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Colourful beach huts near Gothenburg

Kattegat Route

From Helsingborg to Gothenburg

8 Days / 7 Nights
Colourful beach huts near Gothenburg

“Hey och välkommen” in Sweden! You’ll be greeted again and again during your eight-day cycle tour on the Kattegat route to Gothenburg. In addition to the classic Köttbullar with mashed potatoes, there is fish and delicious seafood on every corner. A heaven for gourmet cyclists! Varied landscapes, exciting nature reserves, lush farmland and flat rocks that jut out of the Kattegat will shape your holiday memories.

Imagine: the gentle sound of the sea around you, the cry of seagulls above you and a deep green landscape in front of you. On the eight-day cycle tour along the west coast of Sweden you will experience this typical natural backdrop all topped off with Nordic charm. You’ll cycle past the windmills in Särdal, through exciting nature reserves but always clinging to the coast. As you approach the beach promenade in Varberg, the fortress of the same name rises in front of you. Here you can see the Bocksten Man, the remains of a medieval man’s body found in a bog. Creepy! 

  • White sandy beaches and culinary highlights: In the tennis capital of Båstad you cycle along one of the longest sandy beaches in Sweden to Halmstad. Are you a seafood lover? Then you must try the lobster in Träslövsläge!
  • Cultural highlights in the metropolis of Gothenburg: Would you like to get to know the second largest city in Sweden? Then you best cycle round the Järntorget, west of the city centre. Tip: The Sundbergs pastry shop is the oldest confectionary in Sweden and bakes incredibly tasty creations!

The eight-day bike tour starts in Helsingborg. Every day you cycle along the coast of the Kattegat, through beautiful parks, past fishing villages and through ports such as Domsten and Viken. Every day you get closer to your final destination of Gothenburg. Most of the cycle paths on this coastal landscape are flat and comfortable to cycle. But from time to time you will meet a hill. Enjoy the Swedish delicacies along the cycle route and toast your hosts with a loud “Skål!”

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Itinerary at a glance

Sweden's west coast boasts white beaches, gentle ocean waves, and idyllic landscapes. Enjoy the views and treat yourself to lobster in Träslövsläge or indulge in sweet treats at the bakeries in Gothenburg!

After a short 4km ferry ride from the Danish town of Helsingør, in the Swedish region of Scania (Skåne in Swedish), Helsingborg is situated right on top of the ocean, and packed with marvellous buildings from the 1100s. Your hotel is located in the center of Helsingborg with easy access to the city’s main attractions, like the medieval watchtower Kärnan and St. Mary’s Church.

Starting with a ride along the promenade in Helsingborg you will soon pass Sofiero Palace and Gardens. The park is a thriving oasis and was awarded in 2010 as “Europes Most Beautiful Park”. You ride along the coast through the quaint little fishing villages and small boat marinas of Domsten and Viken. The tour continues up towards Höganäs where you can see and buy the world famous salt-glazed Höganäs ceramics. The journey crosses the Kulla Peninsula, passing vineyards and small farm shops before you get to Ängelholm were you spend the night.

From Ängelholm you follow the coast to Vejbystrand. You cycle through open meadows and through several small coastal communities. In Magnarps Port you can make a stop for a wellhidden, lovely fish restaurant with a stunning view of the sea. In Ängelbäcksstrand you turn away from the coast to cycle across the peninsula. At first, it is a slight climb, but it gradually becomes steeper at times. You ride into Sinarps Valley and the Bjäre Peninsula, a small-scale agricultural landscape typical for the region, and come down to the beautiful summer town of Båstad. Now the journey continues along one of Sweden’s longest sandy beaches and the resorts of Skummeslövsstrand and Mellbystrand and on through the nature reserves Tönnrersa and Gullbranna before you arrive into Halmstad where you will get to rest your tired legs for the night.

The cycling continues from Halmstad towards Sweden’s most famous beach Tylösand and the beautiful Hotel Tylösand. Both the beach and the hotel are worth a visit. The trip continues north along the coast, but enjoy a break at the windmill in Särdal, where there is a café and farm shop. In Steninge there is a glasswork to visit as well as a big variation of cuisine and drinks. The sea, open countryside, exciting nature reserves and lush farmland lay along the following stretch. You pass Ugglarp, a small coastal community with famous vegetable gardens and a nice seaside resort. The cycling carries you over the beautiful Grimsholmenbefore you reach Falkenberg and Skrea Beach where you stay overnight.

You continue through Falkenberg City, which is one of the oldest medieval towns in the region of Halland, and along the sea through open landscapes. On the way, there is several picturesque fishing villages like Glommen and Träslövsläge, home to many artists and artisans. In Träslövsläge you can feast on freshly cooked lobsters and stroll through the older parts of the city to find cozy, old wooden houses preserved in the alleys. As you approach Varberg you cycle on the boardwalk as Varberg Castle towers over you. If you are early, there is perhaps time to see “Bocksten Man” inside the fortress, a cadaver preserved at the bottom of a bog from medieval times. Spend the night in Varberg.

North of Varberg the landscape changes – the sandy beaches are fewer and smaller, while rocky coastline begins to dominate and the first islands begin to appear in the sea. You pass small villages like Tångaberg, Frillesås and Åsa. With Fjärås Bräcka behind you, ride along the fields and horse farms before reaching Kungsbacka, a cosy little city with an old quarter full of wooden buildings and a traditional old trading place. In Kungsbacka you’ll also find a warm bed for the night.

From Kungsbacka you cycle westwards towards the sea again, passing Vallda and approaching Särö, the former playground of the ancient royal family and Gothenburg high society. After Särö you will soon reach the old railway, now converted into a bike path, and between Askim and Billdal you bike along just near the sea. Cliffs, lush forests, bays and marinas line your path. You also ride past the scenic Stora Amundö Island. Nearing central Gothenburg you pass Nya Varvet (“the new shipyard”) and the postmodern harbour district of Röda Sten, home to Klippan Culture Reserve and Röda Sten Art Hall. Follow the harbour to enter Sweden’s second largest city where you will spend the night.

Departure or extension

Route information


Very good sign posted bike paths, mostly smaller roads with little traffic - rarely high traffic roads. Some sections with gravel roads.

Prices & Dates

Category A: 3*** and 4**** hotels

Category B: 2** and 3*** hotels and guest houses

Prices per person in EUR

Services & Information

Further details about this tour


  • Accommodation in the selected category
  • Breakfast
  • Luggage transfer
  • Best developed route


  • Detailed travel documents 1x per room (German, English)
  • App for navigation and GPS-date
  • Service hotline

Arrival / Parking / Departure

  • Helsingborn train station
  • Copenhagen or Gothenburg airport
  • Parking in Helsingborg, costs approx. SEK 240,- per day, no reservation possible, to be paid for at the time
  • Hotel garage in Gothenburg approx. SEK 395/day, public garage approx. SEK 210/day, no reservation possible
  • Good train connections from Gothenburg to Helsingborg

Things to note

  • Tourist tax, if due, is not included in the price!
  • Further important information according to the package travel law can be found here!
  • This tour is a partner tour.

Join us in achieving greater sustainability by choosing our digital route book, rather than the printed version. As a small thank you we will give you a discount of €20 per room.

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