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Majorca Loop Tour Travel story

Valerian reports from the sunny Spanish island
Cyclist takes a break by the sea

Sun, beaches, tapas, fish, fresh fruit and much more... these are all keywords that characterize the sunny island of Majorca very well. This island is often labelled a “Party Island”, even though it has so much more to offer. You will find out about this at the latest when you set off on our Majorca Loop Tour or decide on another cycling holiday on Majorca.

This year I had the pleasure of getting to know the island from a completely different perspective. So far, only one of my many hobbies, football, has brought me to the Balearic Island in the form of training camps. I chose spring as my travel time, in the hope that I might still be able to see the wonderful almond blossoms. Even though it was still very cold in Austria, in Majorca, temperatures between 15 and 20 °C awaited us after our flight from Vienna in early March.

Cyclist takes a break by the sea

Once around the most popular of the Balearic Islands

From the very first evening, my father and I wanted to fully enjoy Spanish culture and after a very good tapas meal we found ourselves in a traditional, small Mallorquin bar in the heart of Palma.

Start in Playa de Palma

After a night of drinking, an extensive breakfast buffet in the arrival hotel Java was just what we needed, and we were able to build some stamina for the initial cycling stage. Edith, the manager of our bike station on Majorca, welcomed us together with some other cyclists who had signed up for the same tour. She handed us the perfectly adjusted rental bikes, and we embarked on our adventure. The tour entails cycling once around the entire island. And just to be clear, without an electric motor 😉.

Past the beautiful beach promenade, where it's at in the summer, we headed towards Colònia Sant Jordi. First we proceed a little inland before we cycle parallel to the sea to the impressive and world-famous salt production site „Ses Salines“. Here we stayed in the perfect location at the Hotel Villa Chequita with friendly, accommodating staff and a rooftop pool.

Nature spectacle „Es Pontàs“

On the second day, our circular tour took us to the vantage point of the natural spectacle „Es Pontàs“ on the way to the Day Finish Cala Millor. This is a rock formation that juts out of the Mediterranean Sea like a gate and invites you to pause and marvel. As I can now report from my own experience, this place is perfect for a short snack with a Mallorquin ensaimada (sweet pastry).

Typical small town on Majorca

Highlights in Alcúdia

From the third day, you could tell that we were slowly moving into more mountainous terrain. With a double overnight stay in Alcúdia, a fabulous city with excellent restaurants located directly by the sea, one of the absolute highlights of our tour awaited us for sure. A day trip to Port Pollença had not to be missed out on from here.

Boats in the harbour of Alcúdia

Pure Nature, Culture and Culinary Delights

Port de Sóller was our next destination. We cycled through partly hilly foothills until we met our station manager Edith at 10 am local time in the small town of Petra. Here was the start of the transfer to Lluc monastery. You can also do this route by bike, but I really only recommend it for very experienced cyclists as this is a very long and steep ascent. If you dare to do it by bike, be sure to follow our tips for preventing muscle cramps! Completely unexpectedly, the local choir welcomed us with an interlude. What was really worth mentioning was the included paella meal in Fornalutx afterwards. Traditionally, with meat and fish, a large paella pan is brought to the table and served on the plate. Today’s Day Finish – a very beautiful port town, which really comes into its own in the evening sun – allows the holiday feeling to really rise inside of you.  

Delicatessen in the monastery of Lluc

Back to Palma through rain showers

We were already on the final leg of our cycle holiday around the island, en route back to Palma. Unfortunately, the weather ruined what was probably the most glorious, but also the most demanding stage. It was raining cats and dogs and the additional wind made cycling very uncomfortable. So we had to stop in the artists‘ town of Valldemossa not for a visit, but to warm up. Nevertheless, we could also fathom the beauty of nature and the artists‘ town.

View from Valldemossa towards Palma

P.S.: Despite the miserable weather, the desire to cycle around the island was greater than people saying “but you did not cycle all the way around“! 😉

Feel-good hotel stays

Despite being pre-season, all the hotels were already “picking up the pace” and very much looking forward to the new season and therefore to their first guests. We immediately felt welcome. The rooms were prepared with joy and love, the staff tried very hard, and we found the attempts to speak German with us very nice. Since hotels naturally adapt to the clientele, there are German-speaking employees almost everywhere. From the small historic town hotel in Alcúdia with its related restaurant to the typical beach hotel with rooftop bars and pools, the variety was perfect.

Beach and sea in Alcúdia

Mallorquin cuisine

Whose mouth does not start to water when they hear the following keywords: paella, seafood, fish, steak, tapas, fresh citrus fruits, aioli, olives... All this awaits you on the sunny island. Whether it is small traditional tapas bars, steakhouses or seafood restaurants, you have a full range of choices every day. We recommend you also try “Ensaimadas”. Everyone loves the flavours of these typical Mallorquin pastries with different fillings (jam, chocolate, sweet cream cheese, ...).


Impressive botany on Majorca

Majorca is also very diverse in terms of botany and nature. So we were accompanied every day by lemon and orange trees as mentioned earlier, lots of cacti (including really large specimens), palm trees, the sea and the mountains. Occasionally we even came across blossoming almond trees.

Orange tree with sheep

Concluding with something that will make you smile:

Especially after the stage to Cala Millor we were very hungry, so we went looking for a good restaurant. As we ordered, we started listing: aioli with bread, grilled calamari as a starter, 2x seafood pasta and 2x salad (salads were meant as a main course in this restaurant). The waiter’s eyes got bigger and bigger, and it was not long before he asked us if there were any more guests joining us. After we said no to that, it was pointed out to us with wide eyes that this is quite a lot of food we just ordered. „Other people only order a salad.“. Although he wants to make money, he does not like throwing leftovers away – that is exactly how we roll as well.

Grilled octopus

He was quite amazed when we ate everything that was served on our table. „This is unbelievable!“ – were the words of the waiter. Finally, we got a schnapps on the house and enjoyed the end to a lovely and fun evening. 😊


You have to visit Majorca at least once in your life – so why not really soak up impressions during a cycling holiday discovery tour. Majorca is not “just” a week at the beach, Majorca is so much more ... on that note, let’s go on an adventure!



Valerian with bike in front of reservoir
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