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Ideal snack ideas for cyclists

…because you are what you eat!

‘Plenus venter non studet libenter – a full stomach doesn’t like studying‘, was already well-known by Roman children. And if a full stomach is a problem when learning, how could it be beneficial when cycling? Which foods are actually good for us when doing sport? It all depends and cannot be summed up in one sentence. Because our body has completely different needs before, during and after cycling and can reach top performance levels with the right food choice. Are your ears already pricking up? Stay tuned and find out how you can give your body what it needs while exercising, in a delicious way.

Carbohydrates provide valuable energy before exercise

That’s right, you should eat before you exercise, because the body needs a full store of energy to cope with the exertion of a bike ride. However, the last meal should be about two hours before you hop on the bike. The ideal cycling snack should consist largely of ‘good carbohydrates’.

Good carbohydrates are whole grain products, muesli, oat flakes and the likes. Bad carbohydrates such as white bread, white flour products and sugary foods should be avoided as much as possible, as they only provide a short boost of energy. For example, we recommend a delicious porridge with fresh berries or a vitamin rich apple if your start your cycle tour in the morning.

Healthy and tasty

But if you prefer something hearty, you should probably opt for wholemeal bread with scrambled eggs, lean ham, cheese or tomatoes. Or how about a delicious pasta salad – with wholemeal pasta, fresh tomatoes, creamy avocado and fresh herbs. All of these dishes can be prepared and stowed in the saddlebag. And don’t forget: although fat is also a source of energy, it is very difficult to digest. Therefore, one should not eat too much fat before exercise. We don’t want our bodies to concentrate more on digestion than on the beautiful landscape!

A quick boost of energy on the go

After a few hours of intense pedaling, the stomach could start to rumble. And let’s be honest, you could quickly lose your good mood. In this case, you should always have a turbo energy supplier with you. Here is a small selection of popular snacks to eat during exercise!

The most popular snacks for cyclists:

  • Banana – There is hardly another food that refills the energy tanks as quickly as a banana.
  • Nuts – They provide the body with essential nutrients lost in sweat.
  • Dried fruits – The potassium often contained in it supports muscle regeneration.
  • Smoothies – The popular fitness drink not only provides vitamins, trace elements and minerals, but also provides energy quickly. The fructose takes care of that.

  • Muesli bars – The delicious energy supplier combines what is good for us in sport. To avoid unnecessary sugar, you should make the bars yourself. So only what you like is added!
  • Healthy pasta salad – If you are really hungry, you can also eat pasta.
  • Raw food – Vitamins have never done any harm.
  • Sandwiches – There are no limits to your imagination. What tastes good is allowed in. But let’s leave mayonnaise etc. in the fridge and opt for a healthy wholemeal spelt roll.
  • Fruit salad – Depending on the season, you can eat as much as you like.

Recipe for pasta salad for 4 persons

500g wholemeal pasta (preferably fusilli or penne, horns also taste good)

2 large beef tomatoes

1-2 ripe avocados

2 boiled eggs

1 yellow pepper, diced

Salt, pepper, oregano and a little lemon juice

Cook the pasta in salted water as you like it then shock it in cold water briefly. Remove stones and peel avocados, mash them with a fork and add a little lemon juice. Dice the tomatoes, eggs and peppers and mix the ingredients with the smashed avocado. Now mix everything with the still warm and season with salt, pepper and oregano to taste. Healthy and tasty!

After sport, food tastes even better

Our energy reserves are mostly empty after sport. So the batteries need to be refilled. The fastest way to do this is with carbohydrates. However, since after sport it’s also a matter of repairing possible damaged muscles, our body also needs protein. The perfect meal after exercise should therefore consist of a mixture of good carbohydrates, healthy proteins, some fat and, ideally, vegetables. So our body is well cared for and ready for the next cycle tour!

Our conclusion: Healthy snacks can consist of very simple products. There is nothing complicated about eating healthy. But you should never lose sight of the most important thing: it should taste good! Enjoy your meal!

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