Cycling around Lake Neusiedl

Boats at the bank of Lake Neusiedl

Lake Neusiedl's highlights: The Pannonian steppe, reeds and vineyards

Its almost Mediterranean-style climate, its glistening lakes and its rare species of birds are all clues about the climate that exists around Austria’s largest body of water: Lake Neusiedl. The sun-drenched area between Vienna and Hungary invites you to go on long cycle tours. At the end of a spectacular day, a visit to the wine makers is not uncommon. There, between the vineyards and the steppe lake there are many happy surprises awaiting.

Cyclists in front of castle Esterhazy

Discover a different kind of Austria by Lake Neusiedl

Lake Neusiedl often gets called “Austria’s sea” by the locals due to its size. Its pannonic climate means that it gets more than 2000 hours of sunshine each year and this has its effects upon the quality of life for people and animals alike. Whilst cycling through the reed beds at a comfortable tempo, the landscape really does look picture-perfect. Once the sun is low and its golden rays shine on the water surface, the wildlife wakes up from its afternoon nap. Observe the storks and the grey herons in their natural surroundings – there is enough time to do so whilst on a bike tour around Lake Neusiedl.

Two cyclists and one Eurobike-bike in front of Lake Neusiedl

Have a top-quality feast at Lake Neusiedl

The region around Lake Neusiedl is so great and the food makes it even better! Lots of fresh fish, hearty strudels and many different types of goulash often tempt foodies to come to Austria’s newest ‘Bundesland’ (county). The Burgenland is heavily influenced by the Hungarian cuisine. Food lovers will definitely be satisfied whilst on this cycle tour. One thing to definitely not miss out on whilst cycling around Lake Neusiedl is the Somlauer Nockerl! You don’t need to have a bad conscience about trying out all of the different food whilst on your holiday though because you will start burning the calories straight away each time you get back on your bike.

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