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Cycling holiday on Majorca


Explore the largest island in Spain in the most beautiful way imaginable – on the back of your bike. Enchanting landscapes, authentic fishing villages, romantic restaurants and lots of sunshine welcome you to the breathtaking island of Majorca!

The other side of the sunshine island

Glittering festivals, magnificent yachts and the vibrant life in the buzzing city of Palma de Majorca – this is how many of us know the Balearic island. But for cyclists, Majorca also opens up a completely different side: namely, the way the island originally, and actually is. Discover the beautiful simplicity of Majorca on your bike, stop off at bubbling streams and enjoy the beauty of this fantastic island. Secluded bays, ancient olive groves and rare species of Spanish flora and fauna will greet you at the edge of the cycle path.

The most beautiful cycle tours in Majorca

Majorca loop tour

Our classic Majorca tour will inspire. Because on this cycling loop tour you explore the absolute highlights of “La Luminosa”, as the Spaniards call Majorca and discover a different side of the island away from wild parties and crowded beaches. Happiness and cycling fun are guaranteed!


Majorca - Finca, based in two hotels

Cycle tours – yes please! But re-packing your bags – no thanks? No problem! Of course we have just the thing for you. Namely our popular Majorca tour based in two hotels.  Two very charming hotels in Campanet and Porreres will welcome you during your unforgettable cycling holiday.

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Majorca Loop Tour

8 Days | Self-guided Tour
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Majorca - Finca tour with Charm

7 Days | Self-guided Tour
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Majorca Bike & Finca

For those of you who want to get to know Majorca from its authentic side, we have something to offer. Live in country-style fincas and conquer Majorca by bike! Sun, fun and joie de vivre are guaranteed!

Majorca with charm

And if you want a touch more charm and maybe more luxury, then consider this tour. On this tour you have to cycle, but tired legs can relax in style at our very special hotels that will make your holiday even more memorable.

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Majorca - Bike & Finca

8 Days | Self-guided Tour
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Majorca with Charm

8 Days | Self-guided Tour
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Majorca - Bull´s Eye

Cycle along the coasts and into the beautiful interior of the country on our cycling tour "Majorca - Bull´s Eye". Get to know not only the coastal stretches and unspoilt beaches, but also take a detour into the heart of Majorca.

Majorca Eas Coast, Hotel Sabina

Sandy bays, secluded beaches and dragon caves await you on our star tour of Majorca's beautiful east coast. Make yourself comfortable at the 4-star Hotel Sabina and discover new exciting highlights of the island every day. 

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Majorca - Bull's Eye

8 Days | Self-guided Tour
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Majorca East Coast, Hotel Sabina

8 Days | Self-guided Tour
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Questions and answers about cycling holidays on Majorca

Our cycling tours on Majorca are classified as medium and challenging tours. Whether you are a pleasure cyclist or an adventurer, you are sure to find what you are looking for.

Delicious dishes and aromatic scents await you on the island of Majorca. If you want to eat well in Spain, you can't avoid the tapas, because the small delicacies have something for every taste. Tapa de tortilla, cold tapas, patatas bravas and many other tapas variations are on offer. Empanadas, dumplings, are also a Spanish speciality and are of course also served on Majorca. Simply delicious!

Majorca is recommended at any time of year and is therefore also a year-round destination. If you want to escape the low temperatures and snow, Majorca is also perfect as a cycling holiday in winter. But even in bright, hot sunshine in summer, the island shows its best side. You will just sweat a little more 😊

Travel stories about cycle tours on Majorca

Useful information about your cycling holiday in Majorca

Bike paths in Majorca

Majorca is known among cyclist as a Mecca for the sport. Whether leisure cyclists, ambitious amateurs or professional athletes – there will be something for everyone. Majorca’s cycle path network covers the entire island. There are not as many official cycle paths as in German-speaking countries but we have found the safest and traffic-free side roads and farm roads for you, so cycling is guaranteed to be fun.

Sea view in Porto Cristo

The climate in Majorca

The sunny island of Majorca lives up to its reputation. With an average of 7.6 hors of sunshine, the island promises us mostly optimal cycling weather. Even the cool winter months have an average temperature of 15 to 20 degrees, pleasant cycling weather. A particularly beautiful time in Majorca is when the almond blossoms, which takes place from about the end of January to mid-March. During this time the entire island blooms to a fragrant sea of flowers. But spring, summer and autumn are also perfect for cycling, Majorca is a tour for every season.

Tapas with olives and bread

The Mallorcan cuisine

It’s probably the sun that gives Mallorcan vegetables their incomparable aroma. Of course, local delicacies taste most delicious in the hidden bodegas that can be found all over the island. Try a deliciously fresh trampó (salad of tomatoes, peppers and onions), a Mallorcan suckling pig, Arroz brut (spicy rice dish with meat or fish) or would you prefer Mallorcan soup? Add a glass of cool water from the many springs and the meal is complete. Well, maybe it’d be a little more complete with a glass of well-chilled Mallorcan wine. But then there is only a piece of almond cake missing and the evening can be filled with anticipation for the next day.

Little Spanish dictionary

  • Good morning/day! (until about 4pm): Buenos días!
  • Good night! (If you really go home or go to bed): Buenas noches!
  • Hello! Bye!: Hola! Adiós!
  • Yes/no/maybe: Sí/No/Quizás.
  • Please/Thanks: Por favor /Gracias.
  • Excuse me: Disculpe/ Perdón.
  • Can you please help me?:  Me puede ayudar, por favor?
  • How much is…?: Cuánto cuesta...?
  • Where is…, please?: Disculpe... dónde está...?
  • …the main train station?: estación central?
  • …the port?: ... el puerto?
  • …the stop?: parada?
  • Left/right: a la izquierda/ a la derecha.
  • Straight ahead: todo recto.
  • Near/far: cerca/ lejos.
  • I have broken down: Tengo una avería.
  • Please call…quickly:  Por favor, llame rapidamente a...
  • an ambulance: …la ambulancia.
  • the police: …la policía.
  • the fire department: ...los bomberos.
  • Help!: Ayuda!
  • Attention!/Caution!: Atención! Cuidado!
  • Where can I find…: Dónde puedo encontrar…
  • …a good restaurant?: …un buen restorán?
  • …a pharmacy?: …una farmácia?
  • …a bakery?: …un panadero?
  • …a market?: …un mercado?
  • …a supermarket?: …un supermercado?
  • …a tobacconist?: …un estanco?
  • …a doctor?: …un médico?

Did you know…

  • ... that eleven mountains with a height of over a thousand metres are located in Majorca?
  • …that four of the ten Majorcan newspapers appear in German, two are in English.
  • ... that Majorca means ‘the bigger island’? The smaller island is Menorca.
  • …that tennis star Rafael Nadal is one of the most famous sons of Majorca?
  • ... that Majorca has no lakes or rivers?
  • …that the first tourist in Majorca was an Austrian? Archduke Ludwig Salvator opened the first boarding house in Majorca, where he had visitors spend the night for free.
Cycle stop in Palma with a view of the cathedral

Perfectly organised cycling holidays in Majorca

The beautiful sunny island of Majorca does its best to give you a wonderful cycling holiday. And we’ll do the rest to make it memorable. From the first contact until your journey home, we leave nothing to chance. The best on-site service, perfectly organised luggage transport, 1A travel documents, top hotels and first-class rental bikes will ensure Eurobike is the first call for perfectly organised cycle tours!

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