Cycling Holidays in Majorca


Spain’s most beautiful island shows itself from its tranquil side

Majorca is Spain’s island of contrasts: noisy festivals over here, peaceful rural idyll over there. The largest Balearic Island allows you to discover picturesque fishing villages as well as bustling city life. Probably due to this diversity, Majorca is often chosen as the dream destination for cycling holidays. No matter whether it is a cycle tour based in one hotel or a Round trip in Majorca, you will explore the tranquil highlights of this Spanish island on your cycling tour with Eurobike. We suspect that these highlights are usualy remain unknown to most tourists. 

Popular cycle tours on Majorca

Cyclists in front of field

Majorca’s most stunning bays are best explored by bike

On a Eurobike cycling holiday, you discover a new piece of paradise in Spain every day. Sleepy fishing villages such as C’an Picafort, iridescent salt lakes in Llevant, a train ride through the valley of oranges in Port de Sóller. Majorca proves that paradise has many faces. Especially in Majorca, you will feel like you are in the Garden of Eden. Between heaven and earth, sand and sea, it is easy to entirely forget about everyday life and  to allow yourself to finally truely relax. Nearly every day you will glance at a new, amazing bay, which for now has been spared the too noisy tourist hubbub. And do not get me started on the sunsets that you will see every day! They are truely just like paradise from anywhere on the island.

Village Porto Cristo

Dinner is served in Majorca - where flavours love to dance bolero

It is probably the sun which gives this incomparable flavour to the Majorcan vegetables. Just a touch of olive oil and salt, that’s all peppers, tomatoes, aubergines and courgettes need in order to taste great. During your cycle tour across the island you will come by numerous fertile vegetable fields. Of course a meal tastes best on Majorca when enjoyed in one of the little hidden Bodegas. Together with a glass of cool water coming from the many fresh water springs, which bubble from the ground here on the island and your meal is complete. The only thing missing to top it all off now is a piece of almond cake. After that the evening is spent filled with anticipation for the next day.

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