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The perfect breakfast for hardworking cyclists

Food that provides an energy Kick

The right breakfast not only gives you energy for a day on the bike. It is also an essential source of energy so you do not lose power after a few hours because of low blood sugar. But not all breakfasts are created equally. Delicious pancakes with a lot of syrup and a good amount of Nutella are extremely tasty, but they are not good for cyclists. The insulin level rises rapidly due to the enormous amount of sugar, but drops again just as quickly. The consequences are cravings for the next unhealthy snack.

The basis of a good, nutritious breakfast should be high quality protein and complex carbohydrates. Find out now which breakfast dishes are best for you on your Eurobike cycle tour!

This is what a healthy breakfast looks like

It is important to assemble your breakfast from many components.

Carbohydrates provide the necessary boost of energy and, depending on the selection, can also ensure a stable sugar level. Protein-rich foods keep you full and supply your muscles, and healthy fats provide energy during long endurance training, such as cycling.

For inspiration, we have put together two breakfast ideas for all cycling fans: a hearty and sweet dish, so that every cyclist can find the right meal for them.

Hearty recipe

Anyone who likes a hearty breakfast will love this! The base is bread or rolls. It is important to only use high-quality whole grain products. A multigrain bread or roll keeps you fuller for longer than white wheat bread, because the body is occupied with the digestion and breakdown of the grain for longer. In addition, you add a ripe avocado, which is crushed with a little lemon juice, salt and pepper and then spread on the bread. A fried egg and a couple of delicious tomato slices follow on top. Sprinkle some cress over and you’re done with the perfect cycling breakfast number one.

Good to know: Avocadoes provide healthy omega-3 fatty acids, the bread the necessary carbohydrates and the egg serves as a source of protein. There is no better way to start the day!

A sweet temptation for breakfast

Attention all porridge lovers: the Eurobike team have added an extra protein kick: boil a good portion of oatmeal with milk, plant-based milk or water. Add a little cinnamon and honey, crush half a banana and add it to the porridge. Now mix together some quark and cottage cheese and sweeten with honey or maple syrup. Fold in a few ground flax seeds – the healthy fibre is particularly good for the gut flora. Add the cheese mixture to the porridge, slice the remaining banana and add it on top. Now you have the choice: treat yourself to seasonal fruits such as betties, pears, apples or plums. Cut the fruit into small pieces and add as a topping. Add a little honey and cinnamon at the end – the delicious breakfast bowl is ready! Important: drink a lot, because the flax seeds will swell in the stomach and demand a lot of liquid.

Now it’s your turn: try these delicious recipes for yourself. With an excellent energy boost to cycling legs, nothing stands in the way of a successful bike tour!

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