of the Allgäu and enchant the backdrop of our popular cycle tour.

Lake Constance - Lake Königssee

The lake in the border triangle is worth a cycle tour in itself. But if you want to get to know Bavaria in summer a bit better, we recommend this cycle tour from Lake Constance to the beautiful Königssee. The two-week cycle tour will take you from the most beautiful places in Bavaria and will entice you to relax in warm temperatures.

Lübeck - Stralsund

Do you prefer the rough seas of the far north and less of the hot south? Then we recommend the Baltic Sea Cycle Route, from Lübeck to Stralsund. Because here on the Baltic Sea, summer is simply magical! Cycle along the Baltic coast, enjoy the scent of the sea and relax in pleasant temperatures.

Cycle tours in Bella Italia

In no other country in Europe have we developed so many bestselling cycling tours than in beautiful Italy. The sea, endless sandy beaches, the famous Italian cuisine, as well as art and culture attract thousands upon thousands of holidaymakers from all over the world to the land where lemons grow. And we cyclists also discovered our love for this nation a long time ago. Italy is one of the most popular Eurobike destinations, especially in summer. Find out why Italy is so popular and what makes cycling in Italy so special. Whether in picturesque Tuscany, on the Alpe-Adria Cycle Path, on the glittering Lake Garda or on the mystical island of Sicily – the charm of Italy will bewitch you.

Radfahrer vor Getreidefeld bei Stabbia

Salzburg – Grado

It is one of our gems among the Eurobike original tours and is now well known – the cycle tour from Salzburg to Grado along the Alpe-Adria Cycle Path has everything you could want from a cycle tour: imposing mountains, perfect cycle paths, an idyllic backdrop and the vastness of the beautiful Adriatic.

Lake Garda - based in one hotel

It is the delicate sparkle of the waves that shines like a thousand diamonds, and the fruity scent of ripe fruit that give you the inkling that you have arrived at Lake Garda. For water sports enthusiasts, Italy’s largest lake has been a veritable Mecca for decades – and for us cyclists, the magical Lake Garda is becoming more and more irresistible from year to year.

Tuscany Coastline

Probably the most famous region of Italy really lives up to its reputation - the magical Tuscan coast seems to have sprung straight out of a picture book. Cycle past idyllic fishing villages, always keeping your eyes on the ocean, and experience the Italian way of life up close! Treat yourself to a daily dip in the sea and enjoy this unique view of the endless expanse of the ocean.

Sicily South East

Sicily is probably the most famous island in Italy. But for whatever reason you have heard of this unique island, you will simply be fascinated by the unique landscape, the warm hospitality of the Sicilians and the interplay of culture and tradition. Best time to travel? Sicily is beautiful all year round - but in summer the island is simply unique!

Off to the far north

Of course not everyone is looking for warm temperatures, bathing lakes and beaches in summer. Many cyclists are looking for more pleasant temperatures in northerly areas so that they can fully concentrate on cycling. And of course, we also have suitable summer cycling tours available to suit this taste, such as our cycle tours in Sweden or in the north of France.


Atlantic Coast I: Nantes - La Rochelle

One of our most beautiful and wildest cycle tours follows the stormy Atlantic coast in northern France. Cycle from Nantes to La Rochelle in the stunning Brittany region and get to know the real, authentic France.

Kattegat Route

Have you ever spent Midsommar in Sweden? No? But you should! There is no better time to visit this lovely country than at the end of June, when all Swedes are in the countryside and celebrate the longest day of the year. Wonderful landscapes and warm memories are guaranteed.

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