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Cycle in the footsteps of great artists

Even the greats such as Goethe, Puccini and da Vinci chose this beautiful spot to spend their free time. Who can blame them? Tuscany still enchants today with its extraordinary landscape, hearty regional cuisine and unique culture. When cycling in Tuscany you’ll want to wield a brush yourself and become an artist to capture this unique location. Be part of this fantastic painting…but don’t forget your bike!

The most beautiful cycle tours in Tuscany

Tuscany roundtrip

Our classic Tuscany Tour takes you up and down Tuscany on a 350kilometre cycle path past historic cities such as Pisa, San Gimignano, Siena and Florence. Whether in our Charm category, or in our select hotels in the categories of A and B – you can’t go wrong with this tour!

  • More information about the Tuscany Tour can be found here!

Tuscany - based in one hotel

Comfort on the one hand, and challenging cycles to interesting destinations on the other are the attraction of this tour! If you want to discover the most beautiful parts of Tuscany, but do not want to re-pack your bags daily, you are well advised to choose this trip! Art, culture and nature await!

Tuscany Coastline

From the Leaning Tower you start cycling southwards along the Tuscan coast. Here you follow one of the most beautiful cycle paths in Tuscany! Enjoy sun, sand and sea, hotels with a special character and the beauty of the Italian coastal landscape!

Pisa - Florence

Find a slightly simpler variation of our Tuscany cycle tours in the Pisa – Florence Tour. This tour suits less experienced cyclists who can tell those at home of their wonderful cycle tour in Tuscany. Well-selected cycle paths lead you to Pisa, Lucca, Pistoia, Florence…this original Eurobike tour can compete with the other cycle tours!

Florence - Rome

Cycle from one historical setting to the next and immerse yourself in Italian flair. This tour takes you from the cultural metropolis of Florence through small medieval villages to the eternal city of Rome, where the Colosseum, the Trevi Fountain and other highlights await you.

Pisa - Cinque Terre

The Tuscan hills, culinary delights, Pisa, Lucca, Cinque Terre and and and - all this awaits you on our cycling tour through Tuscany from Pisa to Cinque Terre. This tour on two wheels simply offers everything you could wish for in Tuscany. So get on the saddle and let's go!

Questions and answers about your cycling holiday in Tuscany

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We offer these individual cycling tours with luggage transfer in Tuscany:

Our cycling tours in Tuscany are mainly for experienced, passionate cyclists who also like to go on a cycling tour including several climbs in their free time at home. Because our tours are assigned to the difficulty level challenging or athletic.

Pizza, pasta and vino! You can find this delicious combination all over Italy. But Tuscany is also known for its delicious meat, game and fish variations. One dish that is famous far beyond its borders is bistecca alla Fiorentina. A T-bone steak from Chianina beef. Even though it is not too cheap, meat lovers should definitely not miss this speciality.

The best time to visit Tuscany is from April to October.

Useful information about your cycling holiday in Tuscany

Cycle paths in Tuscany

Admittedly, there are only a few official cycle paths in Italy south of Lake Garda. Of course, this isn’t a problem for Eurobike! We are masters of finding the most beautiful low traffic cycle paths and routes for you. Low-traffic side roads and freight roads lead you to your destination. And that’s exactly what makes Tuscan cycle tours so special: they take you right through small villages full of character, through fields and along rivers! Pure romance!

The Tuscan climate

How do you imagine the weather in Tuscany? Warm and sunny, right? That’s not a cliché. In general, in a Tuscan spring the sun shines for up to 8 hours a day. From April, it often gets pleasantly warm. Then the temperatures are around 18-19 degrees Celsius. In summer we recommend setting off in the early morning then taking a break, as the thermometer can quickly reach above the 30 degree mark. The autumn months provide the best cycling weather! On the Tuscan coast you can often swim in the sea until October! But don’t be disappointed if it rains – because it’s possible at any time! But on the most part the sun will shine the next day, or even a short while later!

Tuscany’s famous cuisine

The Tuscan cuisine is a very down to earth, simple and nutritious cuisine. It is still very much influenced by rural traditions. So it isn’t surprising that you can still find rustic food historically eaten by poorer people. The main dishes are cooked with lots of meat, especially game, and of course with fish. Tuscany is famous internationally for products such as olive oil, wine (especially red), pecorino (hard sheep cheese) and moreish Lardo di Colonnata (cured pork fat). Discover some specialities of the Tuscan cuisine here!

You’ve never experienced Tuscany if you haven’t seen these 10 places:

  • Florence – the capital of Tuscany and cradle of the Renaissance
  • The hanging gardens of Lucca
  • The Siena horse race (UNESCO World Heritage Site)
  • Pisa – home of the famous leaning tower
  • The ancient city wall of Lucca
  • San Gimignano – the city of towers
  • The Maremma and the National Park
  • A wine tasting in the Chianti area
  • Volterra – the city of vampires

Did you know...

  • … that Florence is considered the birth place of spoken Italian today?
  • … that Pinocchio comes from Tuscany?
  • … that the Leaning Tower of Pisa is not the only building that leans? There are other bell towers with a slight imbalance.

  • … that the Cathedral of Florence is the third largest in the world?
  • … that Florence was the first city in Europe to abolish the death penalty?
  • … that Florence had the first ‘baby hatch’ in history? It dates back to 1445.
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