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Sun, lakes and lots of fun!

The southernmost province of Austria is not only known for its lake tourism or the famous ‘Fasching’ festival (Carnival). We cyclists too have come to enjoy the southern feel of the fabulous mountain and lake landscape of Carinthia. It is not without reason that every year the sunny state manages to attract the attention of so many people. See the charm of the Carinthian landscape for yourself, the almost magical attraction of the lakes and of course the quality of the excellent cycle paths.

Eurobike-Leihrad Plus am Ossiacher See

The most beautiful cycle tours in Carinthia

Alpe-Adria cycle path: Villach – Grado – Trieste

Let the beauty of the famous Alpe-Adria cycle path impress you. The beautiful south of Austria and the spirited north of Italy make the perfect combination for a successful cycling holiday!

Alpe-Adria cycle path: Salzburg – Villach

The second, or rather the first part of the Alpe-Adria Cycle Route starts in the Mozart city of Salzburg. Through the sunny Salzachtal valley, the mountainous Gastein valley and finally the idyllic Drautal valley, you finally cycle to Villach, where you should consider spending a few more nights.

  • Find out about all the stages, details and important information about the cycle tour Salzburg – Villach.

Carinthian Lakes

Wonderful beaches, countless hours of sunshine and an indescribable joy for life makes this a fantastic cycling loop tour. Enjoy unforgettable moments on the bike paths along Lake Ossaiach, Lake Faak, Lake Klopein and, of course, Lake Wörthersee.

  • If you fancy the sound of it and need more information about the Carinthian Lakes tour, then please click here.

Drava Cycle Path

You should pay particular attention to the beautiful Drava Cycle Path. That’s why we have produced two stunning cycle tours. The Drava Cycle Path Classic takes you from the East Tyrolean town of Lienz to the Klopeiner See. The cycle tour Eisacktal & Drava Cycle Path, however, starts in the golden city of Innsbruck and leads you through beautiful South Tyrol to Villach. Both trips are worth booking.

Salzburg - Grado with Charm

You want to combine active travel and luxury on holiday? Nothing could be easier. We at Eurobike have found the most comfortable and elegant way for you to enjoy the Alpe-Adria Cycle Path on two wheels. Let the balmy wind blow around your face and be spoiled in the evenings in our charm hotels!

Alpe-Adria Based in One Hotel

We think that the most beautiful cycle paths in Carinthia start in sunny Villach. A good reason to choose this sunny city as the location for the Alpe-Adria tour. Let the Mediterranean flair of the city and its surroundings put you in the holiday mood and enjoy exercise in Carinthia's beautiful natural landscape!

Useful information about your cycle tour in Carinthia

The climate in Carinthia

Carinthia is said to have an almost Mediterranean climate. Carinthia certainly has the reputation of an almost southern region due to the very warm and sunny summer months, which also benefits us cyclists. But even if Carinthia has ‘only’ a temperate Central European climate, it is one of our favourite regions for cycling.

Drau Staubecken

The Carinthian cuisine

Where better to eat fish than at the source? Carinthia has a lot of lakes, and therefore delights the fish-lovers among us with many creative recipes. Carinthia’s most famous dish, however, actually has nothing to do with fish. Of course we are talking about the famous ‘Kärntner Kasnudeln’, or Carinthian cheese pasta. Contrary to what the name suggests, this is not pasta in a cheese sauce, but dumplings stuffed with quark, potatoes, mint and chervil and finely fried and served in brown butter. You must try this delicacy at least once!

Fünf Kärntner Kasnudeln

The Villach carnival

The Austrian answer to the Cologne Carnival is the Villach ‘Fasching’ (Carnival). The words ‘Lei Lei’ are connected with the famous carnival and it’s well known to every Austrian. It is the Carnival greeting of the fools. Every year on Carnival Saturday, the whole city is the scene of the most colourful parade in Austria. The famous Villach Carnival is broadcast on television every year. For decades, the compilation of the highlights of the Villach carnival was one of the most watched entertainment programmes in Austria, but interest has decreased rapidly over the last few years. It’s understandable, people have less time to watch TV and prefer to ride their bikes! 😊

Villacher Innenstadt

Did you know…?

  • …that the highest mountain in Austria, the Grossglockner, is in Carinthia?
  • …that the name Carinthia (Kärnten) is Celtic and means ‘Land of friends’? But it may also have been derived from the Celtic term karanto. The meaning would be stone or rock.

  • …that all Carinthian lakes are drinking water quality?
  • …that there are over 1200 lakes in Carinthia?

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