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Vineyards, in the background San Gimignano

Every break in northern Italy is a highlight

The more you peddle, the closer you get to the heart of central Italy. Big names, such as Goethe, Puccini and Leonardo da Vinci, fell in love with the landscape there. It is no wonder really in this area, surrounded by pine and olive trees. At the end of a bike tour through Tuscany most want to pick up a paintbrush and become a big artist themselves – to be able to hold on to the impressions that they picked up from this region.


Popular bike tours in Tuscany

Village in the region of Maremma

Have a good time on your Cycle Tour through Tuscany

There is one thing that you can learn from the Italian’s best: enjoyment! A glass of ruby red Chianti with white bread and high-quality olive oil is all you need for a perfect little snack. When eating in the evening, something a bit lusher fits in nicely. Sweet chestnuts and normal chestnuts are key ingredients in lots of typical dishes in Tuscany. Just as popular is ‘Panzanella’ (bread salad) or fresh fish. But what Tuscany is world famous for is its regional products from the forest and the sea.

Cypress alley

Tuscany: Famous Art between Pisa and Rome

Maybe it is the colourful surroundings that inspired Italy’s artists to their famous works. The deep green of the cypress trees, the azure blue sea and the red poppies will definitely make you revel. It is also not only the nature that is like a piece of art but also every little town along the way:

  • San Gimignano with its many medieval towers   
  • Vinci, embedded between lush olive groves
  • Sottomarina and the beautiful white sandy beach
  • Ravenna, the historical port town

There are also many other small and large towns and villages each with their special charm and above all with their Italian flair that makes a cycle tour through Tuscany an unforgettable experience.

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